Nicole Kidman's Daughter Is Reading The Encyclopedia!

(In the above pic Nicole was snapped holding Sunday Rose as she left her sister Antonia’s residence on August 7th in Sydney, Australia)

Nicole Kidman’s baby girl is very advanced!

“She is smiling. She is reading the encyclopedia!” Nicole joked to Us magazine about three-month-old daughter Sunday Rose, at Elle magazine’s 15th Annual Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills on Monday.

“It’s lovely to be part of the celebration,” Nicole told Us magazine. “I have been having a baby and down in Tennessee so to step back into all of this is a bit of a shock. I think when you have been away from it, you appreciate it more so I have a lot of appreciation and gratitude.”

Nicole also shared about playing matchmaker.

Nicole revealed that she wants her daughter to wed fellow Aussie actor Russell Crowe’s son Tennyson.

“We had a play date probably about a month ago and we were like, ‘These two would be really cute together,’ They were born on the same day [two years apart],” Nicole told Extra.

Russell confessed to Extra the night before, … “I think Nicole sees that as a form of destiny and she’s ready to do deal now.”

Nicole opened up to the November issue of Elle about being a mother at age 41.

“At 41, it’s more of a painful love. I look at that little girl, and I’m like, ‘Oh, no, what’s going to happen?’ It’s almost like my heart is stretching; I’m feeling all the muscles stretch with emotion. It’s a beautiful love, but there’s a lot of fear and pain for her life, and for Bella’s and Connor’s life.

“I like to believe that nothing was stopping Sunday from coming into the world,” she added.

“When it comes to my kids, I’m just like a lioness,” Nicole said. “I’m like, ‘No one gets near my babies! That’s why we chose not to sell photos of her. We just want to have our little cocoon.”



  1. Melinda says

    Where are all these nasty, negative comments coming from? It’s refreshing to read positive stories about Actors/Actresses…Plus, this is about their babies!!! Can’t you guys be a little more descent with your comments? #8 Lauren made a wonderful comment, so why can’t you people take a hint? Nicole is a shy, reserved person to begin with. Most likely, her comments sounded “choppy” due to that reason. I respect her for what she says about her children

  2. Lauren says

    I bet Sunday is a cutie. I’m sure Keith and Nicole will show off Sunday when they feel the time is right.

  3. says

    She said “when it comes to my kids” and “no one gets near my babies”. Kids and babies is plural.

    No she doesn’t owe us a view of her baby any more than your butcher, dentist or any other person of whom you purchase a service or product. You are only owed the product; in this case the movie you pay to see. Not her family.

  4. Kay says

    Why doesn’t she show us her baby? We go to her movies and help put food on her table and then some, so she should at least let her fans see the baby! Right?

  5. no name says

    Youv’e had a baby, quite a natural thing Nicole.-actually thought my heart was going to explode during birth, not after.

  6. Star says

    The excerp is hard to understand. The quotes seem to taken out of context and the reading is choppy. Ex. Nicole’s quote about Tennessee and having a baby all in one sentence doesn’t make sense. Also, about her being 41 and worrying about her children and about “painful love” — it’s hard to follow. Maybe it’s because she’s Australian but her 2 quotes just don’t flow smoothly.

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