Tom, Katie & Suri Head Out For Some Bowling

Tom, a stylish Katie and Suri were snapped heading to Chelsea Piers for some fun family bowling.

I can’t believe those heels…impressive!

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  1. Clare says

    I love Tomkat. By the way, those are Roger Vivier Shoes. They were custome made for Suri. No crocs for this fashionista. If you think am joking, they confirmed that to people magazine. I guess it is a small present for the publicity she did for them holding that shoe for Katie back in May.

    Love them.

  2. b says

    Tom & Katie=media w*h*o*r*e*s. They’re seeking the attention. You rarely see photos of more classy celebs’ children. They care more about their children having as close to normal a life as possible than in getting attention by toting their hapless child everywhere.

    Poor little Sushi, out without a coat again. She’s probably as much hiding from the photographers as sleepy because maybe it’s time for her nap.

  3. Anonymous says

    I can’t understand why they constantly parade that poor child in front of the photographers. Don’t any of you think for one minute this isn’t orchestrated. Remember when she was born, no photographs for months, so those two are capable of keeping her undercover. Is it publicity for Tom’s sagging career? Pathetic!

  4. Fly On The Wall says

    WTF is the matter with these parents? 60 degrees in NYC and they can’t put a jacket on that child?

  5. Tia :) says

    Everyone know’s i can’t stand Tom or Katie…but what’s wrong with the way Suri is dressed? As a child, I barely remember wearing pants. I loved wearing dresses. I dress my daughter up as well. Who cares?

  6. Star says

    Leather, skin tight pants and mega high heels do not look so nice together.
    … Bowling? For a 2 yr old? Okay… Whatever!

  7. colle says

    Can we all chip in and buy this poor kid a winter coat? Mom & Dad only worry & shop for themselves!

  8. ann says

    Tom and Katie dressed up Suri like a dolls it is not natural, the cold day Suri dressed like summer, what happened this family?

  9. accalia says

    I love this family regardless of what everyone says. And i absolutely love Katie’s shoes!

  10. meg says

    This family is gorgeous (minus Tom).
    I love Katie and Suri,I guess Katie would
    have been
    happier with some other guys.

  11. Vic says

    GOD!!!!! I’m sooooooo sick of seeing this bunch of muppets everytime I come on this website. ENOUGH of the TomKat’s!!! The pics are all the same, just different outfits on….WHO CARES IF THEY’RE GOING BOWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kat says

    Candy’s comment pretty much sums up why I prefer Celebrity Baby Blog more than Babyrazzi.

    Stop critising other people’s parenting!!!!!

  13. Melinda says

    Tom is every so lucky! He better treat Katie right…And, little Suri is a sweetie in every way!
    Tom if you can hear me, please be a descent man to the 2 special women in your life. I don’t mean to be so hard on the guy, I know he’s trying.
    So, please, just forget about it!

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