Jaymes Foster Opens Up About Her Pregnancy, Being An Older Mom, & Changing Diapers

Music Producer Jaymes Foster, 50, talked to People magazine during the magazine’s photo shoot at Clay’s home in North Carolina, where Jaymes is currently staying. Jaymes in Clay’s best friend and the mother of their 7-week-old son Parker. Parker was conceived via in vitro fertilization.

What is it about Clay that makes him a great dad?
Jaymes: He’s an incredible caregiver. As far as changing the diapers and seeing what’s wrong with [Parker] and getting him to go sleep, Clay’s a natural and he’s really, really good with that. On a larger scale, he’s the perfect person. He’s been a school teacher, we have the same morals, family is very important to him and Parker means everything to us.

At age 50, do you feel ready to take on parenting for the first time?
Jaymes: I really think I was not ready to have children – well, I know I was not ready to have children, be a mother – in my 20s or 30s. I had the freedom then to travel the world and have a wonderful career. I believe at this point in my life it’s the right time, and I think because it’s the right time, I’ll hopefully do a good job. If I don’t, Clay will be all over me!

Was the pregnancy difficult?
Jaymes: I thought I’d be one of the lucky ones that didn’t get the nausea, that I’d sail right through the pregnancy. But unfortunately I had it the whole time! I dealt with it on my own until I found out that there is a great new medication that helps eliminate the nausea, which I took the entire pregnancy. But other than that, it was really a breeze.

Do you support Clay’s decision to publicly acknowledge he’s gay?
Jaymes: I totally support him. It’s his choice. It’s a choice that he made. I love him and I’ll support him in any choice that he makes, whether as an entertainer, or a father, human being, of course I support him.

Are there any baby-related chores that you or Clay shy away from?
Jaymes: It’s funny because we were both very relaxed from the minute he was born. But the one thing I’m a little nervous about is clipping his hand nails because I think I might cut him, so Clay definitely has a handle on that and takes care of that. [Parker] doesn’t like baths so much, so I tend to do the bathing because he kind of cries through that so I’ve taken that on as a job. Clay would be happy to do that, but I just figure, okay, if he does the nails, I’ll do the bath.

How has your relationship with Clay changed since Parker’s birth?
Jaymes: We love each other dearly and deeply as friends, but I think as parents now, there’s an even greater bond, certainly for me. Our job is to remain best friends for the rest of our lives and that’s the most important thing for Parker.

For the photos of Parker and more of Clay Aiken’s interview about fatherhood, coming out, and his message for the Claymates, pick up the upcoming issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday!



  1. Lily says

    There are all kinds of family! 🙂 I don’t feel sorry for that boy, no way! There are things by far more important than model family, heterosexual parents or marriage. Things like friendship, respect, and most importantly – love. I’m sure this boy will be loved and that’s all I care about!

  2. equality for all says

    Gay, straight, transgendered, alien, whatever, who are we to condemn others for their lifestyle choice? Clay is gay! I think that’s fantastic! He is a father! Kudos to him! He is happy and that’s what matters! I think the general public needs to stop policing others based on how they choose to live their life. Clay is not the only gay man that will be raising a child. Times, they are a changing, and I am so happy to be witness to it all! Hurray for gay men!!

  3. Lem says

    Are we sure this is Clay’s baby? The baby is beautiful but he looks a little too dark-skinned to be his baby…

  4. Jess says

    “What a screwed up world we live in. I don’t doubt that Clay is a good person and will probably make a good father but to have to go through all of this should send a message that it’s not natural- God created man and woman to procreate.”

    I don’t think someone coming out, and having a having baby proves anything, least of all that its “not natural” if god created man and woman to procreate then thats exactly what these two have done.

  5. Jess says

    “This is SO SAD! How is that baby going to know what it means to be a heterosexual man when his father is confused about his gender identification?”

    Maybe because there is an entire world of hetrosexual men out there. Plus I’m sure these two have hetrosexaul male friends who’ll be part of the child’s life. Also Clay doesn’t seem confused about his “gender identification” I think he knows he’s male and he knows he’s gay.

    “His parents cannot model an authentic female/male relationship for him”

    friendship isn’t an authentic female/male relationship?

    “I also feel for Clay as a wonderful person, but wish he’d dealt with his own dilemma without bringing an innocent child into the puzzle”

    There is no dilema, he’s a gay man. What’s the dilema?
    There might be one for you.

  6. oriana says

    I am happy for both of them and I think Clay will be a loving and good father. I have always liked him and felt he should have come “out” sooner, just say, Yes, I am Gay, it is my own life and my own business and let it go at that. He is extremely talented and I wish him good luck. The baby is not that cute to me at all but maybe he will look better as he gets older.

  7. lisa says

    I am assuming that they can raise the child “together” as close friends, as they work together. And that it will be fine for them to each have their own relationships. Actually about 50% of kids are raised with multiple parents, so it’s pretty “normal” these days. I think as long as they don’t lie to their child, the child will grow up free from nasty stereotypes. I have known so many men who were forced by their communities to live a “straight” life, marry, have kids, and then announce in their 40’s that they were gay or transgendered… after having to live a lie for many years. Those are the kids who get screwed up.

  8. Jill says

    #16- The fact that you have your opinion makes you just as close minded as the rest of us- The fact that you’re judging my opinion shows that you’re judgmental. I’m open-minded to my opinion just like you’re open minded to yours. See how that works sugar?

  9. Annie says

    I’ll bet you that baby Parker will grow up to be a loving, compassionate, human being. The only unfortunate thing is he’ll meet a lot of judgemental people in his life who have way too much to say, much like most of the people who left comments on this board.

  10. Midge says

    #14 – I know many married couples who are more like single parents than single parents themselves who have friends to help them out. While the situation is a little odd, I think it can work as long as they love their baby.

  11. Heather says

    Wow! So many conservative, close-minded people posting comments here. I’m disgusted by the narrow view you all have of what characterizes a family. It’s so easy for you to belittle and judge others choices but I imagine not a one of you has an absolutely perfect existence.

    10 – Roberta – I’m suprised you’re able to use the computer to post on the internet considering how uneducated you come off in your comment. Being gay does not automatically mean someone is “confused about their gender”. Get a clue.

    11 – Jill – I’d be willing to bet you have a double standard when it comes to infertile heterosexual couples using artificial means to conceive. Take a step down from that pedestal, please.

  12. me2 says

    I was very confused reading this article – was wondering who the heck Jaymes was? If Clay is gay – why is he with that woman? He looks VERY feminine. What a screwed up relationship – I feel sorry for the upbringing of this child.

  13. UnheardOfComments says

    Are they together to raise this child? I mean, it is good to have the 2 parents structure (if possible) whether those parents are straight or gay, but the ideal situation is a child being in an environment where the parents have loving feelings for one another-not just as best friends… This situation is just like being two single parents, the confusion will start when each parent finds someone he or she actually wants to be with- and the child ends up being shuttled back and forth…

  14. Jill says

    What a screwed up world we live in. I don’t doubt that Clay is a good person and will probably make a good father but to have to go through all of this should send a message that it’s not natural- God created man and woman to procreate.

  15. Roberta says

    This is SO SAD! How is that baby going to know what it means to be a heterosexual man when his father is confused about his gender identification? His parents cannot model an authentic female/male relationship for him. I also feel for Clay as a wonderful person, but wish he’d dealt with his own dilemma without bringing an innocent child into the puzzle. My heart goes out to gays who have unresolved father conflicts and have eroticized that need with men as adults. I am sorry Clay’s father was not there for him when he was growing up and modeled healthy masulinity for him, leaving Clay in this painful plight.

  16. Bethany says

    I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it when people totally change their look all of a sudden when making a big announcement. This photo makes Clay look very feminine…….like “Ok, I’m gonna announce I’m gay, so I’m gonna try to look the part.” Next thing you know, in a couple of years he will be getting a sex change, Jaymes will announce that she’s a lesbian, and they are planning to marry. I just hope the baby doesn’t get totally confused by his parents’ choices.

  17. mommy-of-two-girls says

    congrats to them.
    i never cared much about clay, but i think he will be a wonderful father.
    i don’t think it is selfish to have a child at 50 with a gay man.
    if you can give that child a safe and loving environment, then go for it.
    there are many many people who in my opinion should not have children, but it doesn’t have anything to do with their age or sexuality.

  18. notawannabe says

    To me it does not seem unfair. Many older women now-a-days have children. The whole gay dad thing is not a big deal. It is everyones biological right to have children and nobody says that “heinous Bit@#” and that “Fat man” had a child. Gay is gay and fat is fat. I think that if they love the child and make things work that really in the end, it is all that matters.

  19. Lauren says

    It’s a different situation but they both seem to really love and care for Parker and that’s all that matters!

  20. says

    I am totally confused about the situation and besides all else is this womans names is Jaymes -is that pronounced James?
    At first I even thought it was a story about two men. The whole thing is mind boggling but whatever…a new baby is here so best wishes to all.

  21. Kristeena says

    I am so confused about this situation. How is that fair to the child to have a 50 year old mother and a gay father. This seems like a selfish take on pregnancy. It just seems like she wanted to be pregnant and Clay was her go-to guy. In my opinion, it’s simply just unfair to the child. I hope that Clay and Jaymes will remain together, but in the sake of Parker. Hope it works out!!!

  22. Could it be says

    I would stay away from a “great new medication that helps eliminate the nausea.” They had that in the late 50s and 60s and it was DES. DES left many female offspring of the women who took it infertile.

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