Is Jennifer Aniston Finally Pregnant?

Reportedly Jennifer Aniston, 39, took John Mayer back because she is pregnant with his child!

New Weekly of Australia reports:

The pair made their first outings as a reunited couple last week, enjoying a romantic weekend in New York and a concert in Boston. But while friends are scratching their heads about what made Jen take the playboy musician back, the smile the actress has been wearing says it all — she’s pregnant and loving it!

Well, this obviously may just be a rumor, but hopefully it’s true!



  1. laila says

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  2. Jackie says

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  3. Niloofar says

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  4. hitherdither says

    jen gets a bad rapp because she didn’t want to have kids…so some magazine said…and brad goes off and has 6. so what….it’s what they all wanted. and it’s not that bad and people shouldn’t hate someone for not wanting or having kids. it’s not for everyone and you should remember that. i know a few married couples that don’t have kids and never will and they are living happy and fulfilling lives. so be nice people.

    my other comment is waiting moderation..why? i don’t know.

  5. Niloofar says

    #68 smile-your speeches are reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy logical.
    #67 LAILA-her name is so beautiful. I THINK THAT SHE SMILES EVERYTIME:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  6. Niloofar says

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  7. Niloofar says

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  8. Smile says

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    TO Niloofar , thankyou I LOVE U Too 🙂

  9. laila says

    this goes to u Laila, to come and have a little read and enjoy MOTHERHOOD!
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  10. laila says

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  11. Aliciasweets85 says

    I hope she IS pregnant, so she can finally get the f*ck over herself. I can easily imagine why Brad would want to walk out on her. She seems clingly, whiny, and annoying. She looks as if she complains a lot. Obviously I dont know her PERSONALLY, but she just LOOKS like a needy person. Angelina is a much better match for Brad.

  12. bambamswife says

    I don’t care one way or another for Jennifer Aniston, but she did however state in an interview that she wanted to have children with Brad. Why not have a baby, everyone else is in Hollywood. I have a tendency to believe what I hear from the person’s mouth and not what these horrible gossip magazines say. People are crazy if they do. If Jen were pregnant WTG Jen. Her Ex is running around with a bisexual home wrecker. Out of her own mouth she wanted to marry a woman. joile makes me sick to my stomach.

  13. Lola says

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  14. Niloofar says

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  15. Lola says

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  16. Smile says

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  17. Smile says

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    So please people relax keep ur negative thoughts to urself, read something and research things before u open ur mouth, and try to make this website nice and welcoming place for crazy mums who cant get enough of celebrity juice.

  18. Smile says

    Laila maybe you shoul read something before you ever attempt to make a comment on “We all know your bible the Qur An preaches hatred of all other races but your own race”

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  19. laila says

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  20. Daze says

    Lies and rumours. Jennifer Aniston is NOT pregnant and never will be. If she ever becomes a mother it will be thru a surrogate or adoption. She would not have a baby with Brad Pitt, why on earth would anyone think she would have one with the unstable, flower-flitting John Mayer bee? I also bet she will not adopt or other until at minimum, age 50 or very close to it.

  21. Lola says

    To prove you Niloofar that I am an Iranian you can talk to me in persian 🙂
    Farsi i mean:)
    you can ask me where i live what i eat also you can ask me some proverbs in my native language:)

  22. Niloofar says

    #47,44,43,38,34, GOOD POINTS.THANKS ALOT.

  23. Lola says

    I am actually an Iranian myself,i was just testing what would your reaction be.Thanks to your bright -minded thinking.I do love you all.For the way you think ,for the support you give foreigners,also not all hate Jen in Iran.
    God bless you all:)

  24. Josie says

    Hi Kx5!! I hope you are doing well 🙂

    I just popped in her and am shocked to see the vitriol being passed back and forth between some of these posters.

    Some of you posters (#38, #45) should be ashamed of yourselves passing judgment on people based on their country of origin. Obviously people that are quick to turn their noses down on other races and religions haven’t traveled outside of their existing country. If you had been lucky enough to explore the world you would see that the world is not just black and white, good and bad. That level of thinking is too simplistic just like you #38 and #45!!

  25. Deeds says

    #45, The word terrorist should NEVER be used to describe anyone that may be a different race, opinion, religion than you . That is a powerful word and it never should be used lightly. Be careful, your ignorance is showing!

  26. laila says

    #33 Tamara I was the FIRST comment .. We don’t need terrorists in here making stupid comments and people like you who are too stupid to read before you comment.

  27. X says

    I do not believe that u are a doctor. A doctor would not be an ignorant and arrogant person as u seem to be.

  28. Lola says

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  29. Lola says

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  30. says

    Hopefully it’s true?? Hopefully it’s true that she took him back because…oops!…she is pregnant with his child? What a horrible situation that would be! I hope it’s not true!

    Lola and Laila- Keep your stereotypical and ignorant comments to yourselves!!!!
    Lola anyone can comment on this board who wants to; they don’t have to pass your standards for what you consider proper writing, Queen Lola!
    Laila- you’re contributing to the stereotyping of all Middle Easterners. Categorizing! Labeling! Hate spewing!

    Makes me freakin sick, if you couldn’t tell.

  31. Sahra says

    I do not hate everything #27 just old women who choose not to have a baby for they are afraid it will ruin there body.
    I have had a baby she is now 12 months old, my body has not changed the lightest bit and I now way less than what i was pre-pregnancy. (pre-preg 49kgs now i am 47kgs) I dont work out. Its not natural I watch my weight I eat I just dont eat bread, pasta and rice.

    Everybody has the right to be body aware but no to the point to just being selfish and having ur husband publicly cheat on you and having an affair with someone who is less selfish i.e. Angie Jolie.

    I love her she gives to the poor, adopts kids her are in need trys to make a difference. Jen is stingy and useless and thank lord Brad got out while it was early.


  32. TAmara says

    This goes to Laila too. Maybe u should blow urself up u tart, u obviously are interested in the topic.

    We need less people like u! in this world. If you cant comment on the topic which was Jen might being preg and you bring them to other topics like politics u want to express……this is not the place. Go in ur kennel.

  33. TAmara says

    Just reading these comments made me so ill in the tummy, u guys are ranting on like a bunch of stupid teens. As for telling people to go blow themselves up go and get urself an education u stupid lowlife women who just sit around at home all day, as for ur racism keep it to urself!

    #27 dont be a uncivilised person u trash!

    Not everyone blows themselves up, and the ones that do are from Iraq. Get ur facts right u female dog!

    I am English and it just makes me soo mad to see people picking on other people. Lola u obviously haves something against other ethnic people, keep ur comments to urself dont ruin what other people like to have ( WORLD PEACE). U stupid Skunk!

  34. oriana says

    Hello to you OZ my Dear! Hope you are having a nice day.

    I hope that he doesn’t hurt her and I actually believe he cares about her, even if it only lasts a short time, big deal, they are young, let them have a good time. I think he is very nice looking, I want to Kiss him myself! Sorry Jen!

  35. jade says

    #29-that’s a silly thing to say. if jen is happy flitting from relationship to relationship who cares? it keeps her in the news, her movies certainly don’t. It’s a way to keep the whole brad and angie are bad thing alive because she hasn’t been able to find true love. I’ve never gotten the whole jen and brad golden couple thing anyway. she is a B movie “star” who’s biggest role was being brad pitts wife.
    he isn’t an academy award winning actor but has matured in the last few years and become pretty good.

  36. Kitty says

    Let’s just say she is pregnant with Brad’s baby from their meeting at the Toronto Film Festival in early September. That would be good revenge on Angie.

  37. laila says

    Is there anything you people don’t hate? You hate everyone and everything… why don’t you go blow yourself up.

  38. Bella says

    ISNT TRUE…..

  39. Candy says

    Sahara &Nilofar..get a life
    Jen is a good woman & she’s been lonely for longtime
    she deserves some happiness ,
    i wish she could find the right man

  40. notawannabe says

    God doesn’t just throw things in your face and say “Here you go, here is that man you asked for.” You have to search if you want to find someone. Jen also does not look like she smokes. She has a beautiful face and she does not look old, which is usually what smoking does to someone.

  41. Eli says

    # 20….

    Maybe if she stopps trying to find Mr. Right & prays for God to send the best person for her, she will find the love she is looking for.

  42. catsue says

    I heard Jen is a VERY heavy smoker. That affects your fertility and makes your face look nasty.
    I doubt she’ll ever have a baby. She’s too old and keeps hooking up with loser and players. Everyone know John is one of the biggest players in Hollywood! How many thousands of times to these magazines claim a star is pregnant and they are not- the latest: Jen and Jamie Lynn Spears.

  43. says

    no way in the world will jennifer aniston’s baby will be as cute as Shi, Knox, or Viv. She looks like a long faced man and Jon mayer looks like he’s dying from something. Are you blind # 18?

  44. Renee says

    I love Jennifer Aniston. I hope that some day she meets Mr. Right. I also like John Mayer but I am not sure he is her best bet for a father right now. I think he enjoys his single life a little too much right now to settle down with a child.

  45. oz says

    Sahra – Well, I happen to like Jennifer and I think she is very pretty and she deserves to be happy. She is NOT a selfish fart and SO WHAT, if she wants to have a nice body – so do I and so do a lot of other people whether they are a celebrity or not.

    Hi Oriana ! I like the comment you left!!

  46. Lola says

    # 10 for God’s sake write correctly,if you can’t,don’t leave a comment.
    First go to an English class,then
    come here for showing your disgust!!

  47. Niloofar says

    IM IRANIAN & everybody in my country hate Jen such as me and it is black and wight that she is not pregnant . IT IS GOSSIP & everybody know.

  48. sahra says

    Oriana…. She has been lonely for a long time….??? thats funny every week she seems to have had slept with some man. since breaking up with brad she has been on a sexmarathon.

  49. sahra says

    I dont believe it for 1 second, Jen is too selfish of a person to have a baby. She is scared it will ruin her body, i cant stand her…. if she didnt have a baby with brad when he desperately wanted kids there is noo way she will have Johns baby. shes a old selfish fart.

  50. oriana says

    Rumors and gossip, it sells the magazines I guess but I don’t believe a word of it. I think she likes him, has a good relationship with him and enjoys his company, I am happy for her. Life is short, get some happiness where you find it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, I think she has been lonely for a long time.

  51. laila says

    I’m having a hard time believing this story…where do these magazines get these wacky stories?

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