Catherine Zeta-Jones At The United Nations Association Global Leadership Awards Gala

Catherine, 39, and husband Michael Douglas were snapped at the United Nations Association Global Leadership Awards Gala at The Waldorf Astoria in New York City on October 1st. Catherine looks stunning as always!

Catherine has confessed that her cooking skills are so bad that once she almost set the kitchen on fire!

She said, “I’m a terrible cook. I can microwave chicken nuggets well. This is a true story – I actually burnt a pan once. There wasn’t a fire but it was smoking and I got a little scared. So that was the first and last time I tried to cook.”

It is refreshing to hear Catherine speak so honestly of her lack of Martha Stewart ambitions. Though mastery of the kitchen and all things domestic is very wonderful, sometimes it gets a little tiring to hear the likes of Katie Lee Joel, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham wax poetic about their passion for cooking and baking all sorts of gourmand creations. It is especially frustrating as I don’t believe for one second that they actually eat any of the food they prepare, and they probably prepare one meal a month while all the rest are prepared by personal chefs! 🙂

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  1. Everyonehasone says

    Michael is looking much older and Catherine is in a very unflattering outfit. She looks puffy.

  2. Melinda says

    You guys must be bored or something. She looks very natural to me. Better yet, she looks happy!!
    At least she doesn’t need to sit at the computer and post dumb comments like us.
    Think about it Dumb Dumbs.

  3. accalia says

    I cant stand MD. She is beautiful but something about her looks different. Webmistress, your last paragraph is completely unnecessary. Do you even think before you post things?

  4. Patty says

    She is wearing way to much bronzer and it seems to be all over her face. Maybe her daughter was her makeup artist on this night. She looks a mess.

  5. ann says

    It’s obvious she’s had some work done and in comparing some photos of her face from a few years ago and now, it appears that she has had an eye lift recently. She looks ageless!

    Taken form an on-line source…”some insiders insist that Zeta-Jones had a boob job in the past and that her weight gain over the years alone could not explain the considerable gain in breast volume that she experienced. London-based Plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis claims that Zeta-Jones had a breast augmentation in spite of her having packed on some pounds. “There is a considerable difference in the volume of the breasts. She has put weight on over the years but it looks suspiciously like she has had breast augmentation because the breasts are full and have more volume.” Dr. Gaitanis added that “they look firmer and project to the front. They are very full, which is a sign of a boob job”.

    Catherine Zeta Jones dropped a few dress sizes in the last few months, claiming to have gone on a crash diet and exercise regime to shed the pounds. Zeta-Jones previously told how she “ate for Wales” while pregnant with her first son Dylan, now six, putting on 50lbs. The star denies having had any plastic surgery, although it is rumored (and pretty obvious to us) that she had a blepharoplasty (eye lift) in 2001 and that she had previously had her nose done. Moreover, Zeta-Jones flawless and wrinkle-free face suggests use of dermal injection fillers such as Botox, Restylane, or Juvederm and potential potential laser skin procedures and chemical peels.

    Sizing up Catherine Zeta-Jones after all her alleged enhancements, she remains a naturally beautiful woman whose work, if any, is subtle and well done. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about her husband Michael Douglas’s facelift, whose surgery results are disappointing.”

  6. Candy says

    yeah littlemisscaliope ..there’s something different on her face..she still pretty but did she made anose job??

  7. Midge says

    So, in order to be a good wife and mother one has to know how to cook:? Is that what you are saying, Anne? That is absurd!!!! Not everyone can do everything, and why does cooking have to be a requirement to be a good wife and mother? WOW! You are bitter about something, aren’t you?

  8. Anne says

    She’s a wife and a mother and can’t cook-how pathetic.
    No excuse but as long as the well is full of money, she won’t have to. She is much younger than Michael but starting to look older and catching up to him. This picture of her is quite unflattering .

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