Angelina Breastfeeding On The Cover Of W Magazine

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie welcomed twins, Knox and Vivienne, almost three months ago. The November issue of W magazine features Angelina breastfeeding one of her babies on the cover and includes 21 pictures all shot by Brad while the family was holed up in France’s Château Miraval.

Below are some highlights from the very revealing interview:

• Brad and Angelina plan to add at least one more child to their brood.

• Vivienne is “sturdier” and “more demanding” than her more “chill” and music-loving brother Knox, which makes him just like his dad.

• Angelina has no intention of raising the kids in just one spot. “If you tell them we’re getting on a plane tomorrow, they’re all excited to pack their bags, and if you say we’re not coming back for months, they won’t bat an eye.”

• Brad and Angelina’s bedroom is the family’s favorite hangout, but Angelina has trained the kids to knock before entering. “We’ve got that part down. Because Mommy and Daddy need some space.”

• Angelina had a hard time kicking her pregnancy diet of Hot Pockets, french fries and ice cream, but she has found the strength to go on with regular food deliveries from a Berlin department store.

• Brad is a saint. When the kids were suffering from their jet-set lifestyle—nonstop travel will do that to you—he took care of them and let her sleep. “He’s an amazing father: totally devoted,” she gushes.

• Finally, Angelina will only date artistic types like Brad, Billy Bob and Jonny Lee because “they’re a very talkative and expressive bunch”: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

W Magazine


  1. clara says

    I feel bad that there are women who are picked on by not breastfeeding and I feel bad that women let breastfeeding limit them and keep them indoors. Let’s look at this rationally, without emotion. NOTHING shows when most women nurse, the very few that “let it all hang out”, who cares about them? Anywhere a bottle can be used, so should a mother freely breastfeed discreetly. Its no big deal, its normal.

  2. Jill says

    I’m sorry too, if I came across as mad. Nursing moms have just irritated me so much (not you) thinking that they’re higher and mightier than women that choose to formula feed like myself and it gets old. I mean you’d think I’m hurting my child by giving him formula. There are a lot worse things in the world. My son who is 7 months old has always had healthy reports at the Doctor (knock on wood 🙂 ) he weighs almost 18 lbs and he’s over 27 inches long. Does he sound unhealthy to you? I’m 32 and I was also formula fed and I haven’t had any sickness requiring surgery, my blood results have been negative, and I’m still doing well…again knock on wood. 🙂 However, I hear from breastfed moms that their kids are constantly sick so I constantly wonder why breastfeeding is so great.

  3. Jill says

    Amber- don’t be sorry- but don’t make it seem to be an okay thing for women to let their breasts hang out and don’t make it seem like I’m saying that your child doesn’t need nourishment. That’s what you turned it into- that’s what all of you turn it into…I’m just saying.

  4. Amber says

    Ok, Jill, sorry you feel that way. I have no other response for you. You are welcome to your opinion.

  5. Collette uk says

    Num 55 sorry it wasnt in w mag it was oct 5 interview when she premiere of changling saying she b feedin twin stil

  6. Collette uk says

    55 hi in another article clip of her on babyrazzi she says stil feeding them+it article out of w mag x x

  7. lagabbergirl says

    I LOVE knowing that actors breastfeed, and always wondered if they did or did they straight go to formula b/c of their lifestyles.So, now we are hearing more of bfing actors. I don’t think she is trying to ‘show off’, but promote bfing.

  8. oriana says

    I don’t know too much about her first husband except he is cute! Ha! As for BBT, he is a genius to me, a good ole boy and yes, he did write SlingBlade and did an excellent job acting in it. He is musical, does play in a band and I think he is a pretty honest straight forward person. He has some weird hangups but so do a lot of people that aren’t artists. I am not surprised at all that she remains friends with them, and I do think she will stay with Brad from now on out, for a long time I thought she would dump him along the way but they seem to have a good loving and communicating relationship between them. Poor Brad though, he needs to get some rest! Looking a little tired to me!

  9. Lisa says

    I would of never breastfed my daughter in a public place, nor have pictures of me breastfeeding out in the public. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but when you choose to breastfeed it should be understood that it does burden your time scheduling . I guess if you are comfortable exposing yourself to perfect strangers, go for it. Guess what, not everyone wants to see you breastfeed even women like myself who breastfed their own children.

  10. t says

    Oh boy! then you ladies are in for a real treat. If you go onto YouTube and search for extended breastfeeding, you will find a video clip of a mother in the UK still breastfeeding her 8-year daughter. It’s perversely sick and makes my skin crawl. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, I personally found it shocking.

  11. traveler says

    That’s just wrong. No kid should still be nursing at 3 years old. For god sake’s, they should be in pre-school at that age!

  12. clara says

    Jill, I won’t stoop to your level, Although it does appear you may need some therapy 🙂

    Its very easy to nurse without a blanket, I can latch my baby on without anyone seeing, I do it all while lifting up my shirt and blocking my breast as the baby’s head blocks the rest. When he is on, my shirt goes all the way to the top of his head, no breast is seen ever. In fact, I am way more self conscious of my stomach showing–at least my breast still looks like a breast. After 4 kids, my stomach looks like a train ran over it.

    I have people stop and talk to me and never realize I am nursing. I sometimes use my sling if the baby is too tiny to latch on well. So few people are really “mental” about the sight of a breast that I think very little of what adults think, its about a baby’s needs. But of course, most of you use probably use bottles and pacifiers & make your life harder b/c nursing in public is too hard.

  13. Arianna's Mummy says

    Where I am from it is legal for women to walk around topless if they want, so really if they are breastfeeding, and generally covered up when they do, except for possibly a small amount of breast being visible, that you really don’t see unless you are looking for it, then I don’t see what can be offensive about it! The only time I have ever felt that breastfeeding in public was a tiny bit offensive was when I was at a grocery store and a woman was carrying her three year old in a sling with her breast hanging out and feeding him well she grocery shopped, though that could be for a number of reasons, the main one being I don’t think kids should still be being breast fed at three!

  14. M says

    Jill you have anger problems. Im guessing you have no friends, you dont socialise, sex is a boring routine. You dont know what make up is and you dont own a skirt or a dress or anything feminine for that matter.
    Whenever your on this blog you type like a mad person- angry and critical.
    Do me favour be happy and smoke up some love!!!

  15. Jill says

    Amber- shut the hell up! Don’t make me look like the bad one just because I don’t want to see your breasts. If I was really into that, I’d go to a whore bar. Why is it that friends of mine can breast feed where you can’t see any of their breast but it seems hard for you? If that’s your attitude why wear a shirt ever? I can’t stand people like you. Why do you feel stupid with a blanket over you? …”don’t look if it offends you….”..typical response. You are so extreme. Of course your baby needs to eat. Don’t make it into that. I never said ANYTHING about that.

  16. Amber says

    Jill, you don’t need a blanket to be discreet. I feel stupid with a blanket over my baby and feel that it makes it hard for him to breathe.

    I would wear a nursing camisole under my shirts so that my stomach wasn’t exposed which to me is more offensive. i don’t want people seeing my fat rolls. But anyways, then the cami covered my stomach and my top layer was pulled up covering my chest but if anyone saw a little of my breast, so freaking what? I don’t get the big deal. My baby NEEDS to eat, which trumps anyone elses desires… don’t look if it offends you.

  17. evelyn says

    she looks so beautiful she is looking at the man she loves and there is hardly any of her breast showing there are so many woman in hollywood showing more breast than that and its not feeding a child

  18. Jill says

    Also, we’re not offended by the fact that you want to nourish your children, we’re offended by the fact that you want to display your breasts.If you do it by accident, OK. If you have the attitude like “I’m breastfeeding my child and people jsut have to accept that my breasts will hang out, then you’re wrong.

  19. Jill says

    #48- how do you nurse discreetly without a blanket? I’m just curious. Also, why don’t you have a blanket? Are they too expensive? I mean a 3 pack is what, $5.00?

  20. clara says

    People, her body is not showing at all in this pic! People are so weird in America! This is still not a breastfeeding culture or nobody would care, even if a nipple shows, who cares? Sometimes people aren’t trying to make a statement about nursing or be exhibitionists, they are just trying to feed their babies, And some babies would prefer to look at their moms instead of a blanket.

    I’m glad I ignored people who were “offended” by breastfeeding. I nurse discreetly, but without a blanket, I nurse everywhere and in 8 straight years of nursing I’ve only had 30 periods. Its good for mom & baby.

  21. oriana says

    I think that she has no qualms with showing her body and she clearly loves her children and does the best by them. I am not a huge fan, but I have to say that Brad and Angie are a true and loving family. I do think this picture should have been reserved for them privately and not shown to the public, it is intimate and very lovely but some things need to be kept within the family. She is beautiful with or without makeup and I am glad she is finally getting some happiness and peace since the loss of her mother.

  22. hitherdither says

    I agree #44. She’s shown her whole body in movies. We all know what she looks like naked.

  23. M says

    PS: Im quite conservative, but she has hardly got her entire breast out on display. Shes shown more of her boobs on the red carpet.

  24. M says

    Breast feeding is natural, but it isnt easy for everyone. I found it very hard to do. At one point because of PND and not being able to relax and allowing the ‘let down prcoess’ to take place, i would bleed with the trickle of milk.

    The easy way out is to bottle feed and i was always understood that celebs would bottle feed- how else do they loose all their weight. Mid-wives are always telling new mums to eat to provide milk. You cant diet and exclusively breastfeed.

  25. hitherdither says

    Hhmm…last paragraph a little disturbing….. Finally, Angelina will only date artistic types like Brad, Billy Bob and Jonny Lee because “they’re a very talkative and expressive bunch”: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” What does that mean? (will) only date? Is she not finished? Then………When the kids were (suffering) from their jet-set lifestyle—nonstop travel will do that to you—So, seems the kids are tired of traveling. A contradiction here about them being excited. Of course, kids do get tired even on a few hours trip. Can you imagine all the crankines going on in that household when they get off a plane after long trips to everywhere? Angie better be glad she found Brad cause not too many men would do what he does.

    Then, if Brad took all these pictures at home (on one site said his private collection) why show them in a magazine if not for the money? I just don’t understand these two. I’m trying to like them but some of the things they do is irksome to me.

  26. accalia says

    #39 Maybe because in the interview, they asked her!
    She is happy with wast she has. So stupid…..

  27. deb says

    But why bring dating artists up? Why bring up past relationships? Can’t she just be happy with what she has?

  28. jinni says

    Billy bob is in a rock band and he wrote (I think) and starred in the acclaimed movie” Slingblade.” So that’s what she talking about.

  29. coco says

    yeah Deb that struck me as odd too! She should have not mentioned “date” but rather “relationship”…and what is so artistic about Billy Bob? Does she mean that she would only date actors?

  30. Renee says

    I can not claim to know much about Brad and Angelina, except for the fact that I think they are good actors. You can never beleive what you read in a magazine or hear on tv with all the editing and what not. But here is one thing I do know, by the powers of observation. There are now three children in this world who will not grow up in a orphanage, in poverty, eating next to nothing, and dying from diseases and broken hearts from lack of parental love. For that Brad and Angelina I respect and admire you. You have a beautiful blended family.

  31. deb says

    did anyone else get the mention of dating
    “Finally, Angelina will only date artistic types like Brad, Billy Bob and Jonny Lee because “they’re a very talkative and expressive bunch”: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.””

    Does this mean she is planning on dumping Brad and is looking for another artistic type?
    Why even bother bringin up her type in the article?

  32. coco says

    I doubt that AJ is still breastfeeding. This photo was taken back in August. It is now October. AJ is running around with the other children now. If she were still breastfeeding she would have the twins with her. There is also the possibility that she has pumped and the nanny is feeding the infants at home. Either way, I do recall that she did a similar photo shoot when Shiloh was born and she was breastfeeding Shiloh in the photo. That’s AJ’s style. She has no qualms about showing her body. I don’t think she will be the kind of person to practice extended breastfeeding. Her career is too demanding and she is all over the place. The infants are probably already weaned by now.

  33. Marie says

    I love this picture. As much ss i loved seeing their pictures in people, they were for the most part posed. How do you act completely natural with a stranger in the room taking your picture. A snap shot like this is a glimpse into their real life. She looks amazingly blissfully happy. And yes, breastfeeding does need to be promoted. Yes it does seems natural to a lot of us. I nursed my last one for 15 months, but there are countless women that don’t even consider it. So yes, promote promote promote. It’s absolutely the best thing you can do for your baby.

    Also, I am sure Brad and Angelina have good reasons for releasing the pictures. I would think one good reason is to tame the papparazzi. If they release them, perhaps they will lay off for a while .

  34. Maria says

    She looks pretty. But is it just me?……………Her lips look abnormally HUGE in this picture!!!!!!!!! She looks like that girl beatnik muppet with the gigantic mouth. Remember?

  35. Jill says

    I do a natural thing by delivering a baby through my vajayjay- can I go around without any panties on? Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be somewhat discreet especially when you’re dealing with breasts. People go from one extreme to the other. They go from letting their breast hang out to going to the bathroom to do it. C’mon dummies, use some common sense. Ever heard of a receiving blanket? How hard is it to do that? I think it’s extremely rude for women to flaunt their breasts for everyone to see. And they’re not doing it to promote breast feeding. They’re doing it for shock value and to challenge anyone who doesn’t want to see. And told tell me “Well, you don’t have to look!” Well, if your breast is right there it’s human nature to look. If showing your breasts wasn’t a sexual thing, then how come there are topless bars? I’m not against breast feeding, but I believe the breasts are also a sexual, erotic organ.

  36. Collette uk says

    Clare keep ur nasty comments to urself if u dnt like her fine but she got alot devoted fans me for 1

  37. Collette uk says

    Hope w mag is out uk 2 amazing beautiful pic u cnt see anything +it wonderful she feeding them herself i love ang she gorg

  38. says

    I can’t wait to see Viv and Knox. I can’t wait to buy the magazine. I think it’s kinda a jiff for them to sell their first pics to People for $ 14 million, and them to give pics to W magazine for basically free.

  39. Just me says

    I personally think it’s a beautiful picture and nothing to be offended by.
    HOWEVER, I had to laugh when I saw the title on the cover, “Brad shares PRIVATE photo of Angelina.” I agree with a lot of you on here, this should have been left in the family album. For a couple who leaves the country to have their children in private, we’ve sure been seeing a lot of them lately.

  40. Amber says

    Some people need to get a life…Man I wish I had the time to sit here and talk so much crap about people they “think” they know.

    If breastfeeding doesn’t need promotion, then why are breastfeeding rates so low? Not like a celebrity is going to influence people. It is a beautiful picture. You see no more than what half the women flaunt on the street. That is the problem with the US. Such a double standard. It is ok to show cleavage but a woman nursing….that’s obscene.

  41. clara says

    Its funny how its always women who get shocked by another woman breastfeeding in public. I love this picture & I am not a Brangelina fan at all. I love the fact that there is no goofy “hooter hider” or blanket on the baby’s head. When you are nursing twins and when you are nursing newborns properly, there is rarely a time when one baby is not on the breast, so I think the pic is very real.

  42. says

    If these pictures are too racy then maybe all nursing mothers should be delegated to public bathrooms. Afterall you can buy the magazine or not by choice we can’t avoid publically breastfeeding mothers in malls and restaurants, etc.

    I believe some people would be complaining if she was using a bottle that she wasn’t breastfeeding.

    With all the magazine covers to gripe about of naked and nearly naked people for example, I can’t believe this one could be considered so harshly

  43. JIll says

    Promoting breastfeeding? Why does that need to be promoted? I thought it was a natural thing that women don’t need to be told. Why would Angelina’s breast hanging out promote someone to breastfeed? What a stupid argument.

  44. cookie says

    releasing this kind photo is so typical angie. while most of think the picture is too intimate, she releases it and makes us here to talk and to share our opinions how she should have put it in to a family album and kept it there. i don’t think she is searching for attention… it’s just the way she is, always a bit controversial…. she gets attention anyway, whether her breasts are covered or not, and she takes advantage of it. i wouldn’t be surprised to see her naked in a cover of a magazine (not playboy though, that’s only for b-class hollywood tarts with no personality) but she’d make it to get the attention for something/-body else than herself. i really admire her having such a personality, being a contoroversial rebel and a warm and loving mother, and for her great beauty, both inside and outside.

  45. accalia says

    Angelina said that Knox looks like Brad and Viv looks more like her. They must be so adorable, can’t wait to see them. Does any one else think that Angelina looks so much like her mother in this photo?

  46. accalia says

    You people can drive someone insane. Anyone who is still talking about Brad and Jen needs to get over it already! Jeez. I love Brangelina. And for those who are stating that even if they adopt that doesn’t make them good parents. Oh please, these children look so happy and well cared for, that should not even be questioned. Those two factors are the most important. And for those who think they donate millions to charity for fame and attention (which I certainly do not) at least they are giving money to people who are less fortunate and making the world a better place for some, unlike many other stuck up celebs who could care less about the world around them. Point is who cares why they are doing it, at least they are. Brangelina seems genuinely generous and kindhearted to me.Angelina really does sound grounded. She seems like she loves being a mom and I think it’s obvious . In her interviews where she gushes about Brad and her beautiful children she sounds extremely grateful and doesn’t seem to take anything for granted. The way i see it, that is what makes her so down to earth. In any case, Angelina is probably so distracted with her beautiful family, she doesn’t care one bit about all the negative things people say about them. Oh and finally, last time I checked Brad didn’t give the pictures to the magazine, he took them for the magazine. (of course, i could be wrong)

    I love this pic! She looks simply beautiful. Can’t wait to see pics of the twins and the rest of the family. Awww look at those fingers! Her entire look in this picture is different and that is most likely because Brad is the photographer (someone she loves) ! Very sweet. Love Brangelina 🙂

  47. ryansmom33 says

    It amazes me the way people seem to think that they know both of these people. You have no idea their motivation behind what they do. You don’t have to read articles pertaining to them. And to just trash talk people calling them names etc, in all honestly really does nothing for your crediability.

    Do you know the reasons behind the break up of Brad and Jen, no you don’t. You ASSUME that you do.

    Do you know they got paid for these pics? No you don’t. Do you know what they are doing with the money if they did? No you don’t.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard either one of them say anything about privacy. They deserve to have some place to go to not be hounded. Everyone does. But they seem very public to me.

    And the fact that they take their kids with them when they travel? What’s wrong with that? Are the kids happy and healthy? They sure seem that way. I would think that as a parent that would be the only thing that matters.

  48. Clare says

    She is not promoting breast feeding. There are magazines where that kind of thing is done. She is promoting her movie saying the same private things over and over again. She is white trash and has always been. She would sell her soul for fame. She broke up a marriage because it made her more famous. She adopts and does charity for fame.

    They were paid for these pictures. If she was promoting breast feeding, why accept payment for the picture? Why do you release intimate photos when you have a movie to promote. I hope they don’t cry privacy ever again.

    I am so angry with these people. They are too trashy and cheap for words.

  49. M says

    II agree with Neena, maybe she’s promoting breastfeeding, which isn’t always done by celebrities. I actually love the way her family travels with her, would it be better if she left the kids in a boarding school or a permanent nanny?
    Her kids are learning about different cultures, people and way of life, by travelling around the world. Especially as her children are from different parts of the world and she needs to ensure that they are concurrent with that.

  50. Candy says

    I love tha pic…i wish we could see more pics for the twins…I admire them both…& wish for them a happy life

  51. Neena says

    I think she released these to encourage women to breastfeed. some women just think ‘I’ll lose my looks if I do it”. she is trying to prove you can do the thing that is the very best for the baby and the mother and look great at the same time.

    BTW i don’t like these two. they use their kids a lot to make money. this scares me a little. and as ali said, just cause they adopt too much it doesn’t make them good parents.

  52. Ann says

    I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding. But I just think that this pic is way too private to be released to the public. You cannot compain about the paps when you release pics like this. It basically means that nothing is sacred to you in terms of privacy.

  53. ali says

    just because they adopt heaps of kids doesnt make them good parents! of course, i think its wonderful that they do adopt children from poorer circumstances but at the end of the day, that doesn’t define a good parent or a good person. I also like the fact that they have nanny’s but make sure that their kids are never photographed with them…

  54. emmauk says

    If you havent got anything nice to say, why bother saying anything at all. They are a beautiful family living life the way they want. Your all so judgemental. Get a life

  55. Fly On The Wall says

    Lovely photograph. I see three little fingers. Looks like the baby is making a peace sign. 🙂

  56. cheers4workingmoms says

    It is a pretty picture but I do see this as poor judgment on Brad and Angelina – these pictures should be saved for their family album not for the whole world to see, in my opinion. It seems that these two have an insatiable appetite for attention –anybody’s attention.

  57. Jill says

    Pretty picture- but what exactly is it trying to prove? I think we all know that women can breastfeed.

  58. WasWendy says

    These two are such publicity hounds, yet they go to Europe to have their children, claiming invasion of privacy.

  59. t says

    For somebody that has such an unhealthy diet (french fries, ice cream, hot pockets), I’m amazed at how she is able to keep so slim.

  60. mommy-of-two-girls says

    that’s a very lovely picture.
    i don’t think that moving around so much is good for the kids.

  61. no name says

    ok, l do admire them both for their energy and family life commitment but……… why this constant moving their kids around, l just dont get it. ln twenty years time, they are going to be confused where they grew up maybe l’m an old fashioned Brit!!


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