The Brangelina Bunch Back In The Country

The Brangelina bunch arrived in New York today! Click here for the pics!


  1. britmama says

    10. Neil

    I love reading about celebs, whether I like their movies or not.

    Like I said, the kids are cute, and if by adopting children from different cultures highlights the importance of tolerance, good on yer mate!!

    Be blessed y’all!

  2. oriana says

    Shiloh looks like she just woke up, very cute little toddler now! I always thought she was beautiful. Angie looks fresh to me after such a long flight but she does look a little tired. Am looking forward to seeing the twins before long.

    Hi Nicki! Been busy, will email you later with all the news.

  3. laila says

    she looks good … Neil get a life… you’re way too wound up YOU need to catch your breath.

  4. Lauren says

    Aw, look how big Shiloh’s getting! So cute. I want to see new pix of Knox and Vivienne. 🙂

  5. neil says

    7. britmama | October 2nd, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Yeah, it is a free country, dope! So what are doing here? No one is forcing you.

  6. Deeds says

    Shiloh looks so adorable. I wish she didn’t have her hair hanging in her face so I could see her better.

  7. britmama says

    Lay off people. It’s a free country. Not everyone has to agree. There are lots of celeb-friendly sites where you can fawn over the celebs like gods etc.

    Unfortunately, every move they make is monitored because everyone wants to catch a glimpse of them and their family. They knew how hard it would be going into it.

    Anyway, the kids are cute, the parents do their best, like all of us do. Parenting any number is challenging. They have the money, the family, nannies, security, etc. to do what they want and go where they want (unless we have world war 3 and airspace is closed!!)

    They are mediocre actors. The films are hyped even if they appear in the movies for a minute. And sorry, but Mangie’s movies are not that great.

  8. onatear says

    Sonny. Take a deep breath and stop before your hands land on the keyboard. Many of us see this beautiful and loving family as wonderful role models for those with the resources to live as they do. There are plenty more things to get riled up about, in the world of celebs and their kids, than the Pitt-Jolies. Think about it.

  9. Kelli says

    Shi’s growing up from baby to little girl. Cutie! I would love to see some pics of the kids interacting with each other.

  10. neil says

    3. sonny | October 2nd, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Shuddup moron! Your comment is beyond idiocy and not worth the time to challenge. Another fool hater with sh*t for brains posting valuless comments.

  11. sonny says

    These people need to stop having children. Its beyond ridiculous now. The public is being made fools of..they stop having children long enough to make mediocre movies just to make the $$. Its admirable they give money to charity but quite honestly its their responsibility. People are struggling to buy food and they are getting obscene money for being celebrities. But I digress 🙂 I hope they can handle all these children (they are beautiful, though)

  12. Ridri says

    Beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie looks great, contrary to previous reports circulating out there about depression and skinny and all that junk……. Shiloh is grown and beatifull too. Lovely family. Wish the BESTTTT!!!

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