Heath Ledger's Daughter To Inherit Entire Estate

Heath Ledger’s 2-year-old daughter Matilda Rose will inherit Heath’s entire $16.6 million estate, according to Perth, Australia’s Sunday Times.

The Dark Knight star — who died last January of a prescription drug overdose at the age of 28 — had named his parents and sisters as the beneficiaries in his will.

But the will was made before the birth of his daughter. Some reports speculated that Heath’s ex Michelle Williams would lodge a claim.

But Heath’s father Kim tells Perth’s Sunday Times, “There is no claim. Our family has gifted everything to Matilda.”

In March, Kim issued a statement: “Matilda is an absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family. They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be.”

Both Michelle and Heath’s families recently pledged to contribute an undisclosed amount to a scholarship to help emerging Australian actors and honor the memory of Heath.

Applications are available online and will be accepted from October 1st to November 28th, with the first beneficiary to be announced by mid-February.

Hmmm…Heath’s family didn’t “gift” anything to Matilda…they simply chose not to fight for the money in the courts.



  1. Tam says

    as soon as heaths daughter was born he should have updated his will…. whats so complicated about that? she should have inherited it all based on the will either way. thats his only daughter!

  2. jil says

    that was a snarky remark “that they didnt gift the money, they just wanted to stay out of court.” Shame on you. Clearly your work is not to be read as news but merely as editorial commentary. Not every family is overly concerned with cash. And im sure splitting it would have been enough to keep it out of court. But to gift it all and spare any rifts in their family shows that they are above the pettiness of who could get rich off of Heath’s death. It is possible that they know what right and wrong without a judge telling them. God bless them and Heath. Again shame on you for your emotion evoking comment…though i suppose it did accomplish what you wanted.

  3. oriana says

    Granny, I recently updated my Will too. I had left some to my son’s ex-girlfriend, and still have left her my Black Tahitian Pearl jewelery, my sister doesn’t like them and I don’t want my husband’s new wife or greedy family to have them! Ha!
    My son’s ex has married and is happy, she doesn’t need the $10,000 I had designated for her now. It is very important to cover your children, and loved ones. Please, ladies, don’t take anything for granted, and I do mean ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tia :) says

    Zbella- I believe in the begining when the money was left to Heath’s father he said he would make sure some of the money would go to look after Matilda..not all, some. So i suppose at one point that maybe it wasn’t planned to all go to her?

  5. Just me says

    I agree with you Oriana, except that although she is Heath’s spitting image, I’m starting to see Michelle now.

  6. Zbella says

    Did ANYONE say she didn’t deserve it, or would not have received it had they gone to court? NO. The fact remains, the money was gifted to Matilda.

  7. For the want of education... says

    Matilda and her mother would have had every right to sue for the money and would, most likely, have won, if not all of it, then certainly the majority.

    Heath’s family should have said they were giving the money to Matilda the day the will was read – the fact that they did not means that the webmistress’s comments are thoroughly understandable: by delaying it feels as if the family were assessing their options and did not instantly see what the honest and appropriate thing to do was.

  8. Lurker says

    Okay..you’ve got to be kidding me.

    TWO DAYS I’ve been trying to post that Heath Ledger’s insurance company is trying to deny the policy on the “chance that it may have been suicide” and I was trying to express my disgust with it but the wm is still “moderating it”. If you go to ET (Entertainment Tonight) online, you can read up on it if you’re interested.
    I just don’t like the fact that, despite the companies “right” to investigate Heath’s death, in the meantime they’re jerking his family around about it.

  9. MJ says

    Wow. On a day when the dow dropped 777 points and thousands of people will be losing their jobs, I guess I just don’t see the relevance of a story about a girl whose mother is a millionaire receiving even more millions. Maybe we can save these stories for better days. No one needs to hear this right now.

  10. oriana says

    She deserves every dime, it is as it should be! And with her mommy making movies, I am sure she isn’t penniless, she will be well taken care of. She does look just like Heath more and more every day.

  11. Lauren says

    That little girl deserves the money. She’ll have the pain of growing up without knowing her dad so she deserves whatever breaks life give her.

  12. says

    Lesson learned here. Parents keep your wills updated, especially after the addition of each child, and also keep guardianship updated for your children.

  13. mslewis says

    “Gifted” is indeed a legal term. It is used for tax purposes. The family “gifted” Matilda with the money from her father’s estate. I seriously doubt it would have gone to court if they had decided to keep the money. It was willed to them and it was their’s to “gift” if they so desired, which, fortunately, the did. No snide comments necessary.

    And, Kay, Heath Ledger was very young and he was not in the $20 million per movie bracket when he died. I don’t know how much he got from “Batman” up front or if he had a “back end” deal. Whatever, $16 million is quite a large estate for such a young actor, especially considering taxes. Also, I would imagine the $16 million includes some property.

  14. Butterfly says

    What is web mistress taking these days–why trivilaize the kindness of Matilda’s grandparents?

  15. Lurker says

    I tended to think when I read this story this morning that the term “gifted” was perhaps just a legal term for giving the money from Heath’s estate to Matilda, who wasn’t IN his will, as she wasn’t born yet when he wrote it up.
    I think his money SHOULD go to his daughter, and perhaps some to Michelle to help in caring for their child. I think much of Matilda’s money should be set aside for her future, like college and whatnot.

    So though, yes, I completely agree the little girl should recieve her late father’s money, I didn’t take it in such a ‘negative way’ as the webmistess seems to have put out about the situation.

    Overall I think the right thing is being done by Heath’s family..and I still think Matilda is one of THE cutest celeb babies (toddlers/ preschoolers..?) out there!

  16. justagirl says

    It’s about time to see some generosity in Hollywood! Way to go for putting the kid first! She’s adorable by the way.

  17. accalia says

    Really stupid comment Webmistress. They did ‘gift’ it to her.

    She looks exactly like her daddy ! Very cute little girl.

  18. Kelli says

    What I don’t get is the hostility. Did your parents not love you? My parents loved me and would have given my child every last penny and MORE in this situation, without a court order.

    Why so much insinuation that it is utterly impossible that Heath Ledger’s parents acted out of love and decency? Why are you people so freakin jaded. I’m sorry that nobody loves you and that you trust NOBODY and think that is how EVERYBODY is. That is truly sad.

  19. Kay says

    I’m actually surprised that his estate isn’t worth more than that. Doesn’t his estate receive money from the Batman movie? Surely he earned ALOT of money from that movie. It’s good to hear that his daughter won’t suffer financially but very sad she won’t have a father growing up.

  20. Bunnie says

    If it had gone to court, you can bet that a judge would have found Matilda’s interest to be a priority given that she is the closest next of kin, and her grandparents would not have gotten much of anything… beneficiaries or not.

  21. Tia :) says

    As far as im concerned that baby SHOULD get every last penny. I agree with the WM. She’s right…this is the only way Heaths father could stay out of the courts. Everyone knew how much Heath was a loving, and devoted father. If that will was re-written before he died, you can bet your butt everything would have been left to Matilda. Everything.

  22. Tia :) says

    As far as im concerned that baby SHOULD get every last penny. I agree with the WM. She’s right…this is the only way Heaths father could stay out of the courts. Everyone knew how much Heath was a loving, and devoted father. If that will was re-written before he died, you can bet your ass everything would have been left to Matilda. Everything.

  23. Kelli says

    Why so cynical, Moderator? They did indeed “gift” what was legally theirs to her. What is beautiful about this is that it is my belief that if Heath HAD rewritten his will that he would have had his parents and siblings receive SOMETHING of his estate. But they did this out of an immense love for him and his child. Still I’m sure that as far as they are concerned, Matilda (with her millions now in the bank) still got the short end of the stick because unlike the rest of his beloved family, she will be the one with no memory of him.

    But how lucky she is to have such a loving family who don’t make money even a thought. $16 million is a LOT of money, lesser families would have dragged this out for years.

  24. Bethany says

    Uhhhh….yes, they DID “gift” it to Matilda. His parents and siblings received all the money…..the will was written before she was born and made no mention of her. Therefore, no money was left to her. His parents say that every penny is going to Matilda, therefore, it’s a gift. How hard is that to understand?

  25. Vicky UK says

    They did gift it to her, it’s a legal term. If you do that and then live for 7 years afterwards you don’t need to pay tax on it.

    If they left it in the will, they would have to pay tax, so your snide comment is rubbish.

  26. Collette uk says

    Bril news she should have something she was his daugher+how amazing is it she image of michele+heath rip heath sadly missed not forgotton x

  27. KMS says

    Agree with #1 – they were indeed the beneficiaries and it was very generous. People get a bit crazy when money is involved so theye asily could have kept it all.

  28. Anne says

    $16.6 million is a lot of money and I see no fault in Heath’s family sharing in at least $1 million. Australia to the United States is very costly and I am sure the parents want to see their granddaughter more often. Matilda still has a mother and she is financially ok.

  29. onatear says

    If you accept that he left his estate to his parents, etc, then they would not have to fight for anything. They did indeed, give it to Matilda! What’s so complicated about that? It’s very generous of them.

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