Katie Holmes & Suri With Bunnies & Tulle


Katie and Suri were snapped leaving New York’s Alice’s Tea Cup restaurant after a spot of Sunday brunch. Katie’s parents Martin and Kathleen, Tom’s mother Mary Lee, and Isabella and Connor were also with them.

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  1. Scarlett says

    Please get that poor child some children her own age..How sad…That little girl is dragged around like a rag doll..

  2. N says

    I actually saw the video of this outing….it is on tmz. It took her 5 seconds to get from the door of the restaurant to the car. 5 seconds!! Maybe she didnt see the need to battle with Suri in front of cameras for 5 seconds. She is in the tantrum stage. Also, maybe she always carries a blanket because Suri wears dresses and she doesn’t want any upskirt pictures of her child. The blanket is usually covering her backside.

  3. Lyndie says

    Well this child does tend to be overdressed in general, but in katies defense here…they had just left a “tea cup restaurant”…perhaps she was dressing her for a tea party theme? who knows…anyways its an adorable little tutu or dress…whatever the heck it is…its cute. Maybe suri has a sweater in katies bag or something…a lot of times children just refuse to wear them.

  4. Sarah says

    I have an almost 4 yr old daughter who is going through a princess dress phase herself, but atleast i am smart enough to put a coat or sweater on my child. im sorry katie i know u must be a better mother than this, but please but a coat on ur child!!

  5. charo says

    Lauren, if you have children, would you take your kid out like that in 55 degree temp.????????

  6. Star says

    Once or twice is okay to let Suri “win the battle” but this is a way of life for Tom and Katie – to let Suri call all the shots. They even said so in an interview. But then, where does the parenting come in? What if Suri wanted candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner??
    It’s time to be a parent and stop with the whimpy parenting. Cold weather means proper clothing! If it’s cold for you, Katie, it’s doubly cold for children!

  7. cassis says

    anyone notice that suri has been hiding her face alot. I think the pap’s need to give this little girl some space to be a child without being attacked by the paprazzi everytime her parents take her somewhere.

  8. littlemisscaliope says

    So Katie’s wearing a sweater and a scarf but Suri has bare shoulders? At the very least, put the blanket around the poor child!

  9. Iva says

    She does need a coat or sweater….but they are Princess Dresses…..and looks like she has one in every color. My niece is going through this stage…she only wants to wear Princess dresses! You have to pick your battles with little ones.

  10. Fly On The Wall says

    Is Katie out of her mind? It was 55 degrees in NYC today and she takes Suri outside in a sun dress and no sweater or shoes. WTF is wrong with this woman?

  11. maggie says

    Why I have never seen suri in a stroller or Katie with a diapper bag? That would be much more comfortable for both. I always see katie with her hands full.

  12. Candy says

    will this woman going to dress her little girl anything but dresses ?..i think she will look even more cuter with some shirts & jeans

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