1. mommy-of-two-girls says

    very beautiful picture. i love how real it is. and henry is absolutely adorable.

  2. kf (uk) says

    she looks just like a mum does look in those 1st weeks, a lovely picture, Minnie looks quite content

    Baby is just gorgeous!

  3. sam says

    i just love how normal minnie looks in this pic – her house looks untidy, she looks knackered, just what those first few weeks/months are about, nothing else matters except bonding with your baby. Wish more celebs could take this approach instead of having glamour shots taken and photos airbrushed which can make us mere mortals feel pretty shappy!
    on ya minnie

  4. no name says

    Takes me back 22 years ago similar photo taken with my son. Congrats Minnie, enjoy himhe will be the best thing to have happened in your life as my son.

  5. samsmom says

    He is so precious! I just love to look at a sleeping baby. They are so beautiful when they sleep!
    I love her bright and cheery kitchen too.

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