An Expectant Jennifer Garner & Violet Out Shopping In Beverly Hills

An expectant Jennifer Garner and Violet were snapped out shopping in Beverly Hills. Among the places that they visited was the popular Tree House Social Club. The cafe/shop/spa is owned and operated by actress Connie Stevens.

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  1. bambamswife says

    Jen and Violet are so cute_ love to see pictures of them. Violet is not beautiful like Suri but she sure is cute. I think that Jen and Ben are doing things the normal way_ get each child settled in the family and then maybe adopt. joile is extremely abnormal. With their movie making and all,how in the world can they take care of the children well. She is just so weird.

  2. Niloofar says

    #21.Yeah. why she holds her everytime???! maybe she thinks that the peoole will steal her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jennifer says

    i agree she needs to put violet down she could injure herself because she so big already every time i see a picture of them shes holding her

  4. samsmom says

    I think Violet looks like that little girl from the Pepsi commercials from several years ago. I can’t remember her name. Haley something maybe? Anyway, she had dark curly hair, but her smile and eyes are very similar to Violet’s.

  5. boo! says

    I laughed so hard at Blair’s response to #6!!
    I know i shouldn’t because it was a bit crass but what the heck, laughter is good for what ails you 😀

  6. Blair says

    LOL…oh puh-leeeze….I said she seemed sweet, didnt i? But because I don’t find her PHYSICALLY attractive, i’m all of a sudden mean or something? GROW UP. Seriously, by your notion, as long as we’re all beautiful… the world is ok, huh? What a shallow attitude. Isn’t it more important what her personality is like, anyways, which I said seems sweet/bubbly/great?

    Honestly, I’d LIKE to see things from your point of view…but i can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.

  7. Kat says

    Blair, u need to get a life – you shouldn’t be this jealous over a little girl. That’s not healthy.

  8. Blair says

    i dont think Violet is that cute to be honest…She seems SWEET as can be, and appears to have a great, bubbly personality…but cute?….i dont know, not by my definitions anyhow…or at least she doesnt appear any cuter than most children her age anyways.

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