Liv Tyler's Son Calls His Mother His Princess

Liv Tyler’s son Milo, 3, adores his beautiful mother!

“He likes to call me his princess,” shared Liv. “He says, ‘Oh, mommy, you’re so cute. You’re my precious, precious mommy.’ ”

“He’s at that age now where he’s so sweet and so loving and says the sweetest things to me,” Liv, 31, told People magazine. “Of course I still get karate chops and all those sorts of things too.”  

“One day he went on a play date, and he said to this other child who was playing with a Hulk toy, ‘My mommy loves the Hulk,’ ” said Liv.


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  1. Cindy says

    Too bad Eli is right, but that’s usually not until the terrible teens. But this is the sweetest story ever, I love this family too!

  2. oriana says

    I think she is so beautiful and a sweet person. He is really getting cuter as he gets older. I like this family and am glad to see she is doing very good after the divorce.

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