An Expectant Lisa Bonet & Family Out Shopping

An expectant Lisa Bonet, 40, husband Jason Momoa, and daughter Lola, 1, were snapped out shopping for clothes at ‘Stella McCartney.’

Splash News Online


  1. DEE says

    For those people who always have some nasty to say about other people, I will like to see how you look. post your picture (a real picture of yourself) I know you wont because you probably look tens time as bad as you claim she does, which she doesn’t. Also what is this thing about her lips are you jealous because she has them and you don’t. She and her boyfriend look nice and they happy. So those who are hating need to go and find your own and look in the mirror at yourselves if it doesnt break before you take a good look.

  2. N says

    Every womans pregnancy isn’t the same…… Lips can increase in size just like noses, breasts, feet, hands, etc;
    Just like some women have an excess of saliva and have to spit their whole pregnancy Or women that have cravings and those that dont. Not a hard concept.

  3. Tess says

    Well, I do recall that Jennifer Lopez’s nose looked bigger during her pregnancy. Perhaps the same train of thought applies to lips as well.

  4. Renee says

    I suppose she should be wearing a mini skirt and four inch high heels. But then everyone would say she is going to fall off those heels and harm her child, what is she thinking, how irresponsible of her. Maybe the lady is just tired and pregnant, and having a one year old. She doesn’t have to look red carpet ready to shop.

  5. N says

    She is pregnant….7mths at that. A lot of womens lips, noses, etc; increase in size when they are pregnant.

    What exactly looks sloppy or bad?

  6. Amanda says

    I still think she is beautiful, I think this is just a bad pic of her. I don’t think her lips are that big I just think its the lighting. She seems like she is happy. Congrads to them!!

  7. Kay says

    He’s very good looking. I didn’t recognize him at first. He doesn’t have those dreadlocks anymore. He played in Stargate:Atlantis.

  8. oz says

    Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Lisa Bonet. I watched all her TV shows and movies and tried to dress like her too. She has barely changed in 20 years except that she now looks haggard and disheveled.

  9. Kay says

    I can’t believe how many people here are putting this woman down. She’s got a beautiful child and one on the way, just be happy for her.

  10. oriana says

    She looks sloppy to me, and those lips look pitiful. I have always thought she was very pretty. She has always acted like a hippie to me too. He is well known in Hawaii and also is well known over there for being a snob.

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