Tom Cruise & Suri Leaving Manhattan

Tom and Suri were snapped leaving their Manhattan residence and heading to the Westside heliport.

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  1. oriana says

    She is very cute and so is the elephant. I don’t think Tom would consider or even need to exploit her in any way. She is obviously the love of his life and he plainly adores her. I am sure his older kids are aware of it but probably accept it. I like looking at her pictures and love how they dress her. Everyone knows my views on Scientologists and I feel bad for how she is being raised but other than that, she is a lucky little girl indeed! When I read that Leah’s daughter was still not potty trained at almost four years old, it was amazing to me, I just don’t see how they can teach that to their children, even if they do think they are a billion years old!

    HI DMITZ!!!!!!!

  2. amelia says

    #12 you are right. It is not good to judge the looks of children. However, I think all children are beautiful.

  3. Carol says

    DMITZ, I have been around many two year olds and they all stayed in there stroller. No treats or diversions were needed to keep them in it. But if the kid is spoiled and the parents are not in charge I guess they don’t listen when put into a stroller and climb out, if they have no fear of repercussions. Oh and they can always be strapped into it.

    Suri is over indulged and I hate to see what is gonna happen when she is a teenager. Oh but we will never know about her behavior because the Scientologist hide anything negative.

  4. anon says

    I agree on #11&#12.SURI is a gorgeous girl.Any child in this earth is beautiful in each different ways.If anyone doesn’t like their child to be called any unacceptable names,then don’t call SURI or any one a name,especially if you don’t even know about them but being celebrity.If anyone keeps complaining about them,why even bother commenting,because you’ll say it’s a free country and speech?But yet,people seem to attack them for who they are and their belief.It is not right at all to discriminate.We just cant accept the fact that they are loving family and that he makes a beautiful baby.Thanks 11&12

  5. M says

    I find it to be mean to judge an innocent child as ‘not cute’ or ‘average’ no matter who the parents are.

  6. LYNN says

    SURI is very cute. Laila the nutcase on this iste is you who seems to attack this family at every given opportunity. Grow up and get a life. Thanks Angel #3 for pointing out what should be otherwise obvious.

  7. laila says

    Angel, usually I would say yes. but whenever Tom is with Suri the paps know where they are. I believe he likes the paps following him, otherwise no one would pay attention to him at all. He’s a nut case.

  8. DMITZ says

    Carol, we always take a stroller for our 2 year old (she is a month younger than Suri) but trying to keep her in it is another story. She’ll only sit in it if she’s preoccupied with a snack or if she’s REALLY sleepy. I don’t know what 2 yr olds you’ve been around, but they usually like to explore and get around!

  9. Star says

    I don’t think she’s all that cute either. She’s average. I’ve seen much cuter kids in the mall and in Parents magazine. Her nose is stubby and she doesn’t have long eyelashes.

  10. Carol says

    This little girl is ok looking, not really special. The pink polka dot elephant is cuter. Suri looks like a very indulged child. I say this all the time, don’t these people know what a stroller is, she is always being carried. She always wears dress, has a bottle and a blanket.

  11. Angel says

    They know where to find Tom because they camp outside where he lives; thus when he leaves they follow him. I just don’t understand people who have such a small grasp of comprehension to understand how even the simpliest of things work.

    You would not be a “good” and well paid Pap if you just had to rely on blind luck when it came to finding stars.

    You can hate Tom or love Tom, but at least try not to come across as a completely clueless to how certain things work.

  12. Bethany says

    Suri looks cute in this picture. Looks like she’s going to cover her ears again though, poor kid. I wonder what she thinks about traveling around in a helicopter all the time!?

  13. laila says

    Funny how the paps always know exactly where to find Tom. Isn’t that a coincidence? LOL I believe he actually notifies the paps so he will be filmed . Suri is adorable as usual and I just love the pink polka dot elephant.

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