PETA Warns Katie & Tom To Keep Suri Fur-Free!

PETA has sent a letter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes warning them not to dress daughter Suri, 2, in fur.

Citing Giorgio Armani’s use of fur coats in their baby and kids collections, Dan Matthews, the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote: “Please be vigilant about any packages that Armani sends for Suri, as they could include bunny fur from his toddler lines.”

Though Dan said that PETA has “always admired” Tom and Katie’s “fur-free personal style,” the couple is “among the most highly visible wearers” of Armani.

“We imagine that Suri, like other children, has a natural affinity for animals, which is why we find it shocking that Armani is not only breaking his fur-free promise but also trying to lure children into fashion derived from skinned rabbits,” Dan added.

This week, PETA sent similar letters to Kristin Chenoweth, Glenn Close, and Heidi Klum, who wore Armani at Sunday night’s Emmys.

GO PETA! Giorgio Armani should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

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  1. Chris says

    PETA is WHACK, they hide the fact that they are the leading companion killing organization responsible for 97% of companion animal killings in a report earlier this year.\

    Careful of the lies that organizations like this perpetrate to garner the attention of media to hide their evil.

    Don’t believe it? Do a quick Google search for PETA kills companion animals and see what you get.

  2. amy says



    “Please be vigilant” & that they have “always admired” Tom and Katie’s “fur-free personal style”

    i don’t know where the hell some of you get peta = terrorists out of THAT???!!!

    some of you posters are just plain nuts!!

  3. Zbella says

    Some people do love animals more than people. Sometimes I can’t blame them. Animals are loyal and don’t made snide remarks all day long, nor do they call each other loons.

  4. Tia :) says

    To each his own. PETA needs to back off. I myself wouldnt wear fur, but who do these people think they are sending messages to people? back off already!

  5. Anne says

    In other pictures she has a full head of hair. She does seem to have blonde highlights in her (not coloured) hair and most likely just a reflection from the sun.

  6. Hmm?! says

    I don’t mean the letter is violent, I don’t even know what they wrote on it and which words they used. I mean all those news I saw about PETA members throughing stuff to people wearing furs, breaking windows in fur stores, etc etc.

    And I repeat that if this is about animals then they should do the same with meat and leather and not focusing only with fur. I still can’t see the point of loving animals and taking care of their well-being and then eating them or wearing their skins (leather). Or small foxes or bunnies are cuter than a cow or a pig so we only should love the cute animals? That is my point I hope you guys understand what I mean.

  7. Andrew Morton Fan says

    What is the deal with Suri’s right side of her head? It looks like hair is missing. Any ideas. I did not see any other comments about it.

  8. traveler says


    How is writing a letter to a celebrity to inform them that Armani has started using fur in their children’s clothing line violent? Sounds to me like a rational thing to do. They sent them information on a clothing line. They weren’t standing in their living room with a gun to their head. They were simply informing them of the facts in case they didn’t know.

  9. Hmm?! says

    I totally understand the poing Bj’s mum, but they do the same with animals like cows and pigs (I’ve seen that) for you to have the meat on your table and the shoes on your feet. Then you should go Vegan (maybe you are as an animal lover I don’t know).

    I think PETA is using almost violence to be heard and that’s not right.

  10. Ana says

    I don´t understand how someone can dress in fur. I mean I saw lots of videos of animals being killed cause of their fur and believe me, it´s horrible! I´d like seeing Suri wearing normal clothes and being a kid!

    BTW people should look for more information on the internet and then they could give an opinion. Some farmers are very cruel with cows but not them all. I think PETA sometimes are too extreem but I agree with somethings they do.

    There is no reason to wearing fur.

  11. UnheardOfComments says

    PETA is one scary organization! The extremes that they go to in order to get support for their cause actually does the opposite and turns people off…

  12. Samsmom says

    Kay, I guess Peta thinks it is less cruel for humans to milk themselves to contribute to the ice cream industry. I mean really ice cream is not a necessity, so if selfish humans want it, they ought to milk themselves. Maybe even live in human milking farms.
    I agree with you, btw. I think it shows how Peta does put the rights of animals above that of humans, as someone above has already stated.
    As an animal lover, I could still never support Peta, they are far too extreme in their actions.

  13. Kay says

    I just read that PETA wants an ice cream chain to use breast milk in their ice cream instead of cow’s milk! Since when is it cruel to milk a cow. People have been doing it for generations. PETA is crazy!

  14. LYNN says

    Peta is exploiting the publicity surrounding Suri for their own ends. That is cheap. Suri is super gorgeous though.

  15. WasWendy says

    24. Miss Pat | September 25th, 2008 at 5:48 pm
    Shut up PETA

    That’s it – in a nutshell.

  16. charlene says

    The heading of this blog is misleading. PETA wasn’t warning in a ‘threatening’ way, they were simply alerting tom and katie about Armani’s cruel, fur toddler line. Since Armani apparently stated that they wouldn’t carry real fur products and now do…tom and katie may have bought fur for suri thinking it was fake. i’m sure most children would prefer not to wear fur from a tortured animal.
    not sure why abortion always has to come up in this discussion…that is a different subject and people that care for animals differ on their views about that. just because someone doesn’t believe in the murdering or other beings, doesn’t mean they don’t care about humans. people start saying that to change the subject about the animal cruelties they involve themselves with…ex. eating meat, wearing leather, buying animal tested products, etc….

  17. Pfff says

    How come you don’t hear about PETA in Alaska or Canada preaching to the natives (who wear furs to get through the winters) or the much more northern states/areas that rely on the animals for food and clothing??????

  18. bj's mom says

    there are terrible things like abortions, etc. but the thing is, we are talking about PETA and that is what PETA does. they defend animals. it dosent mean they dont care about humans, its just that this is what this organization does. kind of like the humane society finds homes for homeless animals, we could argue with them about why they are busy finding animals homes when there are orphans that need homes.

  19. ninatina says

    There is no reason to give animals a short sad life in small cages and a terrible death. There is no reason to wearing fur.

  20. Samsmom says

    It seems that most of us agree that cruelty to animals is wrong and certainly do not condone it. Like Jill pointed out though sometimes it is difficult to stomach an organization like PETA when so many humans suffer at the hands of other humans.
    I am a huge animal lover and I can’t stand the thought of one of them being hurt, but I am an even bigger proponent of the human right to live, most specifically the right of unborn babies.
    I always think about the scripture in the bible where God says that his eye is on the sparrow. If He watches out for animals then we should too. But does that not even make what we do to our unborn even more cruel?

  21. bj's mom says

    Jill…it absolutely is cruel and I agree a hundred percent. there are all sorts of terrible, sick, cruel things in the world and i am not saying those arent as important as this. i have a heart for animals, but a bigger heart for people and especially children and babies. my kids are the most important thing in my life EVER and the thought of the sick and cruel things people do to kids makes my stomach turn as i write about it. However, this particular post was about fur so i was speaking about the animals that suffer in order for people to wear fur, thats all.

  22. Jill says

    Also… you said something about hunters skinning animals alive. I could say the same thing about abortionists. Tiller the killer as I call him, works in Kansas and he aborts up until the due date. Tell me that’s not cruel and I’ll say that you have no heart.

  23. Jill says

    #12- I don’t see them fighting for the unborn babies that are aborted by the hundreds and thousands everyday, do you? I’m not condoning cruelty on an animal- believe me, I LOVE animals- I have a chocolate lab myself. I just get irritated when people love trees and animals more than humans. Maybe they need to show an abortion video so people can see how cruel that is not to mention graphic. Sorry I called you a loon- you’re not.

  24. bj's mom says

    It’s not like an ice cold hunter is going in the wild and hunt a little sweet animal and make a coat with the fur for us to wear. Fur comes from farms. Animals grow in farms and they sell the fur and they do something else with the meat and bones.

    they are ice cold hunters, they hang these animals on a line and skin them alive and then pull them down all bloody and throw them in a pile suffering and still alive and breathing. that is sick! Im not saying PETA dosent go overboard, but as far as fur goes…no thank you! sorry i have a heart and im an animal lover.

  25. Hmm?! says

    Bunny fur (or most of other furs) doesn’t come from a wild animal. It’s not like an ice cold hunter is going in the wild and hunt a little sweet animal and make a coat with the fur for us to wear. Fur comes from farms. Animals grow in farms and they sell the fur and they do something else with the meat and bones. So how about leather? It also comes from animals from farms. Then we shouldn’t wear any leather items, including shoes. And as far as I know many baby sleepers are made of leather and we think is great beause it’s soft to crawl and breathable. A contradiction, Don’t you think? Or cows, sheeps and goats are less worth than other animals?

  26. Busted says

    PETA is a bunch of freaks who need to get a life. I’m all for saving the animals but I DO NOT support Peta at all. FREAKS!

    If you don’t know that PETA puts animals over humans then do your research cause they are a bunch of freaks who believe in saving the animals but would harm a human in order to do it.
    I’m not a vegan so I eat animals…and I use medications that were tested on animals…thank you bunny and little rat for helping the human race live.

  27. Annie says

    Could we make this a Suri-free zone for one month? It would be out of respect for a little girl that does not like having her picture taken.

  28. bj's mom says

    #11-how do you figure they put animals above babies. i mean, im not trying to argue here so no need to call me a loon. i just saw the video of those animals and it is sick and i would never wear fur or put it on my children.

  29. Jill says

    #5- they’re loonies because they put animals lives above baby humans lives-if you believe that, then maybe you’re a loon too.

  30. Arianna's Mummy says

    PETA are too extreem, they consider Animals more valuable than People! The basic premis that they started with, ethical treatment of animals, is good, and I agree that the videos they show are disturbing, though here in Canada I have never seen a farm that treated animals like that, and I have seen many! all treat their animals ethically, but really, Some of the ideas they come up with are crazy, breast milk instead of cows for ice cream!!! Okay then exactly how do they think it is possible that can happen in a mass market! There are ways to promote ideas such as veganism without trying to shock, what they do tends to alienate (sp) instead of causing people to consider and even accept their ideas.

  31. bj's mom says

    i dont think they were “warning them not to wear it” i think they wanted them to be aware that Armani is using fur in his childrens clothing.

  32. Lurker says

    I agree with what PETA is trying to do (in general). But for them to write a letter to ANYONE “warning” them not to wear ANYTHING is, IMO, stepping over the line.

  33. bj's mom says

    #2…why are they loonies? because they try to protect animals? i made the mistake once of watching a video that PETA had on their website that shows what the animals go through and i was sick to my stomach and never ever will forget what i saw. they suffer for someone to “look good” i dont want any part of that. also, it just sounds like PETA was warning Tom and Katie that Armani has been using fur, because in the past they have been “fur-free” and they just want them to be aware that it isnt faux fur being used.

  34. Samsmom says

    It seems that PETA is in a letter writing mood lately. I just saw a report yesterday that they sent a letter to Ben and Jerry’s requesting that they start to use human milk in their ice cream to save dairy cows undue pain and suffering. These people are CRAZY! Thankfully, Ben and Jerry’s respectfully declined.
    Anyway, if Tom and Katie are opposed to wearing animal fur that is great. But that is their business. PETA needs to get the h$#@ out of people’s lives.

  35. Alice in Chains says

    Is that Katie’s hand holding Suri’s? If so, it looks like an old lady’s hand with all of those protruding veins! What happened to her?

  36. WasWendy says

    These PETA loonies need to get a life. How dare they try to dictate what people do. Tom should sic some of the Scientology bots on ’em. 🙂


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