Angelina Talks About Barack Obama & Her Family

Angelina opened up to the German edition of Vanity Fair about everything from politics to her newborn twins. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

On why she could be voting for Barack Obama: “Obama is fighting for international justice, he wants to intervene militarily in genocides abroad, and he wants to close down Guantanamo Bay. They are things which could move me to vote for him, not his roots. Of course, an American president like Barack Obama would be great for my family.” (On Monday, Brad carried a notebook with a Obama sticker on it.)

On why she’s proud of the USA: “I am very proud of being American, and all my children have got American passports. For me, our family is just what America is – a melting pot, a mixture of many different races and nations. My children should be proud of their Asian and African roots, but that in no way means [is] a lack of respect for the fact that they and their parents are Americans.”

On her twins Knox and Vivienne (who will be 3-months-old on Sunday!): “It’s a damned arduous business, and we are often simply whacked out because it is twice as hard with two babies as with one. But it also makes for double the fun. After we flew back from Europe, we were all suffering a bit from jetlag. We were all in bed early, but at half past four, they were awake and making a real racket… Brad took care of them. He said to me, ‘Go back to sleep, you’re back to work in the morning,’ and moved into the kids’ room with them. He is an astounding father, full of devotion… [Knox and Vivienne] have quite similar, stable rhythms. Every three hours they get hungry, then I have to satisfy them. But that’s OK, the two of them are totally sweet. When you see them, you think they were made for each other. They laugh together, they sniff each other, touch each other. It is beautiful.”

On struggling to find alone time with Brad: “Sometimes, at the end of the day, we try to retire to the bathroom to be undisturbed,” she says. “But then [the kids] hear the water running and want to come in and, yet again, we are all together. But that doesn’t disturb us because they are great kids.”

On how fame has changed motherhood for her: “I would like to have more freedom, especially to have the chance to be more spontaneous with my kids. Would I like to be able to walk through the streets with my kids? Of course. Would I like to be able to wander around Manhattan and buy them an ice cream like other mothers? Of course. But it is not possible. On the other hand, every morning I wake up with the people who are the most dear to me in the whole world. That’s why I don’t feel isolated from that, which is important to me. It helps, of course, that Brad knows all about it, but he’s experienced it even more than me. We often talk about it and try to make the best of things. But I am very grateful for our life and everything that we have.”



  1. skgh4107 says

    All women that adore Anjelina Jolie and disrespect the other women who support Jeniffer Aniston for the bitter incident are either immature or retards. They don’t know that this terrible thing has great ly to do with themselves. I’m eager to see what they say when one day another woman steals their husbands from themselves. I’m sure they will be still able to say “Oh, I love Angie! Get a life Loser!” Angelina Jolie looks like an angel in the eyes of fools. Not to me.

  2. Niloofar says


  3. SbK says

    11 and 13, did you not read what AJ said?? I’m just wondering if you are both deluded or something because when I read this article, all I could see were the words of a caring, loving and most importantly, normal mother. Why do people have to resort to being nasty? I guess they are the ones with mental issues

  4. Collette uk says

    11+13 u nasty sick vile people KEEP YOUR NASTY comments to urself why does webmistresses let u post these comments get them off PLEASE

  5. t says

    I see what some of you are saying but I also think it’s a person’s choice to choose what they see themselves as. If someone is an immigrant to the USA but sees themselves as an American they should have that choice. There is nothing wrong with being both for example, an American and a Japanese citizen. Where I am from, you can have 2 distinct citizenships. The country where you were born and the country where you reside. However, there are other countries where you can only have a citizenship if your parents were born there, otherwise you will always be an immigrant unless you marry someone that is of that culture. There are a lot of semantics when it comes to citizenship. The idea of a “melting pot” is predominantly an American dogma. I believe in the “cultural mosaic.” Adopt your new home and it’s customs but also bring into it customs and beliefs from your own ethnic background. It makes for a well rounded and tolerant individual.

  6. oriana says

    I have never understood why people call her a “fame whore”. I just don’t see that at all and I am not a big fan. I think she would love to be treated like a normal person without all the attention and I don’t think she seeks that at all. I really don’t see any comparison to Madonna that much either, to me, Madonna was so trashy and Angie had some mental hang ups that I think hurt her.

    As far as being an American and being a citizen the same thing, that is far from the same. Ask a Hawaiian born person in Hawaii, I do believe that Hawaii is part of the U.S. now? They are proud of their heritage and will say, I am an Hawaiian, same as the Samoans and other Polynesians that have obtained citizenship. They are proud of this country and love it, but their home roots are firmly planted in their minds.

    And obviously Brad and Angie think the same way, they never say Shiloh is an American when they talk about her, when do they ever say she is an American, they always name the country she was born in! Angie is proud of that fact, not that she is born of American parents.

    I personally think that everyone that is born in the U.S., born of American parents, have citizenships are Americans, but it does not take away from the fact they have another country and that is their main nationality, we are a melting pot of every country and that is what America truely is.

    I could move to Samoa and apply for citizenship, but I would NEVER be considered a Samoan, I would always be looked at as an American woman, and I would be.

  7. Tia :) says

    Shove it #13! Keep your disgusting comments to yourself! You sick sad person! I agree with #15…you’re nothing but a jealous you know what!

  8. Brangelinafan says

    Brangelinasuck (#13) is the most disgusting whore in history. She is far worse than any prostitute on your typical main street. The fact that this little twat & freak thinks she has a right to judge someone as giving and caring as Angelina Jolie is beyond reason. She is a jealous b-it-ch. Go stick your head in a toilet #13, and FLUSH!!!!!

  9. Brangelinasuck says

    Angie is the most disgusting fame whore in history. She is far worse than Madonna. The fact that people put this little twat on a pedestal is beyond on reason. Some of you freaks act as if this whore is the first woman to ever adopt, give birth or parent a child.

  10. 2teens says

    Having an American passport makes you an American citizen AND an American. There isn’t a difference.

  11. Angelina hatar sitt blonda barn says

    I believe that one of Shiloh’s future mother’s day gifts(if any) for Angelina would be a cup where it said “Worst mother…ever”…while Zahara would be sitting on her pedastal, mad look on her face (as always), stealing other people’s cheetos, punching people and acting like a queen…

  12. t says

    What is a true American anyway? It’s all relative, isn’t it? Whether you are born in the USA or you come over to live in the USA during your toddler/teens and acquire a citizenship, should you not have the same rights and freedoms just like all Americans, should you not be allowed to vote? should you not have fair and equal treatment when applying for a job? or should you be singled out and differentiated because you were not born in the USA? Should you be made to feel like a foreigner because you are not a “real” American but rather an “American Citizen?” Why so many labels? I really don’t think there is a difference.

  13. Deeds says

    When babyrazzi adds me (like that will ever happen) to thier website people will have the opportunity to critisize my lifestyle and the way I raise my children. Even then I will feel free to state my opinions on this website.

  14. oriana says

    Just because her children all have American passports does not make them Americans. It makes them American citizens. My husband has an American passport but he is a Samoan and from Samoa. She teaches the children born in their home country about their home country’s customs and that is wonderful. I hope they are all bi-lingual, that would be so beneficial for them and is a good thing.

  15. traveler says

    I don’t think she feels she needs the perfect kids. I’m sure her kids aren’t perfect. No kid is perfect. I’m kind of glad she hasn’t adopted a special needs child. I don’t think a special needs child could handle their lifestyle.

    I think she decided to have her children outside the U.S. for two reasons. 1. So as to avoid the paparazzi. Hospitals in the U.S. won’t cater to their needs as much as hospitals abroad. I totally agree with that. No one should get special treatment, but I don’t blame her for finding places that will give her that kind of treatment. She feels she’s doing what’s needed for her family. 2. So as not to make her biological children feel different as the only ones not to be born in a different country and so as not to make her adopted children feel different because they’re the only ones not born in the U.S.

    But really, who cares where she gives birth. You wouldn’t like others criticizing your choice of birthing experience and how you raise your children. Why should you treat her any different? Just enjoy looking at pictures of their adorable children and let her be.

  16. Deeds says

    If all of her children are equally American then why does she point out that some of her children are from different races and nations? Being American really isn’t the issue. I’m wondering why she prefers To have her children born in nations excluding America. If she is such a humanitarian why doesn’t she adopt a special needs child? It’s not like she can’t afford it. It’s like she must have the PERFECT boyfriend, The PERFECT children, The PERFECT life…ect. She scored on the kids, they are adorable.

  17. Kay says

    As a mother I find it impossible not to love and respect all my children equally. I am sure Angie does the same for her children.

  18. 2teens says

    ALL of her children are American. And it seems to me that she adores, loves, respects them all equally. Sheesh!

  19. Deeds says

    She doesn’t seem to have the same respect for her American children as she does the others. Maybe that’s why she has them overseas. I’m not a hater. I think her kids are so cute.

  20. Collette uk says

    Please does any1 know address i can write to ask for pic or autograph to add tn my collection

  21. Collette uk says

    Ang+brad are AMAZING such devoted caring loyal+lovin family to al the haters just jealous keep nasty comments to urselfs +im huge aj fan HUGE x

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