Ben Affleck & An Expectant Jennifer Garner Drop Violet Off At School

Ben and Jennifer were snapped dropping off Violet at nursery school.

Splash News Online


  1. july says

    wat a wonderful family….i tink violet wil grow up to be a normal girl like other evnthough she’s a daugther of a-listers parents…i admire jen and ben for being down to earth….gudlak….

  2. Sarah says

    While it makes me happy to see what a wonderful normal live that they’ve created for Violet, it disappoints me that the paparazzi is so determined to shatter the illusion.

  3. v ioletsky says

    He looks in shock to me, as if he didn’t realise what a zoo it was going to be to take Vi to school.

  4. phnxgirl says

    Those two have got to hate being followed all of the time. I know they are celebrities, but geeze, the kid is just being dropped off at school!

  5. Lea says

    Ben is looking mighty gorgeous I must say!!

    Hope they have a boy this time, what a beautiful family!

  6. Blair says

    I agree. This is inappropriate. I think this is crossing the line. Let the kid go to school in peace. We’ve already seen it so let’s move on.

  7. Dawn says

    What pressure to have the papparazzi outside your child’s preschool everyday. I think they need to leave them alone!

  8. accalia says

    Awww she looks so much like her mommy in this photo. She’s so darn adorable. I really don’t like Ben Affleck though.

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