Jewel's Baby Wish

Jewel, 34, and her rodeo champion husband Ty Murray eloped in August to the Bahamas and are now anxious to start a family.

“Jewel and Ty are desperately trying to have a baby right now,” according to a source. “She told her team to clear her schedule for 2009 because they are planning for a baby. She wants to also release a lullaby record next year because she has such baby fever.”

This is a change in tune for Jewel, who previously shrugged off the idea of starting a family anytime soon.

“We don’t know if there’s a point – we’ve lapped our friends who’ve gotten married and divorced,” Jewel said in the past. “We probably would if we had kids – we’re just not sure we want them yet. But we’ve had something really special already.” 

Splash News Online & Source


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