Tom, Katie & Suri At Alice's Tea Cup

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were snapped taking Suri to “Alice’s Tea Cup” on Katie’s day off from her Broadway play. Alice’s Tea Cup is a scone and dessert shop on the Upper East Side. Katie took Suri to the shop and was joined by Tom shortly after. The family departed to a crowd of fans and went back to their apartment.

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  1. Analise says

    They are undoubtedly two of the worst parents (and people) in Hollywood. “Oh look at us in our fall fashions. And look at our token kid in her spring dress.” Pathetic.

  2. Collette uk says

    To ramesh thank u 4 comment that was nice of you were al here to say what we think there no need for harsh comments from other people

  3. Ramesh says

    Collette uk,Americans can be very impolite sometimes,that ‘s why anon has said something like that to you ,she tries to be rude just donot care of what she says I have been living in us for several years now and i know sme of them can be soooooo mean.

  4. Collette uk says

    +alot people would care whether kids do as we have alot of lovin fam+friends i dnt particaly care for cruises anyway aj al the way

  5. Collette uk says

    Anon im just givin my opinions+saying wot my 2 daughters are like my 2yr is with me al time as i work at night what u saying excatly

  6. katie says

    The reasons why Suri is sad are:her dad is Tom.We don’t know how to spend our money.she is a Scientologist.I am at work 14 days a month.Tom is sterile so we can’t have any more children.(you all know who fathered Suri).We cannot afford to stay at a place for a long time.We don’t trust people so she doesn’t have any friends(except Posh’s sons).I only live with Tom because of his money and fame.

  7. anon says

    To Collette UK,
    Are your children celebrity babies that everywhere you go or they go you are being followed?You are compairing your children to SURI.Noone probably cares if your children walk on dirt or you by any chance walk all the time,there are no papparazzi following you,Tom and Katie have papz camping at their door.Maybe,dear Collette,you need a bit of an English tea to refresh your memory.

  8. Collette uk says

    +my 6+2 yr old girl both bed 7pm ad routine straight outa hosp+slept threw 9pm to 6.3oam frm 4days old im just lucky i guess she gorg litle girl tho +she must ave abit of routine katie too gud of mum not too ave 1 x

  9. Collette uk says

    +i know they must ave paps folowing them everywhere i only eva seen her handful of times on her feet+she hardly smiles dnt luk v happy in pic

  10. katie says

    # 21 I do believe you are the Pope.Why not.Why can’t you be Pope visiting Babyrazzi site?! I AM KATIE HOLMES .
    Believe me.i am a good devoted mom too..

  11. Ann says

    Yes, let her walk when there are hundreds of people, normal fans and crazy paps, trying to get her picture. And these people question whether or not Katie is a good mom?!

    Sure let your 2-year-old walk through hundreds of people screaming her name, clawing to get a picture, touch, who knows what else.

  12. tv says

    It cracks me up that people give their opinions just by looking a pictures. I am sure Suri does have some sort of routine. I have a 3 year old little girl who is extremely shy and hides her face anytime someone she doesn’t know wants to talk to her. i cannot imagine what that poor little girl goes through. Just because she is not smiling in the pictures does not mean she is not happy. As for Suri walking, I too would carry my child in the middle of such a large crowd. Come on now, get real. Do you really think you would just let a 2 year old walk in Manhattan with all kinds of people crowding all around you to get pictures, autographs, etc.? There is no way I would. I think the fact that she is with either parent at all times shows how much they care about their daughter. As far as bedtime goes, Who knows what time she goes to bed, but I think it is ridiculous to think that all children go to bed at 7 in the evening. You cannot tell by pictures if this child has a bedtime or not.

  13. lauren says

    i couldn’t imagine not seeing MY child for 14 days!! especially at the age suri is …. katie sure is ambitious!! or selfish…whichever way you chose to look at it

    tom is such a has been…..his world is falling down all around him at the moment

    katie is just a wanna-be….it’s disgraceful that this play is called ‘katie’s play’….she is NOT a lead in it…..and rumour has it that tom heavily financed the play therefore ensuring katie had a role in it

  14. Anne says

    Suri should be home and in bed by 7 or at least 8 Pm and not being toted around at all hours. She needs a proper schedule but with their cult religion it appears anything goes with no restrictions.

  15. Lisa says

    this poor toddler looks exhausted, out all night with selfish parents who look like they have no routine what so ever for poor Suri.

  16. Bethany says

    Good grief…did you see all the people taking their picture!? No way would I let my child walk with all that going on. I must say that Suri looks tired as usual, as if she is up at all hours of the night. Who knows. Her dress is pretty too.

  17. LYNN says

    Excellent post anon.

    I just want to add that like all marriages, Katie and Tom must have their highs and lows an work through them like any couple. The only difference is the media scrutny that picks on all their moves, words and gestures. I wish them the best too. There are also people who hate Tom beliefs and will move from site to site saying bad things about this couple in the hope that they split or their marriage and their careers fail. That is unfortunate but such is the world we live in.

    Their little girl is just about the most beautiful child I have seen. She is so pretty. God must have ceated her early on Monday Morning after a long restful weekend. LOL.

  18. marti says

    Excellent post anon! And I totally agree.

    It must be so hard trying to be a family w/cameras in your face ALL the time! Suri is a baby and she doesn’t understand what that’s all about and it has to be a little scary for her. I appluad her parents for *trying to be normal and taking her out and enduring that intrusion in their lives, but how many fricking pictures, of them do we need?!!!? The paps need to back off , especially when they’re out w/their daughter, trying to be a family.

  19. meg says

    # 3 thanks for the details,
    but wasn’t Nicole that woman
    who understood his life and
    what he did and who he really
    was …….JMO………….
    Tom is so weird.
    Katie is a normal mother and wife.
    I mean when Tom decides he doesn’t
    want someone,then that’s it.
    I just think Katie deserves the best,
    also Suri,and sometimes I guess they
    are not safe with this guy,JMO.

  20. Scarlett says

    Oh look it is Katie and her purse oops I mean Suri. That poor child is dragged around like a dog…Does she have any friends? Katie should try putting that child in a school so she can be around other children her own age. Instead of being dragged everywhere. Suri never looks happy…I have a toddler ( only child) the same age as Suri and I didn’t want to put her in to a school but it was the best thing. She has kids her own age and is learning and does crafts. It is only half a day but children need other children not always to be around adults.

  21. Star says

    Don’t understand why Katie is wearing a black bra under the white t-shirt. Does she want attention to go there??
    (other sites show it clearly.)

    Poor Suri is in sleeveless while parents are in nice warm Fall, night time clothes.

  22. anon says

    No I don’t think they are having trouble at all.The way they act in public is normal and healthy.Speculation usually occurs when you don’t see the two of them together.We have to realize she’s in New York for her broadway and he is in LA for his business.He comes to visit often with the baby so they can be together and not apart from each other for more than 14days.Katie has said this before from her interview.She is actually the one that coordinates.And for any reason that she has no freedom is just people creating gossip because they don’t want him,let’s face it already,she knew the life she was getting in to when she married him,she is just committed as he is.We can’t just assumed they are having problems when other one doesn’t hold hands,smiles anymore and no privacy what so ever.We all know that papparazzi camps out of where they leave and they have a source to follow and get details from.No one would like to have the pictures taking all the time but then if they snap to the press like Russell Crowe did,then more negative remarks will be said about them. Their body language is not always perfect but if we look very closely Katie reaches for his hand to hold when they are walking or posing.The two of them are meant for each other,she grew up in big family with no divorce involve,if she is not tough enough to go through the smokey fire,thenshe is just weak and cannot fight for her marriage,that she rather take the advices from strangers who try to ruin their lives.She has to realize that the momment she married him or be with him,her life changed in extreme way.If the two of them will not let negative rumors split them apart,they will last for more than we expect.He said it himself that he will worship the woman that would understand his life and what he does and who he really is.The only thing that standing in their way is the rumors that have been trying to ruin them over and over.Good luck to both of them.

  23. meg says

    Suri is such a sweetie…
    I heard Tom and Katie were
    having troubles,is it true?
    Have you heard of anything recently?

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