Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams-Paisley Expecting Their Second Child

Country star Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 37, are expecting their second child!

“We’re having so much fun with our little boy Huck, and we are thrilled that he will have a sibling,” said Kimberly, who is due in April. “He’s going to be a great brother.”

The couple’s first child, who’s named for Mark Twain’s character, was born on February 22nd last year.

Best Wishes!

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  1. Zbella says

    Brad Paisley is one of my favorite country singers. He writes the greatest, funny lyrics. Ticks and Online are hilarious.

  2. jules says

    I think Huck is a great name I wish I’d thought of it for one of my sons. hopw the next one also has a fab name

  3. Amanda says

    I love them both! Brad’s look on his face says “I’m a dorky guy to landed this hot girl” LOL Brad is very HOT in person and I love his music! Congrads to them!!

  4. phnxgirl says

    I have loved her since I saw her in “Father of the Bride”. She was also on the sitcom, “According to Jim”. That was a cute show.

  5. sp says

    I think it’s good when a couple has children close together in age, they grow up together…we are trying right now for a baby, and I hope once we have our little, we shall try again for a sibling….

  6. Squeak says

    God, that was bugging me what I’d seen her in. Googled her and thought yes “The 10th Kingdom”, then looked further down and realised “The Father of the Bride”! Duh! Thank god for Google. That was 1991 and she hasn’t changed a jot!

  7. lori says

    I don’t necessarily think it’s a trend. I mean, my older brothers are a year and a half apart in age, and the were both born in the late 70’s. People have children when they have them.

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