Did Waterfalls Help Nicole Kidman Become Pregnant?

Nicole Kidman said swimming in waterfalls in the Australian Outback may promote fertility and might have contributed to her recent unexpected pregnancy.

The 41-year-old Aussie, who gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose in July, said she and six other women who swam in the waters of a small Outback town during production of the epic romance “Australia” became pregnant.

“I never thought that I would get pregnant and give birth to a child, but it happened on this movie,” Kidman told The Australian Women’s Weekly in an exclusive interview for the magazine’s 75th anniversary edition.

“Seven babies were conceived out of this film and only one was a boy. There is something up there in the Kununurra water because we all went swimming in the waterfalls, so we can call it the fertility waters now.”

“Australia,” directed by Baz Luhrmann, was filmed in Kununurra, a small town in far northern Western Australia state. The film, about a noblewoman on a cattle drive in Australia during World War II, is due for release in November, 2008.

The actress also commented on the relatively small size of her baby bump during her pregnancy.

“I’m so lucky I’m so tall, so I carried small and also, I have to say, I had a birth that I was blessed with, a labor that was very good and a baby that was very good to me in that regard,” said Kidman, who is married to country music singer Keith Urban and has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

“To be given this again is a beautiful thing. To have raised Bella and Connor since I was 25 and now to be able to do it again at 41 … wow!”



  1. Melinda says

    Is the little Australian baby going to learn to say mummy? I heard that babies all over the world naturally say ma ma…I wonder is it’s really true. Can’t wait to see who little Sunday resembles, Nicole or Keith.
    Does anybody really read what we write ???

  2. says

    I wonder though, if Nicole’s “something in the water” comment wasn’t a little tongue in cheek. I can remember at work one time people claiming a baby boom was from drinking at the water fountain. Something no one believes but just is a way of acknowledging a baby blitz.

  3. anon says

    anti to both.who cares about these two.my concern here is the faterfalls making babies.I always believe in miracles but she is just too much to be telling the truth.maybe I need to send my friend over to Aussie land and have her swim in that waterfalls,she’s been longing to have babies,Nicole,I do hope your red headed nuggen is telling the truth.other wise your just bad as your ex,well at least he tried not to be. But you hmmmm,well, like I said you’re just like him.

  4. anon says

    To #25,
    You are so right, in addition to that comment,maybe we need to go eat at the outback restaurant as well,you never know the food itself well make a woman pregnant.Wait,I actually ate one of their aborigine blooming onions,gush I must be pregnant soon as well.Maybe I need to go to Aussie and have a swim to make sure it will come true.What a crock mates,do feel sorry for the IVF staffs,you might close down soon,a remedy to get pregnant is a swim away and no cost,great.WTF….what’s wrong with her husband’s?She does’nt like his or something because of his pass habit,that she needed fertility water to have her pregnant.

  5. ajinomoto says

    Why do we need to study some other country if you are here telling us nonsense about your fertility water.Besides aren’t those aborigines grew up like mountain people,with a bit of clothing covering their fertility organs.PLEASE already,now i’ve heard enough of this stupid tales.
    28 is right about the comments.Maybe I need to tell my wife to eat some fertility fruit and have a swim in their water,then walk in feritility bridge in China,she doesn’t need me at all to get pregnant.If she said she went for ferility procedure it would be acceptable and believable but now a water makes you pregnant too.Geez why complain then if we husbands don’t give all what we have.

  6. anon says

    1.Hoorrayy!!!Kieth must not be the father after all.
    2.Is this means we don’t have to have sex and or go to fertility procedure to get pregnant?
    3.I thought you have to have some donor to get pregnant.
    4.Didn’t she said she preserverd/saved TOM CRUISE’s sperm when he divorced her?
    5.This is an insult to all manhood,that you can get pregnant just for swimming in fertility waterfalls,there must be something very fishy about this story.
    6.Why is she acting so spoiled child like she is not a daugther of a biologist and a nurse;note to this;her father was abiologist when she was married to TC.
    7.It is a STUPID STUPID thing to say that you can get pregnant by swimming in fertility water.get a freaking grip okay.

  7. AussieMum says

    Nicole Kidman is talking about outback Australia when she talks about the Waterfall. This is a country with 50,000 yrs of Aboriginal heritage in the outback. We have sacred sites for different reasons. We have women’s fertility places etc. Why don’t some of you research and learn about our country and traditions before making negative comments on this comment board. You will learn about a wonderful, old and proud tradition and culture. Cheers

  8. Brenda says

    yes its true the waterfall can make you pregnant. And dinosaurs and gold bars fly out of jesus’ Bum.

  9. onatear says

    Debie….loosen up. “Poor baby….won’t know any better”, just because her mother is…older than you are? What is this obession with “41 being old”? If you are lucky, you will get there some day, and you are going to be so embarrassed to think you once thought that.

  10. Debie says

    Her looks are gone. She is hard on the eyes. Poor thing has an old lady head. Yeah I know she’s old thats why. Poor baby sunday just won’t know any better. Too bad we have not seen the child yet.

  11. AussieMum says

    As a proud Aboriginal Australian Mum I can say that there are places in outback Australia that are known for their high fertility rates. Also, I think Nicole is happy and relaxed with her new husband and this makes a difference as well. Us Aussies are proud of our Nic and wish her all the best. I just wish people would remember this saying that my 10yr old daughter says “keep your thoughts in your mind, not on your lips”!!! Out of the mouths of babes.

  12. SbK says

    She is a lucky lady to have such a mighty fine hubby – Maybe thats why she got pregnant?? Lets face it, she was married to tom cruise before!!!

  13. says

    Sorry but I’m in my 50’s and I have that same hairline. My forehead is wrinkle free without botox (I do have some wrinkles around my eyes) and women can get pregnant in the 40’s without IVP. That’s why you continue to use birthcontrol. If she doesn’t look like a freshfaced 20/30 year old it’s because she isn’t.

    I imagine she conceived because she had opportunity, ovulation and luck. If she used IVF then so what.

    And to those who think older women don’t enjoy sex often, you’re in for a surprise.

  14. LYNN says

    Meg, Since she married Keith, Nicole has been trying for a baby. At 40, I am sure no woman tries for a baby at that age by having a lot of sex. LOL. She did admit a while ago to using IVF.

    Also I must say she is not ageing well. I used to like her but not so much any more. She also collagened her lips.

  15. Zbella says

    #14, bitter ever?

    That is cool how she was a young mom and now gets to enjoy it all again – hopefully without the controlling freak of a husband this time around.

    Her hair does look awful. Way too light. I like her as a redhead.

  16. Christy says

    That is right, swimming in water made her fertile and she had a small bump because she was tall.

    Thank you Nicole for helping infertile women everywhere to conceive so easily with this new plan and for helping all of us with child to gain no weight if we are tall. What a relief.

    This from the woman with no forehead lines at all at 41 and who swears she doesn’t use Botox…please…

    By the way, she looks “older” because she is and because she can’t use Botox while pregnant or breastfeeding. And contrary to fantasies that Nicole may have little sleep and raising a baby ages you a bit…

  17. Sandra says

    I totally think it could be fertility falls. Seven babies were conceived is pretty high odds! Then again since others have to be so negative maybe they all went in for one big round of IVF holding hands. (Sarcasm) There looks to be nothing wrong with her hair either. She has extremely light colored hair and the picture looks like there was too much light when taking the pic.

  18. Annie says

    Nicole has very curly hair that has been flat ironed and she’s used extensions which takes a toll on your hair, not to mention all the coloring. It looks like a dry mess to me. Also I’ve read that she’s no stranger to botox, maybe she’s used too much. All thst stuff backfires after a while.

  19. meg says

    # 5 LYNN,do you think it was an IVF
    which made Nicole pregnant?
    I thought it was Tom with Azospermia.
    Also…..why she looks so old?
    Does anyone noticed?

  20. Kay says

    Filming in the outback with nothing else to do when not filming….hmmmm…they were all busy making babies! Bathing in falls does NOT make you fertile.


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