Katie Holmes With Connor, Isabella & Suri

Katie, Isabella, Connor and Suri were snapped leaving their New York apartment. Though Suri is not wearing shoes as they left; by the time they arrived at an uptown Manhattan restaurant she had had shoes put on her feet. Connor is carrying Suri’s soft toy lamb!

Splash News Online


  1. z says

    i all most forgot he had other kids.you do not see alot of them. wonder if they’ve seen their mom and new sister yet.

  2. Star says

    I agree. Everyone’s bundled up: Isabella with her winter hat/ ear muffs, Connor with his hooded sweatshirt, and even the body guard is wearing a fleece jacket. Suri isn’t wearing tights or leggings.
    And when they leave the restaurant, Suri is wearing a costume-like strap dress, and barefoot, of course. She must have been freezing.(other sites have the photos)

  3. charo says

    Why is it that Katie, Conner and Isabella are bundled up and Suri doesn’t have a jacket on????

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