Katie, Tom & Suri In NYC

Katie, Tom and Suri, 2, were snapped heading out Thursday into the streets of New York City.



  1. bambamswife says

    Love seeing pictures of htis family. At least they don’t have too many kids all at once. Suri is gorgeous as always. If you guys ever noticed a lot of the celebs carry their children_ even the toddlers. At least that is when you have normal families.

  2. MommaE says

    I have a feeling that Suri is running that show! I know that she is very young, however I think that her parents cave and cater to her every want/need-how many two yr olds actually want to wear a coat?? but how many do because the PARENT made them…..i think that they are going to have thier hands full!

  3. Carol says

    Maybe Scientologist don’t believe in putting kids in warm clothes, they seem to have rules for everything. LOL. Kate never looks really happy say in comparisom to Jennifer Garner. Jen and Ben’s daughter Violet always looks happy and smiles, can’t say the same for Suri.

  4. Star says

    Tom has a turtleneck and a suede coat on.
    Katie a thick sweater.
    Poor Suri is in a spring dress. No leggings or tights either.

  5. meg says

    wow. …Suri is walking at last.Good for her.
    The reason Suri is not wearing a coat
    is that Katie thinks she is a doll and she has
    to make her look great in font of paps….
    Also Suri’s doll is scary:{

  6. Analise says

    YAWN. Just like last year. They are in warm clothes, she is in summer clothing (and a dress yet again) with no coat. Anything for the cameras.

  7. Charlotte says

    The doll is starting to scare me. Suri looks cute (as always, although I do suggest a coat), Tom looks like he loves the attention (and no doubt he does) and Katie looks tired and bored (Perhaps tired of Tom, maybe then he can be normal again)

  8. littlemisscaliope says

    I completely agree…Katie is wearing a heavy sweater & Tom has a coat on…Suri looks like she’s dressed for spring!

  9. Jade says

    I don’t understand why this child did not have on a light sweater or coat. It was very chilly yesterday and the wind was blowing. Her mother and father have on appropriate attire, why shouldn’t she also?

  10. Bethany says

    Suri looks cute, the doll’s hair cracks me up, and Katie looks like she’s thinking “God, here we go again with all the paps”.

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