Laila Ali & Husband Introduce Their Son

On August 26th, Laila Ali, 30, and her husband, retired NFL star Curtis Conway celebrated the arrival of their first child together.  

“If all these other women have been able to do it, then so can I,” Laila told OK magazine of motherhood. “I have never been afraid that parenthood was going to be too much for me.”

Indeed, as a new mom to Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr., she’s now experiencing the happiest “challenge” of her life.

That’s not to say it was easy. Though she had been planning a home birth, complications forced her to deliver at a hospital instead. Laila, who had a complicated pregnancy, said:

“The doctor thought that the baby might have a growth restriction. [During checkups] they measure the baby’s head, his abdomen and his legs. Sometimes, when the baby is not getting enough nutrients, the abdomen will be smaller because the organs aren’t really needed yet, but the head and legs will keep growing. When I got to 39 weeks, they said, “I think we should go ahead and take the baby out,” because he wasn’t getting 100 percent of his nutrients. That was hard, too, because I didn’t want to be induced. You can plan all you want, but things happen!”

After 15 hours of labor, her healthy son arrived, weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

“He’s brought a lot of joy to my life,” Laila said.

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  1. Tia :) says

    im not trying to pick a fight frida…if you say it’s an inside thing i get it. 2teens and i go back as well…back to when she was 2teens3beans 😉

    I also believe it’s in the way you grow up. My family is greek and very kissy huggy i guess. I see nothing wrong with it…again, it’s the way i grew up!

  2. frida k. says

    I personally don’t approve of kissing infants on the mouth but that’s just the way I am. I just find it yucky. Especially because infants drool and start sticking out their tongue looking for a boob to suck. And as for kissing aunts and uncles and grandparents on the mouth…I’m feeling sick just thinking about it. But hey, if it works for you then that is great!! Anything to do with bodily fluids grosses me out 😉 I get grossed out pretty easily. But you are a nurse so I would assume that you are quite comfortable with human biology.
    Tia, I think you took my comment out of context. I was trying to remind 2teens of something from a long time ago. I was not in any way trying to insult her or criticize her for talking about her kids. 2teens and I go way back. It was me she talked about her kids with. Please don’t try and pick a fight with me. I’m not interested. Peace.

  3. Tia :) says

    Who cares if 2teens talks about her kids? we’re all proud mom’s here! Go for it!.

    As for the kissing, im the same with my daughter and intend to be the same way with my son when he was born. To this day, when we go to family functions with my family, I still kiss my aunts and uncles and grandparents on the mouth..we always have. we’re a mushy family! I actually dont understand how this is wrong…

  4. Renee says

    I am not sure I understand why it is tacky to kiss your kids on the mouth or bathe with them, unless some people find those act to intimate between a parent and child. If that is the case maybe women shouldn’t breast feed. Sounds like that is along the same lines.

  5. aliciasweets85 says

    He isn’t kissing his son on the lips…he is kissing the baby on the side of his face NEXT to his lips…
    I think it’s cute!

  6. frida k. says

    😉 Back at ya 2teens ! I don’t doubt that your children are well-rounded individuals that do well in school. You’ve spoken about your children before. Especially about your daughter’s creativity. Yes, you are right. Just keep it to yourself 😉

  7. 2teens says

    Wow, little Curtis is a gorgeous baby boy!
    As for kissing on the lips or bathing with babies/toddlers, I have done both when mine were little. My kids are now very well rounded teenagers who get good grades and do not get into trouble in school… so I guess I didn’t screw them up too badly. 😉

  8. M says

    The OK photo is beautiful!!!!! The only funny thing is it makes her hands look HUGE. But they are a beautiful family.

  9. Sandra says

    OMG what a gorgeous little boy!! I kiss my son on the lips, always have, always will! I suppose kissing him on the toes would be just as gross they might be dirty, but yet I do that too!!

  10. tess says

    Adorable kid!! I don’t like it though when parents kiss their infants on the mouth. That really bothers me. It’s not just the germs factor – I find it inappropriate. Same thing applies to bathing with your infant. It’s tacky!

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