1. Sam says

    He may not have the most attractive clothes on, but at least he is dressed approprietly for the weather!

  2. Renee says

    Wellllll, she is pretty skinny, lol, just kidding. I sent my kids to school this morning with better clothes than that on and I don’t have a bzillion dollars. Maybe we could send a care package to him with a brush enclosed. I don’t mind the long hair my son has long hair, but he should brush it. I also think that if a boy having long hair makes them look to feminine they should probably cut it.

  3. LadyOne says

    SJP’s kid and Angelina’s are the worst dressed kids in hollywood!!!! They look like their clothes come from the Salvation Army!! (nothing against SalvationArmy) but come on, you have a bzillion dollars and that’s how you dress your kids??????

  4. Anne says

    She is a long way from her TV show in the looks and dress department. Paper and paint make it what it ain’t and the same goes with makeup etc. No need to look like an unkempt bag lady.

  5. oriana says

    He looks okay to me. I have noticed that several celeb moms are letting their sons hair grow very long, I think it comes a time when it should be cut. Celine Dion’s son looks silly with his hair that long as young as he is.

  6. Tess says

    It’s the grunge look for kids. He looks clean though. I actually don’t mind how James looks in this picture. It’s not as bad as some other ones I’ve seen. Sarah J looks frumpier than her usual glam diva self. At least her look matches her son’s this time around.

  7. mommy-of-two-girls says

    he is a very cute kid. but i don’t understand why someone who is so fashion concious does not even comb her kids hair. if you don’t want to deal with combing then just keep it short.

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