Michelle Monaghan's Pregnancy Cravings

(In the above pic an expectant Michelle was snapped at the premiere of  ‘Eagle Eye’ at the Mann Chinese Theater in Los Angeles on September 16th)


Michelle Monaghan, 32, and her husband are expecting their first child this fall and she opened up about her very healthy pregnancy cravings.

While many pregnant women say they crave foods like chocolate, peanut butter and pickles, Michelle has been craving fruit!

“Fruit — I’m not a big fan and never ate it before,” she shared at the Hollywood premiere of “Eagle Eye.” “But our house is like a fruit stand right now. Can’t get enough.”

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  1. bj's mom says

    i also had a fruit market in the house for all 9 months…couldnt get enough fruit! I had a boy.

  2. pixiedust says

    not very practical shoes this far into her pregnancy, every knows your balnce is a bit off when you are pregnant and she could so easily trip and her herself and/or the baby.

  3. VIOLETSKY says

    I craved bananas (and milk) and had a girl, my sister in law craved apples and had a girl. So if thats anything to go for its a girl.

  4. Zbella says

    When I craved fruit – girl! When I craved hamburgers – boy! And then I didn’t really crave much of anything – girl again 😉

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