Angelina Jolie Debuts Her New Tattoo Tribute To The Twins & Talks About Motherhood

Angelina Jolie made her first post-twins red carpet appearance at the New York premiere of her film “Changeling” on Saturday night. Angelina showed off the latest 2 additions to her body art, the tattoos of her new babies’ birth longitude and latitude. Born in July in Nice, Vivienne and Knox’s tattoo join the four she already had on her upper left arm, where she once had ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton’s name etched in above a dragon. The first four are Maddox’s (Cambodia), Zahara (Ethiopia), Shiloh (Namibia), and Pax (Vietnam).

Asked if she felt nervous to be back in the spotlight, Angelina told People magazine, “Not nervous as much as I just took a deep breath because it¹s been so long. It felt a little strange.”

The Manhattan visit marks the first time since the birth of their twins, Vivienne and Knox, that Angelina and Brad have been in the city with their children.

“Everybody’s great,” she told People magazine. “The babies are getting big and healthy and developing personalities.”

Angelina, 33, did admit, “We are a little bit [sleep deprived]. We have some help a couple of nights a week, so on those nights we catch up on our sleep.”

Angelina looked stunning in an Atelier Versace dress, Sergio Rossi shoes and Mikimoto pearl earrings and ring – after a day of taking her three eldest kids (Zahara, Maddox and Pax Thien) to Lee’s Art Store midtown.

When asked what her secret was to looking so good just five-months after giving birth she replied, “A good dress!”

“I run around with all the other kids, and I’m breastfeeding, which I think is a part of your body’s recovery,” Angelina further shared. “I feel great [and] feel very happy that they’re healthy.”

Angelina said her older kids Maddox, 7, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2, like doting on the twins.

“They’re funny,” Angelina told Us magazine. “They want to help a lot now, but they’re still so little, so it’s like trying to change a diaper, you have to be careful because they squeeze them so tight.

Of her new movie, in which she plays a mother whose son is kidnapped, Angelina said, “Your worst fear is anything happening to your kids. The reason I didn’t want to do the film for a long time … every day I came home, and I was so clinging to my kids. I was grabbing them. And checking them in the night. It scares me.”

As for adopting more children, she shared, “I think we’re going to wait a little while.” She added, “We’re going to have more kids one way or another.”

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  1. ann says

    Clint Eastwood said:Angelina has most gorgeous face on planet, she”s a great talent great actress, Angelina is most beautiful woman in the world, we love to see any movies she acts in.

  2. no name says

    agree # 14, but l too have been married twice, maybe puts her off ,l know it has for me. lt would be such a great thing if they did and l’m sure its Angenlia thats holding back-but if it works for them and the children, we should not judge.

  3. Eli says

    I hope Angie keeps a little of baby weight on. She looks healthier( & more beautiful) with some curves instead of the gaunt look prior to becoming pregnant with the twins.

  4. oriana says

    She looks good to me, and healthy too. I like her dress and love her shoes. Poor Brad, he is aging right before our eyes! He needs more rest. I am glad they get away from the limelight sometimes.

  5. SbK says

    She is one hot mama!!! She looks healthy and happy, I really like Brad and Ange, they look like a great couple and they seem really happy together

  6. accalia says

    She looks wonderful. I love them together. Does this woman look like she’s depressed and starving herself? No , I don’t think so. She looks incredibly happy. Motherhood sure suits her.

  7. Fly On The Wall says

    She looks radiant, glowing and content. The extra weight looks good on her; I hope she keeps it. She was too thin before but she looks wonderful now.

    She and Brad look like very settled-down together.

  8. Lauren says

    Angelina does look amazing. More happy and content than I’ve ever seen her. Being a mother really does suit her well. Brad is looking a little tired there.

  9. EVELYN says

    she looks beautiful and all those stories about her being depressed and starving what can i say she is glowing

  10. Collette uk says

    Yes my chick back looking even mre gorg+amazing as euer cant u tel im huge fan god brad so lucky wish i was him i ave wait til jan see film +wanted out 17oct here

  11. dnice says

    Angelina looks fantastic. Brad is actually the one who looks a little worn. I can’t wait to see current photos of the twins. I am dying to see what the male version of Angie and Brad evolves into.

  12. mslewis says

    Before I say anything else I want to say . . . Angelina Jolie did not tell US magazing ANYTHING!! She told reporters at a press conference. She would never give a direct interview to those bottom feeding rag mags!!! Let’s get real!!

    Anyway, moving on. Angelina looks AMAZING!! All of the pictures I’ve seen this weekend is rubbing salt in those lies about her “starving herself” and being “depressed.” The woman is obviously happy and glowing. The extra weight looks wonderful on her and you can see she is wearing Spanx to hold her stomach in. Starving? LMAO!!

    I can’t wait to see Changling. It looks like a good, grown up movie and I’m eager for one of those. Haven’t been to a movie in months!!!

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