Angelina Jolie & Family At Lee's Art Shop In NYC

Angelina Jolie was snapped with Zahara, Maddox and Pax at Lee’s Art Shop in midtown New York City.

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  1. Analise says

    They are about the most normal looking and acting celeb family around. Very refreshing. And what do you know, they are dressed properly for NY temps unlike a certain other celeb “princess” kid.

  2. Tia :) says

    #22! Is this who I think it is?!? Please tell me it is! with a name like opa, could it be my greek friend from ottawa?!?

  3. opa! says

    Hurray Tia!! Glad to hear you are back on Babyrazzi!! I missed you, koukla!! I heard that you’re due soon. Best of luck with your delivery!!

  4. SbK says

    ^^^^ lol micha!! I also cannot see anything dirty about these kids and to say Z’s hair looks like it has lice!!! WTF??? JEALOUS HATERS!! I think they are all beautiful and I also think that Ange looks amazing, she could go out without any make up in a bin bag and still look gorgeous. She is seriously captivating, I watched wanted and I was just mesmerized by her. Can see why Brad fell for her.

  5. Tia :) says

    I can’t believe some of you people. How can you judge a childs looks? All of the children are cute. Maddox will be gay?!? WTF? Are you for real?
    #16 I was thinking the same thing…these children look fine to me. Shame on some of you!

  6. micha says

    She does a good job of color coordinating everyone is black, grays and whites. They all look cute.

  7. Renee says

    I have been staring at the picture for 20 minutes and can’t seem to find a speck of dirt on those kids anywhere. No greesy hair, no mud on thier shoes, no food on thier faces. I must be looking at the wrong picture.

  8. accalia says

    My favourite family. I love AJ. Her kids are adorable. All of them. can’t wait to see new pics of Shi,Vivi and Knox.

  9. EVELYN says

    she looks beautiful the kids look great and as far as Zahara’s hair have you seen Cortney Cox’s kids hair it is always messy how about Sex in the city her sons hair they are just kids they can’t be perfect all the time and as for Mad being gay thats a pretty harsh thing to say you must have a pretty sick mind to make assumptions of kids like that.

  10. Kelli says

    1. Where is Shi?

    2. Free Zahara. She needs somebody who will do her hair.

    3. Hair is indeed an issue for ALL of the ETHNIC JPs. Yet momma Angie looks really nice. What’s the deal?

  11. Collette uk says

    See the aj hater are bk god if u dnt like them keep nasty stupid comments to urselfs lynn ur pathetic +nasty

  12. LYNN says

    Maddox is going to be gay. She has already started pimping them. Zahara hair looks like it has lice. Come to think of it, this family always looks dirty.

  13. Collette uk says

    Yes my chick is back god i love her even mre stuning ie bethany same name as my daughter 2 al the family adorable


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