Gwyneth Paltrow On Overcoming Post-Partum Depression & Her Diet & Exercise Regime

Gywneth was positively glowing on Oprah yesterday. She looked amazing! It was very interesting to hear about her health and fitness regime. I found it very inspiring, but feel that it would be difficult to commit as much time to it as she does. She revealed that she works out two hours a day six days a week!

Below is part of the transcript from the show:

At a statuesque 5’9”, Gwyneth says she’s always been thin. Over the years, she’s graced the pages of People magazine as one of the most beautiful people in the world and modeled designer gowns on the red carpet.

Then, in 2006, Gwyneth gave birth to her second child, a son named Moses. Post-pregnancy, she says she began battling persistent baby weight. “I could not get off these 20 extra pounds,” she says. “I don’t know if something changed. I don’t know if it was being older and being in my 30s instead of my 20s. … I [was] 34 when I had him, and I just couldn’t get it off. It was kind of demoralizing.”

Two years later, Gwyneth’s body is looking better than ever! Photos of the star’s new physique got people asking, “How’d she do it?” Now, Gwyneth’s sharing her best weight loss advice.

Gwyneth says she wants people to know she had to work her butt off—literally—to achieve her weight loss goals. She also credits the person she calls her pint-size miracle, trainer Tracy Anderson. “She’s the exercise genius of all time,” Gwyneth says. “She developed this system of kind of doing dance aerobics so that you’re not doing anything repetitive.”

After meeting Tracy in Los Angeles, Gwyneth recommended her methods to her good friend, Madonna. Using cardio dance routines and resistance training, Tracy has helped both women transform their bodies. “She makes everything small,” Gwyneth says. “She wants women to be long and lean and defined.”

Most days, Gwyneth works out with Tracy at her home gym, but when she’s traveling, she says she won’t leave home without Tracy’s exercise DVDs. “I do those DVDs whenever I travel,” she says. “She completely changed my body.”

Want a body like Gwyneth’s? If so, prepare to lift, squat and sweat for two hours a day, six days a week! “I work freakin’ hard,” she says. “It’s no accident.”

In addition to these intense routines, Tracy helps her clients lose inches by cranking up the heat to 80 degrees. “She likes it hot in the room so you sweat, because she says if the room is hot, you’re also burning calories to maintain homeostasis,” Gwyneth says. “She’s always coming up with new ways to kick up the calorie burning.”

The routine starts with Tracy’s band system. “I developed the band system for Madonna, specifically, which we use to warm up the arms,” Tracy says. “It just offers me a new way of getting to the muscle and the angles that I need to get a little bit deeper.”

Then, Gwyneth moves on to arm exercises that require little to no resistance. “Only 3-pound weights,” Tracy says. “No woman should lift more than 3 pounds.”

At 35 years old, Gwyneth says she’s realized she can either starve herself or eat what she wants and do serious cardio to maintain her shape. “There’s no free ride,” she says.

Thanks to her intense workouts, she says she doesn’t have to watch her diet quite as carefully these days. “I don’t eat four-legged animals, but I eat birds, I eat cheese, I eat dessert,” she says. “I eat everything.”

Gwyneth says dieting has never worked well for her. “I’ll immediately gain like 5 pounds even just by thinking about cutting out dessert. It’s a nightmare,” she says. “I decided, for me, the healthiest thing was to eat what I want and just exercise. Some women can watch what they eat, but I just can’t do that.”

When she sits down at dinnertime, Gwyneth says she doesn’t count calories, points or carbs. “If I did that, I would be 300 pounds. I would eat everything in sight,” she says. “I think maybe it’s the idea that you can’t have something—the restriction.”

In the past, Gwyneth did restrict her diet in a different way. She was once a macrobiotic eater, which means she didn’t eat anything processed, anything made with sugar or anything refined. “You eat locally, seasonally and organically, but you don’t eat sugar and cheese and stuff which now I eat,” she says. “It’s actually a really good way to eat. It’s good for the environment.”

Gwyneth says she still prefers to use fresh foods when cooking for her family of four. “It’s better to just try and make something at home,” she says. “I’m sort of getting into the idea of nourishing your inner aspect and doing that by investing in your family and making a meal and creating time together.”

Post-baby weight wasn’t the only issue Gwyneth had to contend with after her son’s birth. She says she also struggled with postnatal depression, something she didn’t experience after having her daughter, Apple, in 2004.

“It was very strange because I wasn’t expecting it at all…not that you would expect it,” she says. “After I had Apple, I would characterize it as postnatal euphoria. I was on cloud nine. I was in this bubble. Then, when I had him, I just didn’t feel okay. I didn’t feel right. He came out and I was like, ‘This is really strange. It’s not the same. What’s wrong with me?’ Then, I just went down kind of a slippery slope with it.”

For six months, Gwyneth says she felt like a flat line. “I didn’t realize what was wrong with me. I just thought, ‘I’m not myself. I’m not connected.’ I didn’t feel integrated in my body,” she says. “I wish I had known because I would have gone on medication or addressed it in some way or done something.”

Eventually, Gwyneth says Tracy’s workouts and a healthier diet helped her break through the darkness. “I started exercising, and I started recommitting to eating well, because when I was pregnant, I was eating doughnuts and kind of bad food,” she says. “I have a real thing for fried dough.”

During her postnatal depression, Gwyneth says she sought guidance from family and friends, including Madonna, a mother of three. One evening over dinner, Gwyneth says the music superstar gave her some perspective.

“She was very wise about life’s bigger picture and that when obstacles come up in our life, it’s for a very specific reason. They’re there to teach us something that we haven’t learned yet,” she says. “She made me see that my postnatal depression was an opportunity for me to change certain things about the way I was living and the way I was going forward. She really sort of reorganized my molecules in that situation.”

What most people don’t know, Gwyneth says, is that Madonna’s a very caring woman who’s also very tough. “She’s got an amazing sort of dichotomy,” she says. “She’s very wise, and she has a very soft, soft side.”

Like other moms with small children, Gwyneth says she and Madonna often get together for playdates at home or in the park. “I’m very, very involved in [my kids’] lives and what they’re doing and where they’re going,” she says. “I take them to the park and meet other parents.”

Gwyneth says Madonna’s children, Lourdes, Rocco and David, her adopted son from Malawi, represent their mother’s greatest qualities. “Her children are beyond,” Gwyneth says. “You can measure somebody by their children ultimately, and these children are phenomenal. … They’re very polite. They’re sweet, kind, conscientious.”

At home, Gwyneth says 3-year-old David likes to perform dance routines from Madonna’s concerts on the living room floor. When the kids get together, Gwyneth says her son Moses likes to listen to his father, Chris Martin’s, Coldplay tracks, while David prefers his mom’s music. “It’s very funny,” she says.

With two children at home, Gwyneth says it’s more difficult to commit to leading roles in films. “I love acting, but I have two little kids, and it’s 14 hours a day out of the house,” she says. “You don’t get that time back.”

While shooting a film in New York City, Gwyneth says she came home every night thinking about what she’d missed. “I left the house while my kids were asleep, and I came home and my kids were asleep,” she says. “I walked into their room, and I just cried. I mean, it was pathetic. I was like, ‘What am I doing? I missed the whole day. I don’t know what they said today. I don’t know what they ate. I don’t know where they went.’ I just felt terrible.”



  1. D.L. says

    I think she’s just being honest. She did keep the extra weight on for a long time after having her kids. Why she didn’t try to lose the weight sooner, I don’t know. But she’s still a very pretty girl, even being heavier than before.

  2. katy Riveria says

    If one needs advice on health and diet, one should see one’s doctor and not Gwyneth Paltrow.
    I have never seen a person be more fake on an interview.On Oprah she says she doesn’t believe in dieting and tries her best to appeal to moms with pre-natal depression and weight issues and on another interview she describes her “Master Cleanse diet” and her current fad “Detox diet”. Seriously, the woman needs a reality check.
    Be cookoo in your own time Gwyneth. Go drink your Soymilk and hang around with Mario

  3. r says

    Well, I for one, was so happy to finally hear a celebrity say that they have to work out that much to look that good. I’m so sick of hearing, “oh you know I just eat right and stay active…” Well, I eat right and I stay active and I do NOT look like that. Would I do 2 hours a day 6 days a week? No, but it’s nice to hear someone say that’s what it takes. Either that or starving yourself and I do think it’s good that she isn’t doing that. I’m not going to make judgements on whether that makes her shallow or whatever or that she has the time and resources to do that. I’m just glad to hear a celebrity tell the truth about it for once. And I do think it’s healthy that her daughter sees her mother eat whatever she wants instead of seeing her starve herself to be thin. I’ve noticed athletes don’t have to justify their long workout routines to anyone. Well, an actress does have to have a body like an athelete if she wants to work. Fair or not, it’s a fact.

  4. laila says

    Sounds more like torture thasn exercise. 80 degrees in the room is not healthy can cause a rapid heart beat .The trainer knows how to lose inches but not the healthiest way.

  5. MONA says

    Wasnt Gwyneth hoping for a third child? Doesnt it seem like a shame to loose all that weight and go through it all again.

    A very hearfelt interview though, im gonna watch it on Youtube. I love the way she is so honest. PND is a horrible, horrible thing to deal with

  6. Honey says

    I don’t think anyone’s suggesting she’s neglecting her kids, although perhaps questioning how she spends her time. It’s her job to be a good actress, not be as possibly fit as she can be, while promoting an almost obssessive need to look good. I agree it makes her seem boring, and as though she has her priorities mixed up. I think we all know that if she didn’t work out every day for 2 hours she’d still be stick thin. Oh, and by the way, stay at home moms don’t just “spend time” with their kids, and I could argue you’d have a hard time finding one (even though they’re “home” all day) who has the time the devote 2 hours to working out.

  7. Arianna's Mummy says

    I agree that it does sound some what self absorbed, but you have to remember it is their JOB to look good. Really I found it nice that someone actually is talking about how hard it is. And I can honestly say if I didn’t work full time and could spend most of the day with my kids, I would have no problem working out for two hours a day, after all there is still the rest of the day to spend with them, and that is exactly what she can do well she is not shooting a movie. In fact, for all the people who cry she should be spending that time with her children, well she probably is able to spend more time with them then a mother who has to work full time, so how is she negliecting her children?

  8. mslewis says

    I’ve always liked Gwyneth. I think she is a good actress. However, I don’t understand why the webmistress would spend all this space talking about Gwyneth’s workout and eating regimen. I don’t have the resources to hire a private trainer and I don’t have the time to spend two hours, six days a week to look good. Who does??? It all sounds so self-absorbed. I know people should exercise and eat right but to spend so much time thinking about it and doing it just makes that person sound shallow and uninteresting . . . and amazingly BORING!!!

    I’m afraid my feelings about Gwyneth Paltrow have taken a hit. I prefer a more substantial person, both in mind and body.

  9. accalia says

    Is this all for today? This is babyrazzi and half the other websites have news about celebrity babies that webmistress never seems to get. Boring…

  10. Josie says

    Yes, it would surprise you how many woman get Post Partum Depression, now more and more Celeb are talking about it which is good, more people can get help or even know there is help you can get.

  11. EmerRoo says

    Do all celebs get post natal depression? Can they just admit they have put on some weight natually through pregnancy?

  12. Honey says

    I am kind of ambivilant about Gwyneth Paltrow. When she speaks, she sounds like she’d be really easy to relate to, but it’s so clear her life is not one bit like any of ours….do any of you know a mom who can spend 2 hours a day working out? I guess for me, if it took that much time to look that way I wouldn’t want it that badly. It’s obviously a huge deal for her to look a certain way, and while she’s doing it in a healthy way, how do you explain that to your daughter? She has resources, like most celebs, that none of us could ever dream of, so I always have to remind myself that although she sounds ‘normal’ she’s really so far from it.

  13. anonymous says

    Gwyneth Paltrow is a role model for women everywhere. She’s smart enough to get rid of Brad Pitt (sorry fans), marry an amazing artist, have two beautiful children, and still maintain perspective — you go girl!

  14. Go Sarah Go!! says

    Ehh…I’ve always heard that GP ate like nothing. From the designers and stylists – I still believe that. Its the joke of Hollywood. Just like Nicole Richie “ate whatever she wanted” and weighed 90 pds.

  15. accalia says

    I completely agree with you #1. I love GP. She’s so classy and beautiful. She has a beautiful family as well.

  16. TDot says

    I have always been a huge fan of gwyneth paltorw…she always seems so welcoming and somehow normal, even though her life is obviously far from it…Its so nice to hear that she has to “work” for her body..I mean genes aside, Of course.
    I really hate it when actresses and celebs say stupid things like “i dont have to work out, running around after a one year old is work enough” blah blah blah…if that were true, we would ALL be a size zero with rock hard abs…Its nice to know, that an actress like her wopks just as hard or harder and shows us that all women have the same hang ups when it comes to our post-natal bodies.
    Its very refreshing to know that she has stayed so true to herself and her family with all the fame she has.
    Stay ture, gwynnie!


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