Suri At Build-A-Bear Workshop

Awwww! Suri was snapped clutching a few creations at the Build-A-Bear Workshop Saturday in NYC.



  1. blah says

    I think suri is precious but Oh my good im so tired of seeing her in a dress.. She will get in to the princess compless and would be to grow a spoiled girl who can do anything… its sad that her parent as much as they seem to love her, do not give her more freedom..

  2. Jane says

    What Lynn said. She so obviously hates being papped, it’s no wonder she is always head down & sulky when they’re around . She is very sweet in this pic!

  3. LYNN says

    Aww such a beautiful picture. I love this little girl to bits. Look at that smile. She seems to be so open without the paps around. I want to be her nanny.

  4. Lurker says

    #13–I can sort of see that too..but it may also just be the way she is walking. Either that or her shoes may not fit quite right…?

    In any case, it is nice to see her smiling in such, IMO, a sweet way.
    And of course to see her actually walking, even though I can sort of understand why she is carried so often.
    Any child of that age can be hard to keep from running off, and it looks like they are out a lot with her..can you imagine Suri Cruise tearing down the street? Between the paps and just the grabby fans–it would probably make me nervous too!

  5. Lurker says

    I agree with #17.

    She’s a very pretty little girl, but if all the rumors about their ‘religion’ (I’m just not sure if it’s considered a RELIGION or a lifestyle…?) and the way they supposedly treat her, as in, she rules the roost and basically gets anything she wants, well, I can only wish them luck as Suri gets older!

    Being beautiful won’t matter if she turns out to be a spoiled brat no one can stand to be around. 🙁

  6. Republican all the way says

    her dresses are all so long. I wish they would rotate her styles some what. The dresses are all the same……….to long. How some jeans, capri’s or leggings.

  7. marti says

    This is the cutest picture I’ve seen of Suri. I’ve always thought she was a cutie, but this one is just so natural. 😀

  8. laila says

    Suri is so darn cute here I can’t stand it. Doesn’t she have the face of an older girl? Am I the only one who see’s that?She seems more mature than her years.

  9. Anne says

    It would be nice to see Suri in jeans or leggings with a matching top and sneakers for a change instead of always in a dress.

  10. Anon says

    Not trying to be mean, but it looks like her feet overpronate. I know it’s a bit of a jump from one picture, but I wonder if it comes from being carried around so much?

  11. Kris2 says

    cute picture…I saw this one the other day on Justjared…they also have cute pictures of Suri with her build a bear

  12. Star says

    Katie is obsessed with navy blue so, of course, decides to dress Suri in navy blue too. Watch for navy blue in Eli Stone and, of course, that’s the color she wears in “All My Sons”. She probably begged for the wardrobe dept.
    She’s so ridiculous. I don’t see anyone wearing navy blue or running off to buy navy blue clothes!

  13. Georgiana says

    Aw! Suri is actually smiling! I love her, she’s so cute and is going to be beautiful when she grows up.

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