Angelina With Zahara, Pax & Shiloh In New Orleans

Angelina was snapped out for a stroll with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in New Orleans.

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  1. lagabbergirl says

    These kids look fine to me. You have to think that maybe she lets them pick out their own clothes for the sake of it. My son is 3 1/2 and we let DS pick out his own clothes for the sake of his feeling of independence….He has worn a Power Rangers pajama shirt out in public against his dad’s wishes, and of course always mismatches his clothes, but SO WHAT..he got dressed all by himself.

  2. oriana says

    The kids look like normal dressed kids, they all look fine. I do agree Pax could use a haircut and I have never seen so many celeb kids in my life that have their thumbs in their mouths so much! I do see her with that long black dress on, maybe she will be more cheerful now with the two babies and will be happy. I know she has a hand full with all of them.

  3. Amber says

    Who gives a rat’s ass if they dress up. She has 6 kids….not one like Suri’s parents. THey seem to have lots of love, that’s what counts.

  4. t says

    What is wrong with Shiloh’s t-shirt saying “destroyer?” I came across a pair of black baby booties recently that had a white skull and cross bones on them and they were not part of a Halloween costume…I thought they were cute! I almost wished that I had a baby so that I could buy them.

  5. Lauren says

    Shi looks so much like Brad! I wonder who Viv and Knox will resemble as they get older. Pax and Z are getting so big too! 🙂

  6. k says

    oh goodness…the kids look fine. people are too judgemental about the little things. maybe they were on the way to a playground? kids don’t LIKE to dress up. or they could have picked those clothes out themselves.

  7. M says

    True not ALL look like street urchins… I would like to retract my previous statement…lol Pax looks like a street urchin. Give that boy a haircut and clothing that doesn’t look like it previously stored potato’s in it.

  8. Julie says

    Yes Lyndie #15 was removed and no Lyndie you are not #15 you are #16 Blair is #15. Everyone’s not talking about you you missed the post they be talking about.

  9. Lyndie says

    Im going to assume that since I myself wrote a message to poster #15 saying get a life….and now MY post actually IS #15…

    the real must #15 has been removed. cuz none of my message was sick or horrible as people keep saying…i was like why is everyone calling me sick? i just said that they were cute!

  10. Bella says


  11. Star says

    I noticed Shiloh’s T-shirt says etiher “Destroy/s” or “Destroying”. Nice shirt for a little girl (or any little kid for that matter) to wear!

  12. Jordyn says

    If this crew were walking down the street I’d ask them to hold out their homeless can a little further so I could donate money to them. I like Angelina, but they look really shabby here!

  13. Katie Lynn Pitt says

    I am related to the joile-pitts on my dads side and the kingston rosedale on my moms

  14. justanothermom says

    OK After Reading all these posts I Had to post a comment on here. Considering that Angie has soo many children I Am Surprised she finds the time to get herself around for the day. As for the kids they look fine! Their Just kids ,they look like normal dressed kids to me. Whats wrong with the way their dressed? or Angie? How many of us Moms Dress up or dress our kids up just to go for a stroll or walk in the neighborhood c’mon people!! We just don’t have dozens of papparazzi following us around. As for Suri Cruise I Don’t think I Ever saw Her in pants or jeans going to the park like Violet Affleck Just walking with her parents .shes always in dresses I Don’t think thats normal. Let kids be kids They have to grow up way too fast now so as it is.

  15. 2teens says

    Wheeee! I’m so happy to see my fave family again.
    Love the casual way the kids are dressed, they look like real kids you would see at any playground. I don’t like Angie’s dress, it looks dangerous. Way too long like she might trip at any moment.
    Finally, Shiloh has gotten so big. It looks like she has almost caught up in size to big sis Z!

  16. t says

    To me, the kids look totally fine. It’s AJ that’s reminding me of a witch LOL The hem of that dress/skirt is way too long. I think that is what is making her look disheveled…mind you, AJ could wear a potato sack and still look stunning…!

  17. t says

    To me, the kids look totally fine. It’s AJ that’s reminding me of the g*rim*re*aper LOL The hem of that dress/skirt is way too long. I think that is what is making her look disheveled…mind you, AJ could wear a pot*ato s*ack and still look stunning…!

  18. ann says

    #28 Emma, I total agreet what you said, I love this family I love these kinds are dressed the way look normal, Suri dress like a doll it is not natural Tom just want to show off they are rich people so stupid, Shiloh looks so much like Brad so pretty, she is my best celebrity baby.

  19. Deeds says

    Amazing, HA! Here is a secret….she doesn’t do it by herself…. If I hired nannies that didn’t see to it to atleast run a brush thru my kids hair they would be fired.

  20. accalia says

    Just Jared has a lot of beautiful pics from this set. They are a lot cuter. All 4 of them are smiling and Z and Pax are holding hands!

  21. comment says


    I often throw on a dress when I don’t care to do twice the work in putting on a shirt then the pants. That is not a dressy dress by the way.

    The children dress in casual but expensive clothes. I don’t see them looking unkempt at all. They are clean and adorable and very well fed and loved.

  22. accalia says

    Nothing is wrong with the way the kids are dressed. #35, you obviously don’t know what street urchins look like and just because Angelina is wearing a long, black dress, that doesn’t make her dressed up. It’s a normal dress.

    I love the pic. with Shiloh pointing. She looks like AJ to me in that one. AJ looks so happy and relaxed in these pics. Love them!

  23. MommaE says

    #15-there has been a lot of horrible things written on this wall, but your post is by far the most sick and horrendus thing that has been written. I am sure you are enjoying the fact that we have been feeding into your sickness which I am sure was your plan. Webmistress this post should have been taken off right away-please do so!!

    The kids look great-I think it’s refreshing to see them all looking like just a regular family. They have been adament on the fact that they don’t have very many hired nannies and if I had 6 kids under 6 my girls would not be in fancy dresses nor would my boys be in little suits! I think we need to look at the parents of the other children who tend to look “perfect” when they go out. It’s a photo/attention opportunity for those people! Angie looks great and the smiling shots are very nice! I really do like this family!!!

  24. accalia says

    Shiloh looks so much like Brad! She is so adorable! Look at those cheeks! Z and Pax are adorable. I love this family! Can’t wait to see pics of the entire 8 of them together.Beautiful….

  25. M says

    LOL… to those saying you wouldnt dress up kids to walk to the 7-11… and yet angelina is in a long black dress…. rofl

    uhhh ya…. I look fantastic but my children look street urchins.

    sorry but pax is sooo not cute

  26. christyjolie says

    Are you kidding me with all the talk of the messy clothes!!!
    This woman has 6 kids all under the age of 7,and 2 of them are breastfeeding! I am amazed Angie or the kids are out of there pajamas!!!!! She is gorgous the kids are all gorgous and happy!! She is an INspiration to me…people are sick if they dont think Angelina is AMAZING!

  27. Kelli says

    Awww. There’s Shi. I missed her. I wish Angie would just ATTEMPT to have these kids look well kempt. Yes kids are kids but a decent haircut and cute clothes go a long way. It’s time for Princess Z to lose the thumb! Where is Mad. I want to see a picture of ALL the kids together, looking like a family.

  28. christie says

    #15, soooooooooo disgusting of you to actually post that….laughing behind your computer the whole time you typed it I’m sure!! love this family!!:)

  29. Emma Bryant says

    I think it is fine the way the kids are dressed. they are not dressed up like dolls which is a good thing. i hate the way katie holmes dressed up suri like a doll it is not natural. i think paxs hair is fine and if angie wants to let it grow let her. i love zaharas pink outfit it is so sweet and shiloh is adorable and getting so big since the last time we saw her. i am glad angie decided to take shiloh out with her and not leave her at home. and one more thing paxs dungarees have to be the cutset thing evr.

  30. SandieBeaches says

    I love how these kids are dressed the way kids used to be before parents became celeb obsessed and live their lives thru their kids! The look normal…god forbid!

  31. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i love how the jolie-pitt kids look like real children. and not dressed up dolls. they’re all adorable kids.

  32. Collette uk says

    If you saw pic ang when she was 2 it shiloh she going 2 be even mre a stunner when 18 +

  33. Star says

    I think Zahara looks fine (except for the thumbsucking) but Pax and Shiloh look so messy and uncared for. Why not give the poor boy a haircut – the way it was before she adopted him?
    And poor Shiloh. She looks like she’s in a daze all the time, hair all over her face. I think the closest “girl color” I’ve seen on her has been white.

    And I won’t go into the Cheetos….

  34. DALANEY says


  35. Analise says

    She and Brad seem like wonderful parents and the kids appear happy and healthy. I just wish I knew where she found the black clothing for the kids. I’ve only found it a couple places online.

  36. lucia says

    #15 Are you sick? Please, delete this horrible person

    I think Suri is gorgeous, but I really like Angelina Jolie and her family, Brad and Angelina are an amazing parents, and all their childrens are beautiful!
    Their clothes are very personal and very nice.
    And I love Angelina’s hair

    really beautiful family

  37. Lyndie says

    Shiloh has gotten just a tad chunky, and round in the face….But it looks like its just baby fat and she is still just as STUNNING as ever!

  38. Blair says

    #15–get a life

    Shiloh has gotten soooo big, and is absolutely GOREGOUS! AWWW! I hate crocs though. Z looks sweet as ever too, with her little thumb in her mouth…(even tho youre not sopposed to encourage the habit but oh well…frankly i was a thumb sucker til the age of about 6 and i have perfectly straight teeth, my language is fine…never had a lisp or speech impediment of any sort.) And Pax is a cutie pie too. What a precious little face, he looks like hes probably a sensitive little guy…Those overalls of his however…cant decide if i Love em or if I Hate em…

  39. Freya says

    Listen to you people! My 3 and a half yr old daughter dresses very much like Z, and I wouldn’t call her dressed down. I put as much effort into dressing her as you can for a three year old who is prone to dumping juice or soup all over a pretty outfit, or marking with pen or crayon on her pants at a moment’s notice. Get a grip people! I shop at second hand stores because you get the best deals and I would continue to do so if I was a celebrity as well. Just enjoy the photos of happy little children and stop freaking criticizing!!! AJ looks AWESOME for giving birth to twins a few months ago and having a c-section, as well as having four other children and millions of people to face. Geesh!

  40. Jessica says

    I don’t see what’s the point of dressing the kids up like they’re going to a tea party if they’re going down the street to the cornerstore. Zahara looks very cute in her pink courduroy pants and blouse. Pax and Shiloh look like they are going to the sandbox, which is fine. When most people make a run to 7-11 they don’t put on a church dress and dress shoes. Let’s be realistic people

    Anyways, the kids are beautiful, I would have been cute uber cute if Maddox had come. Nice to see Shiloh, she’s getting so big and so is Z.

  41. Honey says

    Would you listen to some of you people?! Now it’s Angelina not dressing her children well enough, rather than Katie Holmes dressing Suri up too much…these moms can’t win with you! Do you dress up your girls to go for a walk or out to a store? Maybe she wants her girls to know their lives shouldn’t revolve around what they wear or what they look like….just a thought.

  42. Anne says

    Angelina probably shops at Value Village to save money so that she can send millions to other countries. No excuse for not even making an effort to dress the girls in pretty outfits.. Besides, Angelina could use some decent clothes herself and a make-over.

  43. Kay says

    One thing I have noticed about these kids is Angelina doesn’t make much of an effort to dress them when they go out whereas Katie dresses Suri up.

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