More Brangelina Images Released From W Magazine




  1. Collette uk says

    I just manage get w mag in uk oh my god pic are amazing +u can tel brad did them 2 love it

  2. bbrenda says

    As much money as Brad and Angie have and they dress their children like streeet bums, Z wears pants that are too long as well as Shiloh with at least 4 inches folded up …and for God’s sake let the bigger kids from Z to Pax to Maddox learn to walk and not be constantly carried as invalids…other celebrity kids dress nicely so I know it can be done my childs clothes always was the right size.

  3. jules says

    Shiloh is beautiful – such a cutie. stop messing with th eboys hair though, they are too young to have colours done they need to be natural

  4. ali says

    these pics all look too posed and professional to be genuine family shots in my opinion…they look like they have been intentionally taken for the purpose of being sold to and published in a magazine.

  5. oriana says

    I love wearing my nightgowns around the house and I didn’t just have any babies! Ha! I say we need to be as comfy as we can, especially when dealing with kids.

  6. bambamswife says

    Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about being posed pictures just like the whatever the price was for those first pictures of the artificial inseminated twins. Please cut us a break with no more of their pictures.

  7. Nicki says

    Jessica~ When the pics were first out, a link to W at JustJareds last week, they had the pic. I don’t know why they replaced it with the shot of one eye of Angelina. The pic was from behind of Zahara in her leotard with Mommys heels and that floppy hat on. Very cute. I’m sure all the pics will be shown as soon as the magazine comes out.

    oriana~I hope you didn’t think I thought this Lori was you. I know better than that. Talk to you soon.

  8. Jessica says

    @ 22 Nicki

    I’m dying to know where you saw the picture of Z in Angie’s heels and hat, I’ve only seen these 7 pictures.

  9. oriana says

    Just in case anyone thinks that Lori is me, it isn’t, and I am only saying this because my buds on Hellorazzi know me as Lori also. I have to say that I do like all these pictures, Brad is a fantastic photographer.

    I also agree with Deeds, I see no need in wishing Jennifer unhappiness, but I think she lost out on her one huge chance of finding it with Brad and I have always said if she had wanted children, he would possible still be with her today.

  10. Nicki says

    25. Lori ~ You will see some part of the 21 page spread in the W magazine soooner or later. Maybe not thier faces, but pics of all. And more to come. The mag is out later this week, so you will get to see all the pics of the family. Just hang in there, you will see them by this weekend.

  11. brangelina forever says

    So what…I like wearing my night gown or PJs around the house too!!! They’re comfortable!!!!! Not only that, she just had a baby for God’s sake. Do you have to over analyze everything???????

  12. Nicki says

    Brad did the photos for free. The magazine suggested it and he said yeah. There was a certain type of film he wanted but it hasn’t been made in about 4 years. The people at the magazine managed to find some on ebay and ?someplace? else. They got him 70 rolls of film. So I guess you could say he did it for the cost of the rolls of film.

    I can’t wait to see the other pics. The one with Zahara in her Mommy’s high heels and big floppy hat is adorable.
    I am curious if we will get any face shots of the twins.

  13. hitherdither says

    Maybe Jen is trying to avoid another Brad situation. She may not want a repeat of a cheating husband. She should take her time and make sure she won’t get that again.

  14. Ridri says

    Brad is a perfect photographer!!!!!!!! Those are the best pictures I’ve ever since of their family. To beautiful to look! This is a family to positively envy and each day I tried to follow in their footsteps. They really are an inspiration and people to really look after.

  15. accalia says

    #13 she’s not breastfeeding her baby in that pic. The child is in one of those baby carriers that you wear and carry the baby in when you go out.Idiot…

  16. says

    I was realy hoping for more pics of the twins. I want to see them with their eyes open. Angie says Viv looks like her and knox looks like Brad. They can’t help but be gorgeous.

  17. Brangelinasuck says

    The perfect family what a joke! There is one picture of this moron breastfeeding with sunglasses on. I have to ask what idiot does this? Once a skanky whore always a skanky whore.

  18. Joelly says

    The pictures make it all look blissful and fun, of course you don’t see pictures of any of the kids throwing tantrums or of the two newborns crying simulataneously to be fed while the boys are fighting. I’m sure Jen is thankful for what she has as are Angelina and Brad, when are people going to stop comparing the them.

  19. LOLA says

    Making 27 million dollars doesn’t mean anything if your movie bombs and you go from man to man with no meaningful love.

  20. Honey says

    I think they’re great, candid pictures of the family. I love the one where she’s making the fish face. I hope to see the rest, as I am sure they will have shots of Z and Maddox too. Brad seems to know what he’s doing. And, just a suggestion, could we all just please realize Jennifer Aniston probably doesn’t give a crap about any of this?! She’s got her own life to live, and is probably spending it trying to weed out the losers who aren’t in it for the long haul. She’s moved on, now we need to.

  21. hitherdither says

    Nice pics but I have to disagree about Jen drinking herself to death. I think she’s saying glad it’s not her and if that’s what Brad and AJ want then so be it. Having this many kids isn’t for everyone. I stopped at two. All I could keep up with and I gave them my all.

  22. brangelina forever says

    Beautiful pictures! I love Brad and Angelina! They are the perfect family. Gosh, Jen must be drinking herself to death right now! She missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime with Brad. Oh well…Thanks for the pics. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  23. MommaE says

    I love the one where she is eating and looks annoyed! I have totally had that shot before! and the one with her in the floppy hat is just funny 🙂

    I think the pics are great-such a lovely family. I can’t wait to see more pics of the new little ones! They must be so different!

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