Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Daughter At The 50th Anniversary Screening Of Sleeping Beauty

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 31, and Grace, 3, were snapped at the 50th anniversary screening of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at Chelsea Cinemas on September 28th.

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  1. Muah says

    I pray for you all. Because without Jesus – one’s life is meaningless. Afterall, what do you think the point of this life is? What do you live your life for? For success? Money? Family? Only to grow old and die after 80 some odd years. There is a life after death and your decisions today will affect where you spend eternity. I’m not looking for any response to this. I’m not looking to argue with anyone either. God bless you all and your families.

  2. Karen says

    I HATE her and everything she stands for she needs to go back under the rock she came from. She reminds me of those CULT people. HER THOUGHT PROCESS IS VERY SCAREY.

  3. N says

    Like i said….you never shut up…. You referenced God in post #41. Your comment “God says it is” lead me to say what I said. I am nothing like you…. dont get it twisted. This one blog is full of your comments going back and forth…not mine. That would lean towards you not knowing when or how to shut up. I always have something to say to you because you never shut up!!

  4. samsmom says

    No problem Jean. I am certain that if we had this debate face to face we both would have been more civil. Looking forward to “friendlier” debate with you in the future.

  5. Jill says

    You’re all sad except for a few people. You all need to grow up and find a better argument for supporting abortion rather than just evil selfishness and women’s rights. Don’t bother responding to my last comments here- you’re all hopeless.

  6. jean says

    not to turn this into a love-in, but thanks samsmom – we absolutely disagree, but i ought to have been more civil about it.

  7. Jill says

    N- When did I mention the word Bible anywhere on here? It’s interesting that you mentioned the name Christ. That shows me that you no better than to act the way you’re acting. Christians aren’t perfect and I never claimed to be… but we’re not doormats either. I just believe that abortion is wrong and I stated my opinion-period. With the way you always have an answer to my posts, I’d say that you’re someone who never shuts up either. Isn’t it funny the things we see in other people that we don’t like are the same exact things we see in ourselves?

  8. samsmom says

    To the Only Man in the Room, thank you for what you said, in supporting my statements and for bringing your own comments to the table. As the mother of a son, I am frightened at the cultural disrespect for men in our society. Feminism has not only degraded motherhood, but it has also degraded the importance of fathers and men. Which is why I do not believe the Feminism Movement is about equality.
    I really appreciate your last comment about how it would feel as a father of an unborn child who was powerless to save that life of that said child. I would implore anyone here who is the mother or grandmother of a son, to really think what it would feel like to have fatherhood ripped away from them because a woman chose death instead of life for their baby.
    To anyone who feels compelled to spew venom at me, go ahead. But honestly, I don’t want to be hateful. I want to apologize to Jean for the way I responded to her posts. She is certainly entitled to her beliefs as I am mine.

  9. N says

    For one …..for you to pretend like you really care about what the bible says is hilarious to me. You dont display any of the characteristics of someone who wants to be Christ like. Also, I dont care who you directed your comments to. That should be pretty OBVIOUS. You are the type of person that never shuts up.

  10. palinsstupid says

    ok, NOW you remind me of norman bates’ mother in psycho! hey, i like this game. quick, someone else think of one quick!

  11. Jill says

    #73- the question was not directed at you and it was rhetorical. So #1- don’t answer questions that aren’t directed at you, and #2- realize that that is the kind of question that I really didn’t want an answer to. This is what rhetorical means- I know that is a big word for you so I thought that I’d expand your vocabulary today.

  12. N says

    Jill….Murder is murder regardless if the government tells you to do it. Just like no sin is greater than another…..

  13. palinsstupid says

    well, jeez jill – you asked a question and i answered it. sheesh, try to help a person out… 🙂

  14. WasWendy says

    She’s got it all. Brains, beauty, class, a lovely family and a bright future. Nobody at a real news nertwork will pay the bombastic broad Behar to do a show, but Hasselbeck will go very far in journalism.

    Leave The View – get away from those ugly crones.

  15. Jill says

    #61- I think you meant puke. Puck is a part of a hockey game and I don’t believe we’re discussing hockey here.

  16. Jill says

    Wow…real mature there #69. Are you 12?? Mommy wants you to go to bed now..so grab your doll and go nighty night! Don’t forget to go potty first!!

  17. palinsstupid says

    can’t speak for 4 pete’s sake jill, but you put me in mind of that kid in the exorcist whose head spins around and around…

  18. Jill says

    #60- first of all, don’t assume- you don’t know me. I find your horror movie comment quite hilarious- what movie were you referring too? Yes, I am aware of other religions-thank you for opening my American mind to different religions! You know we Americans don’t know any other religions- you foreigners know it all. 🙂 Um…duh! You would compare abortion to war- that just shows your ignorance. Do I really have to explain the difference to you?

  19. Jill says

    #62- you make no sense. I really think that God would be happy that we are defending the unborn. We have morals- since when is being for murdering an innocent baby considered moral? As for eating your friends alive- look at their posts toward everyone else on here. Good luck!

  20. The Only Man in the Room says

    @For Pete’s Sake: I would LOVE for you to name one movie that fits in with your comment: “I’ve watched horror movies about people that think like you.”

    As for the rest of the comments, I have no problem being judged by anyone, why would I. I am strong in my beliefs, as you obviously are as well. I notice that all of the responses ignore one simple fact: as I said, people against abortion believe it is murder, and murder of an innocent at that. I think everyone on this message board would agree that murdering an innocent is ALWAYS wrong, we just have different definitions of innocent.

    As for babies not being able to support their own life outside of the womb, would you say the same of all people on life support? Should everyone on life support no longer be considered a “person” since they are not capable of sustaining life on their own? If so, then I have no problem with you having your belief, but if you think people should be able to have the advantage of life support when available, then you are a hypocrite.

    Also, someone mentioned atheists and other religions. While almost all atheists have different beliefs, all derived from inside themselves and the influences around them (much like most of us anyway), all of the other religions you mentioned put just as much emphasis on human life, so I don’t see your point.

    @For Pete’s Sake (again) “you sound like a polygamist soothing his many uneducated child brides” Wow, so you have such a hard time articulating your own beliefs, you have to simply make assumptions about me? I am happily married to the love of my life with one daughter, the best thing to ever happen to me.

    I will leave you all with one final thought here: Imagine if my wife wanted an abortion. I loved my child the day I found out she existed inside my wife. Try to imagine being powerless to save your child simply because another person thinks it would be too much of an inconvenience to have a child or go through pregnancy. It would be the most heartbreaking thing I can imagine. This happens to men every day. Many men would happily be the incubator that women ARE (not that this is all women are, quite the contrary, this honor is reserved only for women).

  21. Star says

    Tia #54,55
    You misread and misunderstood what I was saying. I was saying that your reasoning doesn’t make sense. You say that people can do whatever they want according to their own beliefs (prolife vs. anti-life, war vs. anti-war, etc.) but I was saying that somewhere long, long time ago people thought of what was morally wrong and right. And thus came about laws governing society. (If you really look into the study, the first laws have their origin in the 10 Commandments. Yes, from the Christian religion).
    If you truly believe everything is RELATIVE, then you would be an anarchist.
    I challenge you to question your line of reasoning because you go off of it.

    …And although you’re 8 mos. pregnant, that doesn’t give you a right to talk in a belittling tone to me or others here.

  22. B says

    Has anyone called the snake wrangler?? Lots of venom being spat back and forth here…
    You’re all missing the main point here….Elisabeth Hasselbleeccchhh has been annoying every since we had to endure her (and that ridiculous bundle of rags she ‘adorned’ her opinionated, smug head with) on Survivor. Time has not made her any less of an irritating, smug, self righteous and self-congratulatory loudmouth…ha ha. Cute daughter though.

  23. bella1 says

    As to the vultures on here who wants to eat poor Jean and Tia alive. All I can say is you guys better put a lock on your laundry room door because when we all get to heaven and your dirty laundry starts stinking up the place, Jean and Tia will be there to laugh in your faces. Remember a sin is sin no matter how you slice or dice it. You self righteous turn your noses up at others sinners will reap what you sow….good luck!

  24. jean says

    the only man in the room, your analogy of legalized abortion to women and blacks obtaining the vote is apt – every one of these cases turned on a notion of ‘personhood’. the right to abort was a recognition of women as fully realized persons, entitled to that thing called self-determination. women are not chattel. their bodies are not incubators. they are entitled to act as they please (within the confines of the law obviously), bear what children they please, and terminate what pregnancies they don’t. when i say then, that it’s not an issue, it’s bc it isn’t. it’s not up for reconsideration in any jurisdiction i can think of. finally – that last, ‘humble man’ line was simply priceless. thank you for my laugh of the week.
    (and to for pete’s sake – thanks, period.)

  25. bella1 says

    Do me a favour “the only man in the room”get out of the room,your two cents is not wanted or needed. Your undisguised biased makes me want to puck.

    ‘The only men that tolerate women like that are either weak, or dominate you without you even knowing, as you are too one sided to even realize when you are being manipulated.”


    Oh, btw, is killing animals for pleasure a sin?

  26. for Pete's sake says

    Saying that you would love to open your home to a 13 year old that is pregnant and help her raise her child, is one thing. Doing it, is an entirely different thing! I’m assuming that you have never done so – to me that just suggests that you are a hypocrite. A 13 year old is NOT an adult! She cannot vote or drive a car. Adults have that legal right. Teenagers will have s*x whether you like it or not. That still does not make them an adult.

    Unless you are willing to practice what you preach, I suggest you stop flapping your gums! You are sounding more and more creepy. I’ve watched horror movies about people that think like you. And don’t start preaching your “Christian principles” to me either. I’m NOT from your country. My country has people living in it that are not all Christians. Believe it or not there are non-Christian people in the world too like Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus and Jews and many, many others.

    Since you believe that “murder” is wrong, I’m assuming that you do not support the war in Iraq then, right? Because after all “murder is wrong”…tell me that you do not approve of Iraqi innocent bystanders like children and their mothers getting killed by U.S. military troops. Because as you said “murder is wrong.” Otherwise, you are a hypocrite, yet again! Right?

    #51 – you sound like a polygamist soothing his many uneducated child brides i.e. Jill et al.!! Your 2 cents do not even count here because you are a man and will never know what it is like to give birth. Abortion is a woman’s business and not you, nor the Pope, nor the Vatican have the right to tell a woman what she should and should not do with her body. Just like the Pope cannot tell gay men and women whether they can or cannot get married. You should remain silent and humble like the milksop that you are. Now go read a book that was printed in the 21st century and not the 15th!

    Lay off Tia, lay off Jean and any other woman that actually has a brain to think independently and respects her decision to live her life as she pleases without you and your condemning fingers pointing at them. Don’t judge people otherwise you’re setting yourself up to be judged right back!!

  27. christie says

    omg, we are suppose to commenting in hasselbeck and her daughter at an anniversary premier of a childrens classic film and its turned into this!!!

  28. Jill says

    N- the constitution says absolutely nothing about the church being separate from the state. What it says is, that the state shall not interfere with a person’s right to worship how they want. That’s not the same. What do you think our country was founded on? Christian principles. Do some research.

  29. N says

    This is a futile argument….This topic has been argued for years because of the word “PERSON”……. to some an unborn child is not a “PERSON”… it does not exist as a distinct entity. It can not be seperate from the mother. That is where the word “VIABLE” comes into play….. The Courts define viable as being potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb…..everyone has their own opinion on when “life” actually begins….. When you murder someone you are “UNLAWFULLY” killing a human being… and a “BEING” is A living entity that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently. A baby does not become a living entity until it is “VIABLE”. THEREFORE Roe vs Wade….. Therefore legalized abortion….. In GOVERNMENT there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state…. NOW lets throw in religion…. To christians abortion is a sin…. thou shalt not kill….. A CHRISTIAN will have to deal with their sin before their God when that time comes….. Just like any other sin. For no sin is greater than another. I dont know what other religions say about this topic…. What does an Atheist think?

  30. Tia :) says

    All im trying to say here ladies is that again and again on this site i see people going at one another constantly. I dont get it. Who are we to say what is right and what is wrong? If one is pro-choice..that doesnt make them the bad guy! If you are pro-life than good for you!! Im sorry if I offended anyone, but really..im 8 months pregnant and tired.

  31. Tia :) says

    #32- ummm..are you for real? You just said to ME that I want everyone to believe in the same worldview as ME? What have you been reading lady?? This Jill person has been b!tching on how abortion is wrong and im the bad guy? All i said is that I believe in pro-choice!! Jeeze! Ok and just you you…there is nothing wrong with ones s e x ual preference…whatever makes you happy… and war is bad…there..i preached just for you.

  32. Tia :) says

    Jill- It seems pretty funny I havent been on this site for months yet you know who I am? I believe your the b i t c h and one who needs not take everything so seriously and to heart. How am I a coward? Lady, I have a 2 yr old and one on the way…You said it right..you DONT know me…so shove it 🙂

  33. JIll says

    #51- thank you so much for your post. It’s nice to have men like you out there. And I hope you find as much comfort knowing that not all of us are uptight feminists too! 🙂 You sound like a decent man with morals and integrity. Thanks again.

  34. The Only Man in the Room says

    Jean, I have been following this argument for awhile, and you have been so misled throughout your life. If nothing else, “i do not believe that this is even an issue since your cause was lost with legalized abortion sometime ago.” is one of the most ignorant statements you have made through this whole argument. By that logic, women and blacks should never have been able to vote, since at one time they weren’t able to. Laws that are unjust can be changed, so it is NOT the case that this isn’t an issue.

    I DO understand that you don’t believe it is murder, and in such a belief, I can see how it is so hard for you to accept that Jill, Samsmom, myself, and many other believe it is murder, but you have NEVER, at any point throughout this argument, considered that fact: the people you are arguing with believe it is MURDER. You need to at least consider that fact before you decide such terrible things about these women. They have enough self-confidence to realize that they can be proud to be mothers, and STILL be strong women.

    Jill, Samsmom, et al, your points are so well though out and spoken that I am a bit ashamed to put my two-cents in, but I want you to know that you two are REAL women, the kind any man would be proud to call his equal. Jean, you are petty, and afraid. The only men that tolerate women like that are either weak, or dominate you without you even knowing, as you are too one sided to even realize when you are being manipulated.

    This humble man appreciates those women out there who are bigger than any man, accepting another life into her own body, rejoicing.

  35. jean says

    or maybe, yet again, you’re foisting your notions on everyone else. i do not believe that abortion qualifies as murder. i do not believe in any right to be born. i do not believe that this is even an issue since your cause was lost with legalized abortion sometime ago. you and your fellow evangelicals will have to adjust to a new reality. or not, i suppose. either way, women’s right to self-determination continues.

  36. Jill says

    Religion has nothing to do with morals Jean. Murder is wrong…stealing is wrong…. burglary is wrong… you don’t need God or religion to tell you that. People have something called a conscience. Perhaps you don’t.

  37. jean says

    to be honest jill, i don’t feel any real rancour for you or samsmom. i appreciate that you’re each of you a product of what i can only guess were hyper-religious environments. i’ve offended you i know – but your hostility for anything not-evangelical gets my back up in ways i can’t describe.

  38. Jill says

    Jean obviously has no children- she believes in murdering them. How can anyone on here possibly take her side with a clear conscience? That is the problem with society today- they think like Jean. Moral relativity. No right or wrong, no one to answer to. Let’s just keep letting people steal things, because they might be poor, or let people demolish a car because their Father abused them when they were little and they have anger issues, or let a child molester abuse a child because Satan told him too, or get an abortion because this little baby will ruin my chances of getting into a fine college. Jean, like Samsmom said-I pity you. You are one of the most ignorant people I have ever heard. You have no idea what goes into raising a child and the demands it puts on people. I feel sorry for your husband if you’re married. Do you let him do things for you or love you? Do you wear the pants in the family? Maybe you’re a lesbian. Whatever Jean- you need help with your thinking.

  39. jean says

    samsmom, when i said that you ‘care’, i meant you care about being called out as a one-dimensional automaton.

  40. Jill says

    #43- I’m sorry- I didn’t know that there were set rules. Obviously everyone else likes discussing topics like that, so where does that leave you?

  41. UnheardOfComments says

    This is a forum to discuss adorable additions to celeb families -not a place to hash out political views (a topic which reduces those involved down to the name calling games of children)…

  42. Jill says

    also…the reason I told Tia to mind her own business is because she decided to jump into the conversation after it had been going on for a while. She read one post, (mine) then attacked me…or can you read?

  43. Jill says

    for Pete’s sake- I would love to take a little girl like that in. Last time I checked, murder is wrong. God says it is. Also, “youth” as you call it don’t do an adult thing like having sex. In my book, once you do that, you’re taking on adult responsibilities and you need to think like an adult..ie..condoms, birth control etc. As far as Tia goes, she boldly states her opinion, as I do mine. Why am I self-righteous? I do think before I speak- you don’t, obviously. I also think child molestation is wrong- are you telling me that I shouldn’t tell a child molester that it’s wrong? Would I be self righteous? You are about as dumb as they come-just like your name.

  44. for Pete's sake says

    Jill get off your self-righteous high horse! Who are you to decide what is right or wrong? Who are you to attack another woman for speaking her mind? Who are you to tell me to mind my own business? Who are you to tell me to not defend Tia?

    You Jill, are the one with no back bone!!

    Next time a 13 year old girl becomes pregnant and her parent’s kick her out of the house, open YOUR house to her and offer to help her raise the child so that she can continue to go to school and get an education. An education that all women deserve to have so that they can someday find a decent job to raise their children and put them through College. Many of these young mother’s end up living on the streets, prostituting and being physically abused by men. They turn to drugs and other illegal activities to make some money in order to survive. Many of these women will never return to school and get a high school diploma. Some will live in shelters if they are lucky. One thing is for sure, they will never get their youth back.

    Think before you speak! It may appear difficult at first but I’m sure you can do it if you try! Use the old noggin!!

  45. Samsmom says

    Wow Jean, I must have really struck a nerve with you. You are attacking me in a post directed to Jill? But you know you are right. I am a “creative girl”. Thanks for noticing.
    Also you are right that I do care, just not for the reasons you think.I care that lonely, bitter, hateful women like yourself try to demean the role of motherhood to nothing more than mindless work. I care that you preach rights for women, but none for the unborn. Oh yes Jean, I care about many things. And now I am just starting to pity you. You seem so sad, angry. I hope that you can find a true joy in your life instead of trying to suck it out of others.

  46. Jill says

    #35- What about the baby’s rights? You’re right- a woman does have a right to her own body- but the baby is separate- a separate human life. Tia picks on other people so she gets what she deserves- maybe you should tell your so called friend Tia to shut her mouth. She has no back bone- how can you be against abortion, and then pay no mind to some one else who gets one? Why are we bloodthirsty? We’d like to stop abortions- she doesn’t. Now who’s bloodthirsty? For Pete’s Sake! Mind your own business!!

  47. Star says

    #28 Tia:

    If you follow your line of reasoning, who are we to make any laws at all to govern society? Afterall, laws are derived from a sense of morality, of right and wrong.
    Will you say “Who are we to say you can’t molest a child? Who are we to say you can’t assault someone– even when they’ve insulted you? Who are we to say you can’t take the life of another, no matter how angry you are with them?
    … Yet we, as a society, call for the taking lives of unborn babies. Today, it’s called “murder” if a pregnant women and her baby die due to someone’s action (ex. car accident) — yet called, “Choice” when she does it herself! I’ll say it again: crazy world.

  48. for Pete's sake says

    What a bunch of blood thirsty women some of your are!!! Do you even know what you are saying or are you all wanting to argue for the sake of arguing!?

    Every woman has a right to her own body!! That is what being a feminist is all about – it has NOTHING to do with being “feminine”!!

    Stop picking on Tia!! She and I go way back and she is an honest, caring and compassionate person that would never hurt a human being.

  49. Agreed says

    Rock on Jill! Jean is an unhappy, very confused, bitter woman. And for all of you who say that while you would never abort, a woman should have the right – you are total hypocrites. Stand up and take a stand. If you would never abort, there is clearly a reason for that. Abortion isn’t about a woman’s rights. A real feminist stands up to her responsibilities, even her maternal ones. Thank you so much Jill for having the balls to speak your mind.

  50. Get with It says

    Tia – In response to your comment to Jill – Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. Its not your place to shut them up just because they don’t “preach” the same thing you do. I hope I don’t see you preaching anything on here saying that homosexuality isn’t wrong, or that the war isn’t right, or that abortion should be a choice. Because I guess you’d be preaching, right? And you can take that elsewhere. Or can’t you coexhist with people that don’t all believe in the same worldview as you?

  51. jean says

    i must say, jill, that you’re wildly aggressive for a self-professed humanitarian. it doesn’t much jive w/ your purported love of the unborn, you know? so, as i told samsmom (what a creative girl she is) stick to baking and cleaning and child-rearing and leave the hard stuff like thinking to those that can do it. if you need a challenge, find a complicated recipe – heck, there are ones out there with half-measures! that should tickle your brain plenty.

  52. Jill says

    Jean- you’ve already lost it, psycho. Anyone who believes in murdering an innocent baby has lost it. Tia- you joined this conversation way too late. Many women above have agreed with me so please don’t butt in until you’ve read the blogs thoroughly. You’ve been known to be a b!tch on here anyways. Please don’t respond to me when I don’t even know you. I don’t even like you, get it? Coward.

  53. Blair says

    aw, she is just precious and i love the big fluffy bows she always seems to be sporting…so girly!

  54. Tia :) says

    Jill- To each his own. I myself do not believe in abortion, but who am I to say to another woman that it’s wrong. Maybe you should take your preaching else where

  55. Jill says

    Jean- only airheads like you believe in relative morals. Quick!!! Everyone on here hide your babies! The witch Jean has set out to bake them in her oven! Tell me what morality there is in aborting…I mean killing a baby by poisoning it, putting it through a garbage disposal or performing your personal favorite…partial birth abortion? Maybe your mom should have aborted you. How bout that? Cold heartless people like you should not live on this earth. BTW- people on here are not undermining what women in history have done regarding our right to choose. I believe…. no I know that women on here are speaking out for the 4000 babies a day that are murdered that have no voice. They have something called compassion-unlike you. Also, contrary to what you might think, not all men have that superior motive that women should be barefoot and pregnant, but thanks to people like you and your feminism BS they hesitate to do anything nice because women like you think that women can do anything men can do. Well, I have news for you-they can’t. Men are physically stronger-deal with it.

  56. Get with It says

    I was talking to a friend of mine’s little girl, and she said she wanted to be President some day.

    Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, ‘If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?’

    She replied, ‘I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.’

    ‘Wow – what a worthy goal.’ I told her, ‘You don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that. You can come over to my house and mow, pull weeds, and sweep my yard, and I’ll pay you $50. Then I’ll take you over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food or a new house.’

    She thought that over for a few seconds ’cause she’s only 6. And while her Mom glared at me, she looked me straight in the eye and asked, ‘Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?’

    And I said, ‘Welcome to the Republican Party.’

  57. Go Sarah! Go! says

    Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran. For all of you out there that are offended – thats coming from the Saturday Night Live Skit – your liberal fan base. Or shall we wait until they bomb us? Or attack us again? By all means, lets write up a peace treaty with people whose sole mission in life is to destroy western civilization at the cost of their own lives. Don’t you think there have been attacks on us since then! Our government has protected and shielded us with their intelligence. Freedom isn’t free people!

  58. jean says

    actually, the vitriole of your post says that care you care a whole lot, samsmom. breathe in and out, bake some cookies, feel better.

  59. Samsmom says

    Jean, you think I have no identity outside of being a mother? You make me laugh, you bitter, bitter woman. Even if it were true, I could care a less. Raising a child is a very rewarding job and I love it.
    BTW, I picked the name because this is a baby site. If you look many others on here did the same.
    So, what identity do you have other than bitter witch?
    And take your feminism and shove it. There is nothing feminine about it.

  60. jean says

    to the conservative posters: better women than you fought for your right to live unfettered and yet you conservatives throw these rights back with both hands. if you don’t like abortions, then by all means, carry your babies to term. but don’t presume to decide the question for anyone else. incidentally, samsmom – nice name. time for an identity outside your reproductive parts. seriously.

  61. Star says

    If you do your research, you’ll find a large percentage of abortions are performed in disadvantaged black neighborhoods. The Black community has spoken up against abortion and for very good reason.

    …And on the whole embryonic stem cell research topic, why press for it when adult stem cell research has ALREADY produced successful and promising results? Adult stem cell research does not destroy an embryo and there are no ethical issues of cloning humans that arises. Embryonic stem cells also produce tumor growths.–I am flabbergasted at how the media selects which information to convey to the public and which to keep hidden.

    Do your own research and you’ll find the same information I just wrote. Palin, McCain, Bush, and evangelical Christians are pro-adult stem cell research, but against embryonic for the reasons stated above.

  62. KMS says

    Elisabeth looks great! I had a baby at the same time and don’t look like that….sniffle sniffle.

    Gosh these h-wood stars lose their weight in a hurry.

  63. Elizabeth says

    Ahem! Not all Democrats who are pro choice would actually get an abortion themselves. I’m tired of hearing praise for Gov. Palin b/c she ‘walks the talk” about abortion.. Come on! The woman has a lot of resources, it’s no skin off her teeth to have her speical needs child. Furthermore, many people who choose to give birth to a special needs child EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE PRO-CHOICE!!!! Do these people get credit for openly saying they think first-term abortion should be an option, yet not getting one themselves when the “stakes” are high? AND any person in his or her right mind can see a double standard to how conservatives reacted to the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy vs. Briston Palin’s. Spear’s pregnancy was a result of liberal decadence, whereas Bristol’s is a sign of morality b/c of living what you preach (ie, no abortion under hardly any circumstances). Uh huh, real tough decision for her–she knows that baby is taken care of b/c her parents have the resources for it. Again, most pro-choice people think abortion should be the absolutely LAST resort and doesn’t mean that they all go out and get abortions themselves with every “inconvenient” pregnancy. A lot Republicans who claim they are “pro-life” don’t give a flying crap about the child once he or she is born, especially if that child’s family is non-white and poor. Furthermore, these “pro life” Republicans are also the first to salivate for war, which kills many, many more (innocent) people than abortion (THE RATES OF ABORTION ARE DECLINING IN THE U.S., BTW!), eager for capital punishment (think George. W. Bush’s days as governor of TX), hunt in places where the animal has ZERO chance of getting out alive (a la Dick Cheney and his bird hunting hobby), and not support a national health insurance program that would save millions of lives. “Pro-life” Republicans care so deeply about the child in the womb, but once that child is born, he or she and his/her family are ON THEIR OWN to navigate a world that is sometimes stacked against their chances at health, success, and happiness, thus resulting in often much shorter life spans for those who don’t have much education, money, or support from their families or the government. The people who support these policies think they are more “pro-life” than liberals?!?!?

  64. Samsmom says

    Jean you took offensive to a new level. Telling right-wingers that they need to get back to baking cookies and leave the thinking to the likes of you? I don’t think so! You are misinformed and arrogant.
    And just so you know, abortion boils down to murder, not personal security. I guess to you the unborn don’t have the right to personal security! But you are so “able” to think on your own that you believe the lies that babies are not really human until birth, therefore not important.
    Well, I guess I will get back to baking cookies. I think Elisabeth bakes too, I knew I liked her!

  65. Jill says

    Jean- abortion is not personal security, it’s personal selfishness. Please don’t confuse the two, dear. Personal security is making your man slap on a condom or using some form of birth control. You heartless liberals seem to think that abortion is some form of birth control with your mentally off thinking. You say ” go back to making cookies?” I would love too! I love to bake especially for my husband! That’s something you wouldn’t know because of your feminist thinking. Why do something nice for your husband? So, you go live your bitter, unhappy life moron.

  66. jean says

    oh give me a break. liberals would have women decide issues of personal security (which is exactly what abortion boils down to) for themselves, while you right-wingers would decide it for them, like they’re errant children in need of guidance. why don’t you go back to baking cookies and leave the thinking to those able to do it.

  67. Mark says

    My friends, let me give you some straight talk, Hasselbeck is a wonderful supporter or the Lords way.

  68. Amy says

    Wow, shouldnt we be commenting on the photo instead of talking politics. There are national conventions for that..not BABYRAZZI

  69. Jill says

    #4 & 5- I totally agree with you- liberals are some of the most hateful people on the planet. Hopefully the “real” man McCain, will get into office and then all the liberals can go crying to mommy with their tail between their legs. 🙂

  70. Jessica says

    Several people made a good point, but it got canceled out with the whole “you liberals” thing. Generalizing is a big no no. Next time you have a point try not to throw everybody into one basket.

  71. Star says

    Well said, #4.
    Elisabeth isn’t as loud and as annoying as Joy, or as self-righteous as Barbara Walters. The show’s gone down the drain since the whole incident with Star Jones/Rosie O’Donnell — most of which was Rosie and Barbara’s fault.

    You Democrats are puzzling: You say you help the poor but yet you’re for experimenting on embryos and aborting fetuses. Aren’t unborn babies the real “poor” of this world, who don’t have a chance at life because of a convenience procedure?? Crazy world, this is.

  72. Me says

    I guess a woman is insane because of her political beliefs. You liberals are so intolerant and hateful towards anyone who doesn’t believe in your views or confronts them. Grow up and realize that there can be good genuine people in the world that you don’t have to hate just because they believe abortion or homosexuality is wrong. And then you scream back at Conservatives that they aren’t tolerant. Go figure. Don’t act like its such a hassle to coexist with people of different beliefs. How much of a bigot does that make you?

  73. Sandra says

    haha I think you meant insane!!

    Anyways I want the movie, I can’t wait for it to come out. Speaking of which I wonder when Beauty and the Beast will come out. I’m a huge disney movie collector hehe!!

  74. j says

    I hope she gets a job on Fox News as I heard was reported, then she won’t have to constantly be attacked by all the liberals who are hosting “The View” and think that they know everything. She is the only sane one on that show.

  75. Lisa says

    this woman is so annoying. She can take her know it all, republican loud, obnoxious, brain-washed self right off TV as far as I’m concerned.

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