Kelly Ripa Out Shopping With Her Boys

Kelly Ripa, 38, and her boys Michael, 11, and Joaquin, 5, were snapped out shopping at the Scholastic store and the MoMa store.

Splash News Online


  1. Deeds says

    She isn’t skinny she is lean. She works out to have that lean look. I like her. She seems to be cheerful most of the time.

  2. BLssd says

    Amazing and incredibly cute that the older son looks so much like her husband and the younger son looks just like her. I love genetics! And, yes, she is way too skinny…and remember, the camera adds 10 lbs, so how much does she REALLY weigh?

  3. colle says

    On her show most times she looks flat as a board, she is muscular though. I think she has taken working out to the extreme. With 3 kids and a job she must have alot of free time to herself. Mark, her husband, doesn’t work that much.

  4. sara says

    Cute boys!! What happened to her chest? Was she always like this?? Like Kate Hudson? Strange….thought she had at least a B cup….?

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