Salma Hayek & Daughter On The Set Of 30 Rock

Salma Hayek, 42, was snapped filming an episode of 30 Rock in Brooklyn, New York on Friday afternoon. Salma was accompanied on set by her little baby girl Valentina Pinault, 1. Salma and Valentina played with each other in between takes.

I seriously cannot believe that she is 42! She looks amazing!

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  1. McKEire says

    putting them on display? #’s 17, 18 & 19 -did any of you read the part where she was on set filming and these were in between takes?
    I guess she should run and cover up the second the cameras are off just to please all of you….
    also Myrna- read my previous statement, hence why Baldwin is there

  2. She's so Glitzy says

    I agree with pixiedust, that is way too much cleavage to be putting on display. I believe a little less is more.

  3. accalia says

    I don’t like SH but I do think she’s still very attractive for her age. Her daughter is a cutie.

  4. My perogative says

    4. t ….I have seen on other sites where people have adressed her as Selma too lol. Don’t worry typos are allowed. We all make them. 🙂

  5. oriana says

    One of the chubbiest babies I have ever seen and love those legs! I do love fat little babies! She is not that pretty in the face to me like some other celeb children are but she is adorable.

  6. Lyndie says

    I CANNOT get over how beautiful little Valentina is. I think she could be the cutest celeb baby out there. Her and Shiloh. GAH! Sooooo cute with those pudgy little eyes and the big doey brown eyes! And the pic where she is resting her head on her mothers chest…that is simply too adorable….AND HOW THE HECK DOES SALMA LOOK SOOOOO AMAZING!!!??? Wow…i love it.

  7. t says

    squeee! Valentina is so cute!! She looks just like my niece. Look at the boobage on Selma !!! Breast cleavage or butt cleavage, I can’t tell the difference LOL


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