David Charvet Blogs About Brooke Burke On Dancing With The Stars & Putting On A Puppet Show For His Children

(Above is a pic of David Charvet and Brooke Burke’s daughter Heaven Rain, 20-months-old and son Shaya Braven, 6-months-old)

David Charvet made a sweet blog post titled “A Post from Poppa D” on September 27th:

Brooke is off to rehearsal, She’s trying to learn a new dance routine, in only four days, the Paso Doble. The pressure on her is brutal, but I know she can do it!

As I sit with my two youngest children on Saturday morning, I shared the most beautiful moment with them.  It’s just them and me, all alone. I shared the most beautiful moment with them this morning.

I put one of my older girls’ slipper puppets on my hand and started to interact with Rain and Shaya. They were so excited about our new guest. They were laughing, screaming and giggling! This was the first time I saw them holding hands and actually connecting. It was special.  We had a real conversation and shared a moment I will never forget.

Sometimes I try so hard to work and provide for my family that I forget how much more important these moments are. To all the fathers out there, I know it is hard, but try the slipper puppet game.

It is a beautiful way to start your morning!





  1. Lily says

    I love Heaven Rain! In every picture she looks so happy and crammed with personality! She’s a darling. Shaya is cute as well. They are precious!

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