Expectant & Widowed Natasha McElhone Talks About Staying Strong For Her Two Sons

Widowed actress Natasha McElhone was busy getting on with life as she shopped for household goods in central London today. The expectant mother-of-two looked glowing and healthy as she prepared for her new baby, following the death of her husband in May.

“I haven’t been able to go off into a corner and be self-indulgent,” she said, in a revealing interview in this week’s Hello! magazine. Natasha, 36, talked about her sense of calm, attributing it to her two sons with Martin Kelly – Theodore, 8, and Otis, 5. “All the decisions have been made for me in that respect,” she said. “There’s no “Shall i crumble or shall I rise, phoenix-like, from all this and take on the world?” – clearly, i can only do the latter. My boys are like little Duracell batteries that slot in in  the morning and I’m charged up for the day. I’m really lucky.””

She also said that her sons do not dwell on the death of their father. “I had this irrational fear at first that by moving on i would be leaving him behind. But that’s obviously what you must do, as a parent. I have grabbed life by the throat and I am packing in as much as I can and trying to keep things fun for the boys, actually. They seem to be responding in a very positive way. from what i can tell, and it is so hard with kids to know, I don’t think they feel that a door’s closed. i think they still feel there are so many doors to be opened and I want to keep that alive.”

Martin Kelly, a 43-year-old cosmetic surgeon, collapsed in the hall of his townhouse in London, just after performing a late-night operation. Police said that he had died as a result of ‘dilated cardiomyopathy’, where the heart becomes enlarged and cannot pump blood efficiently.




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