Anne Heche With Her Boyfriend & Son

Anne Heche, her boyfriend James Tupper and 6 1/2 year old son Homer were snapped leaving Bristol Farms in LA with a cart full of groceries. Anne recently went to court to ask the judge to reduce her alimony payments to ex husband Coley Laffoon. During the court procedings, Anne claimed that she was broke due to being unemployed. Her son Homer was wearing Tom Brady’s #12 football jersey in support of the New England Patriots.

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  1. emerroo says

    her life was so sad.. i read her book… her father was disgusting… she seems quite normal for all she went through

  2. Zbella says

    You gals are being just a tad sexist, don’t you think? Her ex husband quit his job and was Homer’s primary care giver for years. He has primary custody, and I think the man and child deserve to share in Anne’s spoils.

  3. oriana says

    Twila, I sincerely hope you are doing okay now and are doing good emotionally too.I know I would be deeply hurt, mad, and probably unforgiving. So many homes broken up and familes hurt over men that go thru this. I think it is male menopause and they act so stupid. I also hope his relationship with his sweet young thing fizzles! Sorry people, but I don’t give a sh**!!!!!! Twila, you vent all you want to, you deserve it!

  4. Twila says

    I’m with oriana. I was married for over 20 years, then my husband at age 49 decide to have a mid life crisis and revert back to age 26 the age he was when we met. *rolling eyes*. We also had a grown son who was greatly hurt by his actions. Anywhoo a apprx. we were divorced a year later and I recieved alimony. The only problem was he could no longer work after six months so that was pretty much gone. Sorry for the rant , but I do indeed agree that a woman that puts her whole heart and soul into a marriage definitely deserves compensation. But as you can see I got the short end of the stick .. story of my life. Thanks for alowing me to vent.. 😉

  5. oriana says

    Is the child living with her part time now? I think there is definitely something wrong with the mother when the father gets custody of the children, look at Britney Spears. From way back when, the children always went with the mother, unless she was proven unfit.

    I can’t stand her, and I don’t have any respect for her boyfriend either, wasn’t he married too when they hooked up?

    #11, it all depends, if a wife has put in years with her husband and helped him be a success, given up her career, Oh yes, she should be entitled, especially if he sees somebody else he wants to dump her for! And I don’t Anne was with him all that long, I think if he has custody, definitely so, but if not, quit crying and be a man!

  6. violetsky says

    I thought Coley Laffoon had primary custody of their child, and that was why she had to pay alimony

  7. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Yes and every wife out there should get a job.. and forget
    about child support… and alimony .. It is a thing of the past.. Why should a man have to pay a wife money when
    she can get out there support themselves….

  8. oriana says

    He is a very cute little boy, looks just like her. She is talented but I can’t stand her. Never could, I think she used Ellen and I don’t like that, I think she is a nutcase! I do not think she should still be paying her husband alimony! How long is that to continue? He is a man, let him get out and get a job, the only way I think she should pay him anything is if he has custody of the child and is taking care of him.

    What happened to all the Men! They are all Wimps nowadays! Makes me sick!

  9. Zbella says

    She’s bisexual, I guess. She was with Ellen for a while, and since that break up she has always seemed very fake to me. Poor kid – although he is adorable. And wow, her boyfriend is HOT!

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