Heidi Klum & Children At Coldwater Park


Heidi Klum, 35, was snapped with her children: Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, 1, at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills. She was also accompanied by her mother, Erna.

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  1. christyjolie says

    there not cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and there hair looks terrible!

  2. Niloofar says

    I think that the children,themselves dont let heidi to do something with their hair!!!, &. in fact, my hair is looks like their hair!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Everyonehasone says

    Yeah, that is my questions what’s up with the jacked up knees and bruises, are these rug burns???

  4. Candy Cane says


    Go to H e l l, you I d i o t!

    Heidi’s children are adorable! She doesn’t have to do anything to their hair! their hair is gorgerous! Beautiful Children!

    Bo/Jb 08

  5. d says

    I don’t think anyone’s suggesting “Relaxers, perms (which straighten black hair), and other chemical treatments” be used on these kids’ afros. Their hair would look better groomed if trimmed. Conor Cruise’s nice hair cut comes to mind. The problem isn’t that the hair is curly, it’s that it looks very unkempt. Clearly it’s a matter of taste, some people like that (as their parents clearly do) and other people don’t.
    And I think we all got the innuendo in #5’s remark…we just didn’t choose to comment on it…

  6. says

    #17 not even going to address you.

    There is nothing wrong with these boys’ hair! It’s healthy for them to wear their hair natural, and there’s even a fad now (a good fad) in which more adults are wearing their hair natural. Relaxers, perms (which straighten black hair), and other chemical treatments are damaging if the hair is not properly maintained. This is especially true for children. Anyone who asserts otherwise is just showing their ignorance.

    #5 LOLA…wow….I think I’m the only one who caught your meaning but…tmi!

  7. Aliciasweets85 says

    Johan (sp) is so much CUTER than his monkey-like big brother! That kid looks like he has down’s snydrome. Leni just looks like any other blonde white kid.

  8. Anne says

    Her boys are tall for their age considering both parents are tall to begin with. Measure the children at 21/2 years of age and double it. That will tell how tall they will be. We did with our son and he is almost 6 ft. 2″ just like the measurement added up to. I am 5 ft. 7″ but my husband is 5 ft. 11.”

  9. accalia says

    They are so many cuter pics of all her children at just jared from this same set. Webmistress always seems to choose the least attractive ones. Oh, and WB if you are referring to that woman in the first pic, that is their nanny, not her mother. These kids are so darn adorable together. Leni is the exact print of her mother.

  10. oriana says

    I think their hair looks awful, reminds me of Mike Tyson’s Mgr’s hair, sticking straight up as old as he is, can’t remember his name but he looks like a clown to me.

  11. Sarah says

    Beautiful children! I’m loving the scraped knees on Heidi, mommy knees 😉 I have to agree with Pixiedust, the boys hair is awesome as is. I love it!

  12. pixiedust says

    why should she do anything with the boys hair? Theres nothing wrong with it.

    Cute pic, Johan is so big!

  13. sharrie says

    they are so cute…Johan is precious-what a cute little face….but why does she not DO something…anything with those poor boys hair!!?

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