Katie & Suri Out & About In NYC

Katie Holmes and Suri were snapped enjoying a fun mother-daughter day out in NYC.

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  1. Eli says

    The look on Suri’s face used under the headline screams, “Mom, get me to the bathroom quick. I’ve got a turtle head poking outta my butt”

  2. says

    I think she’s absolutely adorable!! You all wanted to see her on her feet and she is!! If you look really closely I think the sweater on the duck might actually be hers….I have three strong willed children and it’s hard to get them to wear their jackets (and shoes) sometimes too!!! I think Katie like all first time parents probably doesn’t want Suri to make a scene when they are out and about and so caters to Suri so she looks happy for the photos!!

  3. Renee says

    Suri is cute and it looks like maybe this time she is at least having a little fun, like all two year olds should.

  4. samsmom says

    I agree that Suri should be wearing a jacket of some sort.
    The interesting thing is, even in the summer time, Katie would be wearing a sweater or jacket when others were dressed for warmer weather. I wonder if she is trying to hide a baby bump or if she is just cold all the time due to poor health. Just a thought.

  5. oriana says

    She looks cute in pigtails. She is very cute and always looks like she is happy with her mother.

  6. Clare says

    Webmistress, there are cuter pictures where Suri is skipping, smiling and laughing. I love these too. She has some energy that gal.

  7. accalia says

    The 3rd pic is adorable. Katie looks really nice with her hair like that. This family is still one of my favourites. I love Suri’s dress. Very cute.

  8. says

    She’ s finally off the bottle. Thank God, it took about a year and some. Katie’s always dressed so homely and her haircut looks like a little boy. I like the katie before Tom better. Brangelina is my favorite hollywood couple they’re more realistic.

  9. Bethany says

    haha….more Suri pics. Katie looks good with her hair like that, but it cracks me up that the duck stuffed animal is wearing a matching sweater like hers. And it IS strange to me that she is all bundled up, but Suri is dressed for warm weather. “Put a sweater on the DUCK, not my own kid!” Gah!

  10. colle says

    Today on the Suri website we see Suri running. Big story of the day as usual around here. Mom is dressed warm and Suri is out again for a tan as they make they way to the cameras. Must be the only “celebrities” in NYC anymore. At least around here, they are the only family photographed 10 million times. How about taking the kid to a library already?

  11. ELIE TAYLOR says

    First we see Suri wearing expensive mary jane
    shoes to go bowling in.. and now she is dressed casual… running down the street..

    Well the world wanted to see Suri walking and now she is… The top photo she looks a lot like TOM.. So where is Victoria Beckham and all her friends she seems to be with just the family

  12. Selena says

    Poor Suri, the kid has no childhood with all those paparazzi tracing them everywhere….

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