Gwen, Gavin & Kingston At The Hollywood Pumpkin Patch

Another celebrity family was snapped hitting the Hollywood Pumpkin Patch over the weekend! This time it was Gwen, Gavin and Kingston.

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  1. jules says

    Can babies not come out just because the sun is shining? Its about doing things as a family whether they understand or not! Maybe Zuma has two heads or sonething whic is why they are hiding him away!!!!!!!!

  2. Analise says

    He’s a newborn. Why should he be out and about? Especially in the hot son and it’s not as if he has a clue what Halloween is about.

  3. Sarah says

    It’s great that they are spending so much time with Kingston, but it seem odd because when K was a baby, she was never without him on her hip and w/ Zuma, it still seems to be all about the K.

  4. says

    Maybe they are just enjoying the one on one time with Kingston and afterall the baby is too young to know or care. And it is a little more work to tote two than one. I’m NOT saying it’s impossible. We’ll probably see him before too long.

  5. t says

    LOL! I doubt that you are in your eighties Oriana 🙂 When I went to elementary school some teachers would take a wooden ruler to our palms if we misbehaved and that was in the seventies! My parents did spank us as a form of punishment, so I know all about that. Spanking for me would be a last resort and one I wouldn’t be too proud of doing. I know exactly what you mean though when it comes to public tantrums. I’ve seen my fair share and I wish I could say something to the parent but I know I should just mind my own business instead.

  6. oriana says

    Hi #8, I am prob easily 40 years older than you, back in the day, we didn’t blink at a good spanking and believe me, I got my share too! Spare the rod and spoil the child was literally the rule. I do know things are different now and I see so many kids at the gro., bank, doctor’s office, just screaming bloody hell and the parents just acting like they are listening to beautiful music, no consequences at all! No wonder the teachers are fed up at the schools!

  7. t says

    I must declare that I completely agree with you #4. I don’t have much tolerance for spoiled kids either and especially children that have temper tantrums. I’m not sure I would spank my child but I would take away their toys or deny them other treats or privileges.

  8. 2teens says

    Maybe they are holding out for a photo shoot with a big payoff. It’s very likely. But also, the baby is only a few months old and really is not missing anything at this stage of his life. They may as well make things as normal for Kingston as they can, and spoil him a little bit with some one on one like he is used to.

  9. MommaE says

    I think it’s great that they aren’t parading around the new baby. Kingston is at a difficult age for a new sibling and it was clear they spent a lot of time together before the baby came so maybe they are just trying to keep everything as normal as they can. It’s not unusual for new parents to take time away to spend with older children it’s just not captured on camera 24/7

    they are one of my fav celeb families!

  10. oriana says

    Gwen looks pretty in her dress, I think a little overdressed though for a Pumpkin Patch, I love to go to those things! I think she is really spoiling Kingston and has for a long time, he has thrown his little tantrums and hissy fits too like Suri does, seen them on YouTube, I don’t understand it these days, things sure have changed, when my kids threw their tantrums, screaming, banging their heads on the floor or ground, I spanked their butt right then and there, and don’t even think about hitting me with their toys or slapping me, No sirreebob! That would not have happened but one time and about a second there and then.

  11. sara says

    “THE HOLLYWOOD PUMPKIN PATCH” must be the place to go….I’m sure the festivities are exciting to the concrete jungle folks….they need to broaden their horizons and go to an actual farm! Jmo~!

  12. SbK says

    It is a bit harsh that they will take Kingston out everywhere, but leave the baby at home whenever they go out, i dont think I’ve seen a single picture of them out with Zuma

  13. Ronnie says

    I am just one of the masses im sure that is annoyed that Gwen appears to be playing up the lack of showing Zuma, she is trying to eventually get more money for the pictures it would appear.

    And can i just say; how could you gwen?

    she gives one child a beautiful, different, but normal name like kingston then names the other poor child zuma
    what on go ds green earth?


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