Tom Cruise & Suri In NYC

Tom Cruise was snapped leaving his NYC apartment with Suri.

Splash News Online


  1. Kay says

    No kidding! Of all the celebrites around why do we have to see so many photos of Suri and the Brangelina brood?

  2. Bethany says

    Is this site about celebrity children, or all about TomKat and Suri? Good grief, pictures of somebody else please!

  3. says

    just out of interset does anybody know who connor ans isabella live with as dont really see them with either parents anymore?

  4. ALICE says

    I actually think she mostly needs to be dressed like a KID, not like a doll all the time, and to get her hair cut!!!!!

  5. SbK says

    I LOVE that dress. I bet she is cold though, its not fair to dress your children in just a little dress when you’re wearing jeans and a jumper. She needs a pair of tights and a cardi

  6. Candy says

    she looks sweet..but everybody around here wearing jackets ,coats ,etc…& her with that dress..i bet this girl always having flu

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