Trista & Ryan Sutter Expecting Their Second Child

Trista and Ryan Sutter—who met on The Bachelorette—are expecting their second child, Star magazine reports.

“Trista is pregnant again and she is very happy,” an insider told Star magazine. “She has always wanted a second child so she is thrilled!”

Trista and Ryan were married on TV in December 2003 and welcomed their first child, a son they named Maxwell, on July 26th, 2007.

Just before the birth of Maxwell Trista confessed, “It took us a long time to get pregnant so it makes it that much sweeter. It’s my dream to be a mom.”

Best Wishes!

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  1. Kim says

    32/ oh yeah sorry i just read your blog congrats on your adoption and the birth of your 3rd daughter (sorry it’s a bit late!) good luck and best wishes

  2. Josie says

    LOL – yeah that’s a cool t-shirt idea!! Someone is going to market that idea (Brad & Angelina…) and make a mint. Okay, not fair 😉 I haven’t watched TV in years so the OC is unknown to me…I had to do a Google search to find out who Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are LOL!! And then I went onto YouTube to watch a clip from one of the episodes. I must say, the OC can become addictive!

  3. Josie says

    Hi Kx5: If you’re looking to adopt any more children, I’m always available 😉 I’m not a child but I’m a child at heart xo

  4. Kim says

    13/ that’s not that fast by the time my son was 9 months i was 4 months pregnant.
    i like this couple so sweet!

  5. ice says

    Let me guess: She will have another cover lamenting about her pregnancy weight, one when she gives birth, one when she laments again about not losing the weight, and another triumphant one carring her new baby, wearing a biikini proclaiming she’s back to her old weight

    That’s another 4 covers in the pipeline for someone who’s reality tv show was years ago!

  6. oz says

    I agree Oriana. No, it isn’t fair at all how these reality show personalities become so wealthy for doing absolutely nothing other than getting married and having children. It’s a real shame. So many families out there struggle all their lives to make a living and will never have it as easy as Trista and Heidi. It’s so sad.

  7. oriana says

    Hello to you OZ, I just don’t understand why these Reality show people are labeled as Stars! That I Love New York, makes me want to puke! And I don’t see the allure of Heidi and Spencer at all, but they have made millions whereas hardworking moms and dads every day struggle to make ends meet. Doesn’t seem fair to me at all!

  8. Dee says

    I like them! At least they are not posing eating tacos like Heidi and Spencer. They seem like a cute couple, their son is adorable.

  9. phnxgirl says

    I PRAY that US magazine does not feature her on their cover 50 more times while she is pregnant and then getting over her body weight issues when the baby is born. I’m sure she is very nice, but she is also annoying.

  10. jane says

    Trista seems like such a fake person.

    Why is the media even wasting time with these people?

    Their 15 minutes of fame is OVER!

  11. kelly says

    she had to get pregnant she had the baby lost the weight and her 15 minutes were up. now she bought herself some time !

  12. clara says

    Can i just point out to all of the commenters here who were freaking out about the W cover pic of Angelina nursing, you can see a lot more boobies in this pic of Tricia than you can of Angelina!

  13. megan says

    Yeah an old friend of mine lives not far from the Sutter’s and appearently she’s pregnant that’s for sure, and is expecting somewhere in her 10-13th week, that’s what she told one of the neighbors. I guess from what my friend has been told they’re a really nice, friendly couple and are always greeting their neighbors:)

  14. t says

    Jealous? Of horse face? LOL
    Come on, is that the only reason why someone would not like Trista? How about the fact that she is an opportunist and is famous for nothing other than a cheesy reality show.
    If I wanted to be jealous of someone it sure as hell would not be Trista Sutter!

  15. Nicky says

    Trista took a setback (not being picked by the lame Bachelor, on a lame tv reality show) & turned it around into into a fabulous opportunity.

    She made millions of dollars, made the “Bachelorette” show a success, had a beautiful all-expenses-paid dream wedding, found a sweet husband and gets two babies out of the deal.

    Some people are jealous.

  16. elaine says

    I find it surprising that Trista is so gung-ho on getting pregnant again when she was so obsessed with her weight gain the first time she was pregnant. I’m not looking forward to seeing her face on the front cover of those tabloid mags complaining about how MUCH weight she has gained with her second pregnancy, etc…boo-hoo, save us the pity party Trista, you’re full of b.s!!

  17. says

    Awww…yay that’s exciting!
    #1 how is that fast? Max will be at least 2 by the time the baby is born. By the time my oldest was 2, we were getting ready to welcome Baby #3….now that’s fast!!
    #12 I totally agree! DeAnna Pappas is awesome! I really enjoyed following her journey through the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I’m gearing up to watch Jason in January. 🙂

  18. KMS says

    I pressed submit too soon. I wanted to add that I just love the Bachelorette , Deanna. She and Jesse are so cute and seem so down to earth. Plus Deanna is super naturally cute.

  19. KMS says

    This is one couple that I cannot stand. Everytime Trista is interviewed, she always throws in some comment about her weight. She was apparently just HUGE at 120 pounds.

  20. Ann says


    It is just an expression and I think that you are being way too sensitive.

    And it is different, though does not mean people who do not have trouble don’t appreciate their pregnancies, when you struggle and struggle and struggle to get pregnant. You do, sorry!, feel much more grateful that you got pregnant.

  21. Honey says

    I might touch on a nerve here, but it bothers me when people who have trouble conceiving naturally make statements like “it was that much sweeter”, as though those of us who had no trouble don’t appreciate our pregnancies as much as they do. People (not only celebrities) often say things like this, and it irritates me. While I have no idea how painful it must be for them, I’m not sure they realize they’re sort of de-valuing our experience.

  22. sharrie says

    they are pretty people whose 15 minutes of fame were up a long time ago. They made alot of money for nothing and now apparently every little bit of news makes the news. Ho-hum….

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