Jenny McCarthy Slams Amanda Peet Over Vaccines

Both Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet have expressed their very different views on childhood vaccinations and are now raging a war in the press.

Jenny, whose 6-year-old son is autistic, is against childhood vaccines because she believes there is a correlation between the shots and the impairment. 

Amanda, who has a toddler as well, is the spokesperson for Every Child By Two, a group sponsored by big pharma that wants all kids vaccinated by age two. She labeled anti-vaccine parents as “parasites” in a recent interview with Cookie magazine.

The article reignited sparks in what’s been a lengthy debate over whether or not vaccines are in fact linked to autism.

Responding in Spectrum magazine, Jenny said, “I am so proud to be a ‘parasite.'”

And even though Amanda later apologized for using the word “parasite,” that has not quieted her critics.

“She did not apologize for what she said, she just apologized for the term ‘parasite,'” said Amy Pisani, executive director of Every Child By Two. “We aren’t here to talk about Jenny McCarthy or to argue about Jenny McCarthy. Amanda is just trying to give people access to the scientific information so they can make an informed decision about vaccinating a child, just as she did.”

“She (Peet) has a lot of [nerve] to come forward and be on that side, because there is an angry mob on my side, and I like the fact that I can say she’s completely wrong,” Jenny told Spectrum magazine.

“I look at (Peet) now and say to myself, ‘That was me before I had autism in my life,’ and until she walks in our shoes, she really has no idea,” Jenny added.

But Jenny isn’t the only one taking a stand against Amanda. National autism advocacy group Autism United is calling for a boycott of all of the actress’s movies.

“We want to send a clear message to her,” the organization’s Executive Director John Gilmore said in a statement on Monday. “Ms. Peet’s comments are deplorable and an apology will not suffice. We applaud Jenny McCarthy’s continued efforts and for speaking up for our community.”

Childhood vaccines have rightly become suspect in recent years – especially as the number of recommended shots has grown. In 1983, the CDC recommended 23 doses of seven vaccines for kids up to age six. Today that number has climbed to 48 doses of 12 vaccines – and that doesn’t even count the flu shot.

And it is important to keep on mind that Amanda Peet is a paid mouthpiece for big pharma.

Here’s the disclaimer for her new campaign:

Every Child By Two’s Vaccinate Your Baby campaign is made possible through an unrestricted, educational grant from sanofi pasteur.



  1. AGirl says

    I found this disturbing. Here you have 2 wonderful women, both are dedicated to their children, and every need that comes along with being a parent. Each parent has their own pesonal opinions, and here, Amanda, who I look up to and admire, has been shunned!

    Just for speaking a piece of her opinion, and believe me, not a whole lot was spoken, she has a National Organization threatening to take her out of work!? If she had not spoken about parents not vaccinating their children, her point would not have been straight forward!!

    In concern with Jenny McCarthy, well, I applaud her for what she does, but to slam a fellow mother like that, who also values their child, and the life they want to give that child, well, that is wrong in as many words that are not so colorful.

    We know that there is no direct evidence of vaccinations causing Autism, and frankly, Jenny is being the bad guy, and practically demanding that no child should get vaccinated, and telling parents that is WRONG!!

    Children should get vaccinated to prevent them from getting sick with life threatening illnesses, and Jenny is trying to prevent that. Maybe she should walk around with a sign on her head saying “Let’s Kill Our Children by Not Vaccinating Them!?”, then let’s see how the parents of today react!!

    By threatening to boycott Amanda’s movies is crossing the line, the type that could cost her her job and her life!?

  2. karen says

    I get so tired of hearing vaccines save lifes…..The problem with vaccines is everyones liver is different the FDA is based on an average……………where does your child fall in that testing……YOU ARE PLAYING RUSSIA ROULETTE….As a parent are you willing to play those odds…..If you wait until your child is over the age of three, you have better odds,,,,,,,but you are always taking a chance,,,,GET EDUCATED…………..People please read and don’t always take your MD’s advice….You are the parent…..

  3. Brian says

    Does anyone else find it scary that these days people are basing their opinions on what an actress says and not legitimate scientific studies? There has been no RELIABLE study to show that vaccines cause autism. The one study done that is often cited had poor controls and conclusions and has failed to be repeated. In fact tons of scientific studies have shown the opposite. A quick Google search should prove this. Seriously, when people are looking to a playboy bunny for medical advice, well I don’t think I need to say any more.

  4. suzi says

    I live in canada and i don’t know anything about american vaccines but i do know if we didn’t vaccinate people would be dying all the time from polio and meningitis. Have any of you seen pictures of people with polio??? My doctor told me that if I had 100$ to spend on either a car seat or vaccination it would be more benificial to my childs health to get the vaccine!!!

  5. Sandra says

    KPugz- May you never be blessed with a child with Autism as then your eyes will really have to be open and aware of what it is like.

  6. KPugz says

    My daughter is 19 months and I’m proud to have given her all of the vaccines this is to SAVE her from dying from the illnesses that are far worse than autism. Autism doesn’t kill children but menigitis does… I’m an ECE and I work with children and nothing is worse than JENNY trying to steer parents in the wrong direction. There is NO PROOF that it causes Autism she’s just looking for a reason or excuse to blame it on someone or something. SERIOUSLY she is loosing a lot of her fan base on this crap she’s making up~ It makes me nausious to watch Oprah with Jenny on acting as if she took 15 years of university on medical health.

  7. KPugz says

    OMG Jenny has to GROW UP I’m SO sick of hearing about her and her son’s illness there are far worse things out there. She has no solide proof and thinks she’s a medical scientist… JENNY do us all a favor and stick to your ACTING career! I’m sick of seeing you on programs talking out of your A$$ about stuff you think you know.

  8. Lilac says

    kf (uk) – Yes, the immune system comes in contact with millions of bacteria every day and is quite able to fight them off, if given the right diet of nutritious food.

    The problem is, vaccines with viruses injected directly into the bloodstream is NOT a natural way of coming into contact with disease. This would NEVER happen in nature. Disease comes into the body through the mucous membranes (nose, eyes, mouth) and the proper defense by the body is then initiated.

    When this UNNATURAL attack through the bloodstream is put upon the body, the mucous membranes are bypassed and the virus is much harder for the body to fight off. Not to mention all the additional dangerous substances in vaccines (like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, animal viruses like SV 40 that cannot be taken out when the virus is cultured on animal tissue), these too are injected directly into the bloodstream of little children whose immune systems are not even mature yet. Some of the weaker children have problems with this, as all of the adverse reports (including death reports) prove, which the FDA has admitted is only 10% of actual adverse events, due to the voluntary reporting/non-reporting by doctors in the US.

    So one has a much better chance of naturally fighting off a disease through the God-given immune system, than being injected unnaturally with the very disease one is afraid of getting and hoping for the best.

  9. Karen says

    The only risk to our communities is the foreigners we allow in our country to visit or live that are screened for disease…I hear alot about Menigitis which has been re-introduced to are country by foreigners the same with German measles and Small Pox…the list goes on…Vaccinations as a child only last 10 years at most in your blood not life like they tell you I am 43 and I have had the german measles shot 4 times and exposed once from my sister who got it from the shot and it still does not show up in my blood,,,Explain Please……

  10. Karen says

    I don’t understand why parents say if children are not vaccinated how it puts other children at risk????? If you are so confidente in the childhood inoculations… there should be no worries………It sounds like to me there is doubt?????? Maybe parents who give there children vaccinations under the age of three should educate themselves….Every human beings liver works differently and that includes children, visit your library not your doctor and then make your decision, just because they are doctors doesn’t mean they do not have an opinion…Think about it……

  11. lucia says

    I really don’t understand the problem with the vaxx in U.S, i’m actually living in Argentina, South America, and my daughter recived all the vaccines(officials) for her age, she’s 3, and i gave her two vaccines more(chicken pox vaccine and meningitis)and she’s fine. i didn’t know that autism is linked with the vaccines!!I have tto say, that here, in Argentina, last year a few kids died because meningitis, and it’s really important this vaccine, and all the official(obligatories)vaccines, here, vaccines, immunize our children since birth.
    Anyway everyone have their point of view, and I hope vaccines really be good and positives and help.

  12. traveler says

    The problem that I have with unvaccinated children is that they can harm other kids by being unvaccinated. Diseases that you wouldn’t normally see in childhood are going to make a resurgence in the unvaccinated and quite possible mutate so that the vaccines aren’t good anymore. That means, my child could get sick even though I was smart enough to get them vaccinated (either on the regular schedule or an alternate one). Not vaccinating children could lead to a lot of serious consequences within our communities. A parents right to decide what’s best for their child ends when it puts an entire community at risk.

  13. Analise says

    Amanda Peet is an idiot. There are plenty of parents who do vaccinate, but NOT on the dangerous schedule that is in the US. Doctors and certainly not the CDC do not know everything.

  14. emmauk says

    I went on my doctors advice… not a celebrities with no qualifications.
    Both need to get over themselves and get on being a mother

  15. nosoupforyou says

    Jenny is wrong. I’ve recently been fortunate enough to attend ASD training with nationally recognized specialists and researchers.

    Jenny is harming the autism community.

  16. Sandra says


    No offense but everything you just said makes no sense. I have not shielded my son and he still has autism. He doesn’t have food allergies either. How the heck could shielding a child have a negative impact such as autism?

    So you’re saying I should have shielded him more so he wouldn’t have Autism? What am I shielding him from? The vaccines? Well that is too late because he already got those and started having Autistic signs.

    And judging someone because they didn’t bf’d or even want to is pretty ignorant if you ask me. Insulting people for not wanting to bf’d just like Peet who insulted those who don’t vaccinate. Wow!

    As far as Jenny smoking while pregnant that is a first I have heard of that. Maybe she did maybe she didn’t I just have never heard of that.

  17. kf (uk) says

    btw, the immune system, even in children, is bombarded with hundreds and thousands of antigens all the time,, it is more than capable of coping with multiple vaccinations in one go.

  18. Jen says

    This is my 2 cents, but I find it incredibly hard to take anything that comes from the mouth of someone who smoked while pregnant seriously. Not to mention, the refusal to breast feed (or at least try).

    In case you do not know who I am referring to, it is Jenny McCarthy.

    I think the link with autism could have something to do with why kids have so many food allergies these days which is the mother’s need to shield them from everything – either because they believe it is for their own protection or because it’s the latest thing to do or their own personal belief (despite what is best for the child).

  19. kf (uk) says

    I doubt there would be the same level of anxiety over vaccinations offered in developing countries.

  20. kf (uk) says

    It has been proved that the is not a link between the MMR (do you call it that over there?) and autism.

    In Japan, were the MMR has long since been dropped, autism rates are increasing.

    I empathise with any parents of autistic children, my godson is autistic and i understand the difficulties faced.

  21. Could it be says

    What I find so upsetting about McCarthy and Peet and the zealots on both sides is that they completely discount the fact that the vast majority of parents are making thoughtful decisions about how to raise their children. Am I vaccinating my daughter? Not right now and when we do, it will be limited. Do I begrudge any parent who chooses to vaccinate? Absolutely not. We are all doing our best to do what is right by our children. I would never call someone who chooses to unvaccinate a child “a parasite” nor would I claim to be a parasite for making that choice. It isn’t a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong here. It’s a matter of finding a way to support each other because there is no harder job than raising children.

  22. Arianna's Mummy says

    Sandra, You may be right, but all you hear about is how these groups try to prove that it is vaccines, and as I said, I don’t see how it can be the cause, or else children who did not get vaccinated would not have autism, but do not argue that it may be a trigger, but the cause has to be found, then those children who are at risk can avoid vaccines, but pushing that all children should not get vaccinated, as some of these groups do, is irrisponisble. There is nothing wrong with an alternate schedual, If I lived in the states and had that same schedual I probably would to, especially that one that babies get before they even leave the hospital, but I do think vaccines are important for the reasons I stated in my previous post.

  23. Sandra says

    Ok so I typed a lot.

    I was just going to say that boycotting her movies is a little extreme, but it really isn’t a problem for me. I stopped watching her along time ago. She would have to be in one heck of a movie with some of my favorite actors to watch her perform.

  24. Sandra says

    Samsmom- Very well put on everything you have said.
    I however will not type up much as I get really ticked off with people responding that vaccines don’t do it, how do they really know?

    Well just like Jenny said “I look at (Peet) now and say to myself, ‘That was me before I had autism in my life,’ and until she walks in our shoes, she really has no idea,” Jenny added.” That is so true.

    Fee to answer your question, No I don’t think (as well as Jenny I am sure) all kids that get vaccines should have autism. What I think is that there is some kind of genetic pass down or chemical balance that gets trigged off with the vaccines. The possibility of them getting too many at such a young age might also do it.

    Arianna No they are not blinded to the idea of something else could cause it. What do you think they are doing with all the Autism research? It would be pointless to put all of their eggs (money) into one basket of research. She also isn’t using the “angry mob” to make everyone see her point. The angry mob is pissed off because of what Peet has said and the fact that she is getting paid to tell everyone that vaccines are safe, when in reality she has no clue if they are or not but she doesn’t mind the paycheck.

    Kiley Your right to each their own. But when someone who is getting paid to advertise how good something is and calls parents of children that are faced with Autism & vaccines parasites, that is where she has crossed the lines. Notice how Jenny didn’t do any name calling with her rebuttal???? That just shows how much of a grownup she really is!

    Ok so I am done cuz I am getting ticked! My first was vaccinated he changed after his round of shots at 18 months. What do you know he has Autism. My 2nd which I am currently pregnant with will be on a delayed schedule.

  25. Arianna's mummy says

    Samsmom, that I compleatly understand, espeically since the US has a different schedual then we have in Canada, but at least you are getting them… The problem I think is so much effort contiunes to go into proving that vaccines cause Autism that no other options are being really looked at anymore. I do not disagree that Vaccines can trigger it in some children, but then since what actually causes it is not known, we do not know if it really does, so more money should be spent trying to find the real cause and not just trying to prove vaccines cause it. That being said, hopefully they will find the actual cause, so that if vaccines are indeed the trigger, then there can be screening done so those children avoid them, but vaccines do also save lives, there is no arguing that point with any kind of rationality.

    I have seen what not getting it can do, even in a developed country, with a menigitis outbreak that killed a girl I knew within 2 days of her even starting to feel ill, and destroying the future of a friend who became severly brain damaged right before heading off to college because he was in contact with her, or having to worry that you may have it too. So compleatly avoiding them may take away that very slight risk of vaccines possilbly triggering autism, (which I personally don’t believe, but could be true) but leaves you at risk of dieseases that can be horrible and devistating, and there is a much higher chance of getting one of those, even in developed countries.

  26. samsmom says

    I don’t think anyone has claimed that there is a 100% link between vaccines and autism. But there is strong evidence suggesting a link. I believe that the real problem here is that vaccines have many side effects that are not properly reported because many doctor’s refuse to listen to parents when they say, my child did not have x or y problem until after his round of vaccines.
    I don’t believe in the “Every Child by Two” program. That is absolutely crazy to inject children under the age of 2 with all sorts of live and deadened viruses to trigger an immune response. That has the potential to overload an immature immune system and cause all sorts of other problems. Autoimmune disorders including Type 1 diabetes have also been linked to vaccines. Many fully vaccinated children will suffer no effects, but that does not negate the fact that many do.
    My child is on a alternate schedule, that I feel most comfortable with. I do not want him loaded with 4 or 5 vaccines in one sitting. I believe that is too much for such a young child. He will be 2 soon and had yet to get the MMR and will not until he can get it separately. We are working with his doctor on that one.

  27. says

    # 3 and #6 Bravo. I agree with everything that you’re saying.

    Im a nurse and I will tell you, the research that has been put into this proving this link is unbelievable. What they did find that there is a 0.001% chance that vaccines are linked to autism. ( I know i shouldnt be quoting this without a reference..i swear i read it in a medical journal! i want to find which one!) I did however find an article ( click on my name) It talks about how there is NO link between the MMR and autism. Now they’re trying to link it to the air we breath, the water, the processed foods we eat..i could go on and on. Maybe we’ll never know…but until we do, I have to agree with you ladies. To each his own

  28. WasWendy says

    Jenny has a autistic kid. That’s very sad. But expecting others to share her opinions about what causes autism is arrogant. Sadly, nobody really know what causes it.

  29. Arianna's mummy says

    Fee, I agree compleatly, mostly because I have a cousin who has autism, and he was never vaccinated, so there really has to be another factor there. Unfortunatly I think that many people like Jenny want to blame something, so they cling to this one thing, and spend alot of time and money to try and prove that this is what causes it, yet it cannot be the only factor, or 1 all children would have it or 2. a child that was not vaccinated could not have it. They seem almost blinded to the idea that it could be something else, which is unfortunate, and will not help the cause of finding out the true cause of it. Autism was around before vaccines, just back then people were called crazy and locked up.

    Both have their views, which is fine, I thing Amanda was wrong to call them parisits, just because it would offend people, but Jenny I believe is just as wrong to claim that she knows she is compleatly right and use an “angry mob” on her side to try and force her view.

  30. Get with It says

    I’m glad that Jenny spoke out. Amanda is an idiot. If anyone against vaccines spoke up and called those who don’t “parasites” the other side would be up in arms too. Its a constant cycle.

  31. clara says

    Jenny has a real reason to be against vaxes. Amanda has no real reason to be pro vax or a conection to the issue at all.

  32. kiley says

    oh brother, give it up. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Jenny thinks she is right, with a group of people behind her to support that choice. And Amanda thinks she is right with a group of people to support her. If jenny dislikes Amanda for vaccinating, then that says to me she hates all parents who choose to vaccinate. Grow up kids!!!! Ever heard of to each his own.

  33. mslewis says

    It’s a shame that Amanda Peet cannot express her opinion without having an entire organization call for a boycott of her movies!! It’s ridiculous. Can’t people debate an issue without making it personal.

    And, fee, I totally agree with you . . . there has to be another cause for autism since millions of children have been vaccinated for years and years and have nothing wrong with them. We need more research and not boycotts and calling names.

  34. fee says

    Following Jenny McCarthy’s train of thought, shouldn’t all children who have had vaccines have Autism?

    Do I think some kids maybe developed Autism due to vaccines? I don’t know. The fact of the matter is though, I am not aware of any concrete proof to say that vaccines 100% can cause Autism.

    Millions of children have been vaccinated without complications.There HAS to be some other factor.

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