Constance Zimmer's Secrets To Losing The Baby Weight

(In the above pic Constance and Colette were snapped at the “A Time For Heroes” carnival to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Los Angeles over the summer)

Entourage’s Constance Zimmer shared a few tips for shedding the baby weight with OK! magazine that she has learned since giving birth to her daughter Colette Zoe last January.

“I did a food program that’s called Fresh Mommy, which is all delivered organic food that’s really good for you,” she told OK! magazine Thursday night at an event celebrating Tommy Hilfiger’s Ironic Iconic America special on Bravo in Beverly Hills. “You need to eat so much food after you have a baby to breastfeed, so it’s all about portion control.”

Exercise also played an important part in her journey back to her prebaby body, she revealed.

“I walked a lot. I wore a weight vest when I walked, so it was an added four pounds of weight every time I walked,” she said. “It’s been eight months. This industry doesn’t give you any time to take off the baby weight. It kind of has to happen right away.”

Despite having to work hard to regain her pre-baby body, Constance said being a new mother was a big change.

“She’s pretty fantastic so I feel really lucky that she’s such a good baby,” she gushed. “It just changes your whole perspective on the world. We all need that. It makes you think about things like the fact that, ‘oh I need to make sure I have all of my immunities and booster shots.’ Now you are responsible for somebody else and I need to be here on this Earth for as long as I possibly can to help her.”

Her new role as a mother has also changed her view on fashion, as she admitted, “It’s like, I’m a mom. I’m not really going to be seen in a half-shirt anymore.”

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