Katie & Suri Out For Ice Cream

Katie and Suri were snapped out for some ice cream in NYC before her evening performance.

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  1. IrishNDN says

    Yup, the kid’s bangs need CUTTING! And I do agree that a coat or jacket in cooler weather ( I know it was not cold in NYC that day, I’m just sayin’) would be more practical than that damn blanket they always have thrown around her!
    The dresses don’t really bother me, but then, I grew up in the fifties! lol
    I kinda like Katie’s longer pixie cut, tho.

  2. cherisse says

    Do any of you people have a life? So what if a little girl is in a dress, so what if the mother is wearing long sleeves, so what so what so what, oh yeah have i mentioned SO WHAT. Damn, is that you in the pictures, NO. How do you know if she is happy or not ? Who freaking cares, why don’t you people just concertrate on your own lives and stop always interfering with others THAT YOU DON’T KNOW.

  3. says

    I wish they would give her a pair of pants. I have only seen her twice in pants. Her bangs are to long and her outfits are to big. She’s so small. They need to fed her

  4. Everyonehasone says

    Doesn’t this child have play clothes, I’m way over seeing her only in these very uncomfortable dresses… they always look too big.

  5. Carol says

    The kid is dressed like a little old lady. If you are gonna put a little girl in a dress make it an a shorter length. I hate they way they dress this kid. Funky

  6. Deb says

    Such a cute little girl, to bad her parents can’t aford to put her in something little girl cute. Try Gap,JCP,OLD Navy, etc give up on all those fancy designers that don’t think of “kid comfort first!

  7. Niloofar says

    What a delicious ice-cream!!!both are pretty. katie with her famous smile and suri,that honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  8. says

    #39 Neat. It must have been nice because Katie and the bodyguard have their sleeves rolled up and the man in the background doesn’t have a jacket or sweater on either
    I’m thinking Suri was probably fine.

  9. says

    I don’t consider myself to be a disciplinarian, and according to many sources, I’m a very nurturing type. However, my three (soon to be five) albeit wonderful children are not fit to be in charge! That would amount to mass chaos! Btw, no I don’t spank my kids and I don’t ever intend to do so. In certain ways my children are indulged, but I teach my children to behave because I love them- not because I’m a slave driver.

  10. neat says

    OMG……………will somebody else please say what the weather was like in NY last tuesday…………and if cutting bangs means her fringe i agree,also I think Katie has sence to know if it was warm enough for her child 🙂

  11. t says

    #35 – Do you mean that mothers should slap their children into submission? I do recall you mentioning that you believe in spanking as a form of discipline. I don’t think that #34 is an advocate of physical punishment. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just my observation.

    #34 – Although I agree with you to a certain degree,
    I believe there are different parenting styles out there. What works for one parent might not work for another. Just like there are different child psychology books out there touting their own theory of child rearing and discipline. It’s all about personal choice and how much of a disciplinarian you want to be.

    With respect to Katie, we can speculate that she allows Suri full control of her own decisions but we don’t really know what goes on in their household. We don’t see the full scenario that unfolds just before they head out the door. Parenting is a personal thing and many parents don’t like to be told how to raise their children, be it right or wrong in the eyes of the observer.

  12. jules says

    Suri always looks like she is being dressed older than she is. I wish Katie would put her in more up to date outfits suitable for a little girl playing and having fun is stead of a mini adult

  13. catcat says

    I am so sick of retarded celebrity moms that don’t cut their kids’ hair- Celine Dion, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford and now Katie. Please use some of your millions and properly groom your kids! Katie’s clothes and her hair have both been 100% hideous for a year now!

  14. oriana says

    Lia, a person would think mothers would know exactly what you are talking about and I agree with you totally. I don’t understand why so many mothers are letting the kids call the shots about everything. They are CHILDREN people! Do some supervising and training, use some common sense! Be a MOTHER!

  15. says

    t- It’s not the child’s decision as to whether or not they wear a coat. You just have to be consistent. If your toddler refuses to put on a jacket, put it on for them! If they throw it off, put it back on! Keep putting it back on each time they remove it. While you do have to choose your battles,if it’s something that’s important to you as a parent, stand your ground. You’ll be glad you did! A “confrontation” the first or so few times is worth having a healthy child who doesn’t get sick and a child who respects your authority.

  16. t says

    My niece was running around in the backyard one day with a flimsy dress on and no matter how much her mother yelled for her to put on a jacket she just didn’t listen. Kids are like that. If they do not want to wear sweater or a jacket they will not. It’s not always the parents fault. Suri looks great in red. Her bangs do need a trim. And Katie looks great in this picture but I’m not too fond of her shirt.

  17. aporia says

    anytime i see a picture of suri lately (not just this one) she’s in a short-sleeved dress and all the adults around her are bundled up in long sleeves and pants.

    someone needs to put her in a jacket and a pair of tights asap! why are they dressing her so improperly?

  18. Alice in Chains says

    Meg: Yes I do live in NYC and it absolutely was not 78 degrees on Tuesday. Get your head out of your ass.

  19. Sarah says

    Hate Katie’s outfit.
    I agree with everyone who has said “CUT SURI’S BANGS!” when kids are allowed to wear their hair hanging over their eyes, it causes them to squint a lot and strain their vision.
    This can actually cause permanant vision problems.

  20. Carol says

    Sally Sue, I think this kid is creepy to. I think she refuses to wear anything but a dress and does not want to wear warm clothes. Her parents are letting her rule the roost, so to speak. Suri is the one in contol not the parents. Did they finally get her off the bottle.

    The dress is to long the bangs are to long and the kid is not that cute. Katie looks lovely. I don’t think she looks unhappy and I missing something. Although I don’t know how she stands Toms family living with them. Then again the house is huge maybe they don’t see each other much. LOL

  21. Adele (UK) says

    Suri is sooo cute but a few hair slides would stop her fringe from irritating her eyes so much so she wouldn’t have to tilt her head to see where she is walking.

    Also, it’s Autumn, so why isn’t she wearing socks or tights?? I bet her little feet are cold!!

    I dress my girls in dresses but their legs are always kept warm this time of year!!

  22. Kay says

    I always dressed my little girl in dresses when she was a toddler, because I got so many at my baby shower! A pair of tights would be nice for the fall.

  23. meg says

    #18- Do you live in NY… Obviously you don’t otherwise you would know it was in fact 78 degrees yesterday!

  24. phnxgirl says

    I think that Katie is very girlie and she loves to dress her daughter in girlie things. She likes to put dresses on her, no big deal. I still think Katie is very pretty.

  25. oriana says

    Her hair sure does grow fast. She does need her bangs trimmed, I usually love her dresses but this one looks too old fashioned to me. I think the plaid top Katie has on is pretty, Suri is growing up fast now.

  26. Alice in Chains says

    She’s a cute kid but I am tired of looking at her already. It’s always the same boring picture. Suri holding Katie’s hand wearing a dress. Or Katie holding her and her blanket wearing a dress. And for #13 Meg, it was NOT 78 degrees in NY yesterday.

  27. jane says

    Suri is such an adorable child. Please cut her bangs!

    Katie looks terrible!

    She was so pretty and happy before she married Tom Cruise!

  28. meg says

    I want to say sth stupid 🙂
    I just saw Camilla belle pictures,
    think Tom will fall in love with her
    when he is fed up with Katie;)
    JMO 🙂

  29. Amanda says

    I think she wears long sleeves cause her arms are bruised for discolored from some scientology treatment. At least thats what I read a while back.
    I agree Aktak she should dress her warmer.

  30. Aktak says

    It’s not only about dress. Look at Katie who always wears long sleevces and jeans while Suri has only a thin dress. She must be cold.

  31. Analise says

    Anyone can put their kid in a dress daily. Go to Family Dollar and stock up on them. Money has nothing to do with it.

  32. Amanda says

    I so miss the old Katie with her long hair and smiling all the time. I really feel like she lost herself after she married Tom. She really needs to pull Suri’s bangs back or something. Looks like they are trying to grow her bangs out.
    I really don’t see anything wrong with wearing dresses on a lil girl all the time, I mean seriously find something better to complain about. They have the money to do it.

  33. Renee says

    Suri is a very cute little girl, but she need to get her bangs trimmed, she is having to look out from underneth them.

  34. Grandma of Four says

    Beautiful “look”! And, I am sure a lot of thought went into the coordinating colors! But, I have just one question!

    Does Suri own a pair of jeans, a cute plaid top and matching turtle neck underneath, plus a pair of tennies with socks!? For heavens sake! Will someone let this child dress like a little kid? And, it is OCTOBER!

    And, please trim her bangs so she can see! Also, a couple of cute ponytails would not hurt!

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