An Expectant Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber On Their Scooter

An expectant Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber were snapped returning to their Manhattan residence on their scooter.

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  1. Niloofar says

    #34 , I am really SORRY about my comment, believe that I was not bashing America. I was just jokinggggggggg.anyway would you reagret me???????

  2. Niloofar says

    She is just a CRAZY.a pergnant woman on scooter!!!!!!!!!!! does she want to show off her pregnancy!!!! I think so! JO,I am IRANIAN and nobody do this wrong here.and I think that in other countries it is the same. what about U.S??? I think that it shows AMERICAN DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR BABIES……

  3. me2 says

    No one is saying stay in the house and hide in the closet. But you have to obviously take into account another human being’s life doing something THIS dangerous. And if you don’t think it is dangerous in NYC you are outta your mind!

  4. no name says

    Yeah and walking across the road is dangerous when your pregnant, that scooter would not do more than 30 mph in a built up area, hardly dangerous. l’ve been pregnant twice and you still have to live your life.

  5. meg says

    Carys, Im with you I totally agree. We woman should just stay in the house and not do anything becaue evrything might risk our life an accidents “might” happen

  6. sahra says

    Susie, she looks sexy???? im sorry but naomi looks like a trashy lady in this pic. Ugghh grow a brain naomi i dont think its safe to be on a scooter so far into ur pregnancy.

  7. says

    you should actually NEVER ride a motorbike then, not only when you’re pregnant.. because it’s unsafe… and never drive a car or take the train or airplane.. women should also never be wearing heals while carrying a baby or being pregnant because the risk the could fall is way bigger… omg people get a life!!! it’s absolutely none of your business what she’s doing. btw people in asia take their whole families incl toddlers on motorbikes and of course accidents happen, but not more than car accidents here!!

  8. oriana says

    #22 said exactly what I was thinking. One little bump and she goes flying! The other drivers could be idiots and believe me, In NYC, they drive that way! She is taking an unnecessairly bad risk and she is unwise to do so. I liked riding myself years ago, but I would not have done so this far along in her pregnancy. I think she is being very foolish.

  9. justagirl says

    ummm…. excuse me but there is a huge difference. Last time I checked being pregnant meant the baby was in your stomach, not your arms….. kinda different.

  10. me2 says

    What would you all say if she was carrying a newborn in her arms as she rode – would you all say it was safe then? Of course not – there is no difference. Riding on a scooter offers NO protection whatsoever.

  11. me2 says

    You can ride with caution – but what about the OTHER driver? Just because you drive safely doesn’t mean that other morons drive safely. It is not a safe thing to do when you are pregnant! If she wants to ride on the back of a scooter when she is NOT pregnant – good luck to her. But, when you are carrying another human life in your womb, you would think she would think twice about it!

  12. meg says

    Just because you are expecting doesn’t make you handi-cap. Get a clue people. My doc told me that it was perfectly safe. Ride with caution just like you would ANY other time.

  13. Scarlett says

    Oh now that looks so safe for her and the baby. Now that was a wonderful decision to make. Have you heard of saftey first? Some women just have NO BRAINS…Hello you are pregnant…

  14. justagirl says

    I think it’s one of the most adorable pictures I’ve ever seen! I love her outfit and her belly is so cute!

    As for safe? Um yes, I think that’s totally safe, like the OP said, even a car is not safe. Relax people, go do something more useful than pick on people that don’t “approve” of your standards of “safety”.

    Leave the poor girl alone, she’s in her 3rd trimester. Been there, done that….. not especially fun.

  15. oriana says

    I think she is being very careless and thoughtless on riding like that with him. If she lived in a small town it might not be as dangerous but I have been to NYC and the cab drivers alone drive like maniacs! She should know better, she isn’t a teenager.

  16. me2 says

    You just make one riduclous satement after another. Aren’t you “concerned” with ALL babies that have foolish mothers? Just because this one is a somewhat celebrity shouldn’t make a difference.

  17. Renee says

    Actually what is ridiculous is you passing judgement on someone you don’t even know and who is not carrying your child. If you are concerned about the safety of unborn children who are not your own, be concerned about the pregnant lady on the corner smoking crack while she is pregnant, not actress on the scooter who seem quite able to take care of herself. I mean she did deliver one baby already.

  18. me2 says

    I don’t think that the only thing that matters is that if she feels safe. What a ridiculous statement to make. What is so obvious is that she is a pregnant lady who not only has to think of herself but also the life of her baby.

  19. Renee says

    The only thing that matters is that she feels safe. I am sure she does not give a hoot what everyone else thinks about her riding a scooter.

  20. me2 says

    It makes sense that if you are on a scooter and get in an accident with a car – your chances of getting seriously hurt have considerably increased, versus if you are in a car and have an accident with another car.

  21. Christine says

    Driving/ridding in an automobile is actually one of the least safe things to do yet we do it all the time. Ridding a scooter around town is not a bad thing. Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your house and not do a damn thing.

    They are such a cute couple! I hope they have a little girl this time.

  22. Amanda says

    Its a scooter not a Harley. Its no big deal. She could just as easily fall down the stairs. I wish my legs were that defined. She is very beautiful.

  23. jo says

    pregnant women ride on bikes in developing countries every minute and nothing happens to them. and driving is actually safer here than in developing countries.
    so, i guess it is safe.

  24. Kay says

    I am sure that he is driving very carefully but it’s the other drivers (Paps included) that I would be concerned about. It’s a risk that I certainly would never take!

  25. Lurker says

    Wow..I’ve never seen a picture of her looking so annoyed with the paparazzi!
    Maybe a little “put out”, but here she looks downright p*ssed!!

    And as far as whether it’s “safe” or not, I really don’t know..but she must trust his driving!
    Now I don’t know that I would have done it, but when it comes right down to it, even driving a car can be unsafe. :o(

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