1. oriana says

    OZ my Dear, there were two people killed in the other car. He only had to pay a fine of $175.00!!! YES, amazing! I know! He was making a movie, his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing fame) was with him. The families were devastated and he got off scott free. I have never liked him since and it fits with the description of SJP saying how she has to take charge of everything for both of them. I wouldn’t babysit him for no amount of money. Well, I take that back, maybe I would! Ha!

  2. oz says

    Wow! I don’t recall ever hearing about that incident. That is a terrible thing to have happen. Matthew B did not get charged or lose his driver’s license? I’m assuming because he is a celebrity with money he was able to pay his lawyer to get a break. That is so sad! There are a lot of fateful tragic events that have happened involving celebrities who do not have to pay the price because they are a celebrity.
    I think that the lawyers and the justice system are equally at fault for allowing something like that to happen.

  3. oriana says

    I think he is probably very talented but I think a selfish person. I remember years ago when he was filming overseas and was driving on the wrong side of the road, killing someone in the other car, of course he got off scott free and the family was devastated. I have never liked him since, he shirked his responsibility and was never held accountable. Maybe I have never gotten over that in my mind and that is one of the reasons I can’t stand him.

  4. oz says

    Okay!! Oriana thanks for explaining this to me. I had no idea that Matthew B. is so incompetent. I have no tolerance for men like that myself. I recently saw a movie with him in it and he played the role of a mama’s boy. The movie was called “Then She Found Me” – have you seen it? Well, if you see this movie you will really dislike Matthew Broderick. The character he plays is such a sissy LOL! It’s worth watching just for a good laugh, although the movie itself is not a comedy.

  5. lagabbergirl says

    Geesh, I just joined this site. No wonder some actors keep their kids out of the limelight. They don’t want people judging them and calling them names. It must be tough enough for kids of movie stars trying to live a normal life. But, I guess it comes with the biz.

  6. oriana says

    I have read several articles where she has spoken about how she does everything for her husband, I do think he is kind of wimpy and I think the little boy looks like his dad. However, I do think the child is very cute and did not mean to imply at all that he has the characteristics of his father. Sorry about that! And thanks to #21, b, who understood that.

    I don’t really care for Matthew for I think he should help her more than what he does. She said she is like a mother to two kids having to wait on him at home, do all the cooking, picking out his clothes and he can’t even remember to pick up dry cleaning for her. I have always liked her, and when she was with Robert Downey Jr., she stuck by him and tried to help him with his drug addiction but I guess enough was enough. I think she has a good heart and is a good person.

    She does look irritated to me in this picture and the photos are prob right in their face, pitiful!

  7. b says

    She said he “looks just like his wimpy, sissified daddy” not “he is just like his wimpy sissified daddy”. There’s a difference, #20. I think he looks mostly like his mother, who sure looks p’d off in this photo. Maybe it’s the weight of those sunglasses that are almost as big as her head…

  8. oz says

    #18 – Yes, you said he was cute. But you also labeled the child as being a wimp and a sissy just like his father. At least that was my understanding from your comment. Is that not what you meant ? You usually are such a kind and polite person Oriana, I was just shocked to hear you say something mean about a child. It’s just not like you.

  9. M says

    Good point #17, how sad that shes clad in designer wear and he looks like he walked out of a laundry pile- a trashy dirty one, mind you

  10. oriana says

    #15, Shame on me for saying he is cute? Is something wrong with you? His Dad is a Wimp, he is a Big Time Sissy, Sarah herself says she has to do everything for him, pick out his clothes, do all his errands, wait on him, so don’t get pissy with me for telling the truth!

  11. Tara says

    SJP please buy that kid some decent clothes. I know you are all about making a point that your kid is not spoiled and only wears hand me downs, but please for his own safety. He is gonna get teased to death the older he gets wearing this kind of get up. Why would you deliberately take your kid out in public like that.

  12. Jayne says

    SJP looks like she’s DRAGGING him to school; why does she look so mad??? And why does he look so upset. One has to wonder……

  13. Renee says

    Some little boys look good with long hair and some don’t. He is a cute kid but he does need a hair cut.

  14. meg says

    I agree cut the kids hair already. What is up with stars and long hair on thier little boys. I don’t get it. An Sarah would it hurt you to smile. LOL

  15. Kelli says

    LOL! He looks like Matt to me. But both of them look pretty scary in this pic. Perhaps mom was getting a bit tired of monkey business.

    Hee – I like pictures like this when everybody is just normal.

  16. Cheetah says

    Ow my i would be frightend of my own mom if she looked like jessica does right now.. someone please tell her to smill, she is scarring the kids. 😛

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