An Expectant Brooke Mueller Out & About

An expectant Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen’s wife) was snapped looking a little tired as she picked up some groceries in Los Angeles. Brooke, 31, bought a classic bottle of coke and drank it as she walked across the car park and she was clearly in a great mood as she smiled in the afternoon sun. After spotting the photographers she laughed and commented that she had no make up on where upon she waved, got into her car and drove off.

Reportedly, Charlie and Brooke boosted their chances of conceiving a baby boy by undergoing a fertility procedure dubbed ‘sperm spinning.’ After fathering three daughters – Sam and Lola with ex-wife Denise Richards and Cassandra with ex-girlfriend Paula Profit – Charlie is desperate for a son. According to the National Enquirer, the pair paid to have the Charlie’s X and Y sperm separated, and Brooke was inseminated with just the Y sperm, giving their chances of having a son an 80 per cent boost. And a source close to the couple claims it worked. Charlie himself hinted that Brooke is carrying a boy, when he announced her pregnancy in August, by saying, “Brooke informed me two days ago that very soon we’d be producing our own version of (his hit U.S. TV show) Two-and-a-Half Men.” But Charlie insists he’s not bothered if the baby is a boy or a girl – as long as it’s healthy. In a recent interview, Charlie said, “Ultimately, we just want a healthy child. We know everyone says that, but it’s the truth.”

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  1. whoami says

    I leave the house looking a million times worse than that every day. In fact, I’m at work right now and I look worse. thank god I am not famous and no one cares. cut this (pregnant!) woman some slack.

  2. catcat says

    I’m waiting for the near-future People magazine cover story: “Brooke and Charlie’s Sudden Split.”

  3. phnxgirl says

    Even though Charlie has three girls, what if Brooke maybe wanted a little girl of her own? Plus to spend that money to MAYBE produce a boy, kind of silly, but some people really want a boy, or really want a girl and they will do anything to make that happen.

  4. TDot says

    Wow, how is this child going to feel if its a girl??? “you’re father even took out all the girl sperm, and you still turned out to be a girl” thats a nice piece of informaion to know as a child…but hten he goes on to be politcally correct and say “but as long as its healthy…….but really I want a boy…but as long as its healthy…” IDIOTS!!

  5. samsmom says

    Yikes, what an unflattering picture and an unfortunate dress! Maybe next time she will try a bit harder.

  6. Midge says

    Sorry – I meant to say – sometimes a girl just DOESN’T feel like getting ready to go out. Getting interrupted by a 5 year old can cause one to omit words in a sentence. 🙂

  7. Midge says

    I find it hard to believe any of this seeing as how it was reported by the National Enquirer. And, who cares what she looks like. I didn’t look like a princess every day I went out when I was pregnant. Sometimes a girl just feel like getting ready to go out. Give the gal a break.

  8. Jayne says

    Everyone wants what they can’t have– what a shame for this pair. And, OMG she just looks plain worn out and terrible.

  9. Lauren says

    That’s sad that they’re doing all these ridiculous measures to guarantee having a boy. I would be happy with either sex! Sheesh

  10. BeccaJane says

    That’s really sad that they went to that extreme to have a boy. What if it’s a girl? They should just be grateful for whatever they are given and hope for a healthy baby rather than a specific gender.

  11. anonymous says

    She looks the same – with or without make-up. But that hideous frock, paired with grammy boots — that’s exactly how I’d leave the house -ha!
    I’ve been pregnant before – but I still looked in the mirror before going anywhere – this woman could use one.

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