An Expectant Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Drop Off Violet At School

An expectant Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were snapped dropping off Violet at her nursery school in Santa Monica. They are such a cute family!

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  1. ELIE TAYLOR says

    What is the difference between this and Katie Holmes & Suri walking up a side walk every day.. in New York..!!

    Same thing !!

    By the way the sign outside says nursery school.. Toddlers
    are going to school a lot younger .

  2. Neda says

    which is school by the way….because of the educational activities guided and planned by trained TEACHERS.

    whereas daycare refers more to childcare/supervision of young children. Some daycares may include educational activities, but the teachers at many do not even HAVE to have a degree…some just have taken a class or 2 on early childhood, others come in with no formal training at all…SOME are trained, not all though

  3. Neda says

    It actually says she is being dropped off at “nursery school” not preschool. However, according to the glossary found in the National Center for Education Statistics website…”preschool” is defined as the following:

    Preschool: A beginning group or class enrolling children younger than 5 years of age and organized to provide educational experiences under professionally qualified teachers in cooperation with parents during the year or years immediately preceding kindergarten …

    So by definition, Violet goes to preschool

  4. sunnybaby says

    Can you stop saying she’s going to school? It’s daycare pure and simple. Violet doesn’t even turn three until December which is the “real” age of a “preschooler.” Jen and Ben may have decided to put her in there so she can be around kids her own age, go on field trips, do art activities, learn her ABC’s and 123’s, but it isn’t school. It’s daycare.

  5. ELIE TAYLOR says

    It is so cute when Vi sees her mother and has a big smile on her face…! She is so tall for a three year old.. Thank you for putting Matt and Ben holding their daughters on the same day..They are a cute family..

  6. Anne says

    People call Tori Spelling horse face which is rude to begin with (I like her and Dean) but looking at Ben, his face is super long yet no one says to him the same thing.
    Violet looks just like her mom and I hope the next one does also. They are very loving and attentive parents.

  7. breeZe says

    woopeeedooo Violet goes to school everyday, doesnt any other celebrity child attend school, perhaps not…..

  8. maggie says

    I love Vi, shes always smiling in the pics. It´s like everymorning the paps are wating to take pics of them, but violet dosn´t seems to matter unlike from other celeb kids, shes so cuteeeeeeee

  9. Niloofar says

    OVER & OVER…THEY HOLD HER! upto when they want to hold her?????????? FOREVER???!!!
    they should let her a little WWWAAALLLKKK!!!

  10. colle says

    different day, same kind of photo, over and over again. one day with mom, the next with dad and so on and so on until new baby arrives.

  11. Kelli says

    I truly love Vi, who I think is a little sweetie. But please, PLEASE stop taking pictures of this little girl going to and from school. Enough already. Let her live her life. Catch her famous folks on the red carpet, but let HER be.

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